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ESO: 13 tips for mastering the Dragon Star Arena


ESO: 13 tips for mastering the Dragon Star Arena

Do you want to venture into the Dragon Star Arena of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)? We have a few tips for you.

What is the Dragon Star Arena? This challenge for 4 players puts you in an instance in which you should show in several challenges how well you fight and do magic. The Dragon Star Arena is available to you in a normal and a hard mode.

You can find the arena in the upper Kargstein near the village of Drachenstern. Travel north from there and you will come straight to the arena.

Solo it is also possible to create the Dragon Star Arena, but for that you need a good solo build .

General tips for the Drachenstern Arena

You have to meet this requirement in order to enter the arena

Only those who had at least Veteran Rank 1 could face this challenge. Other players did not have access. Since patch 2.5.8, “non-veterans” can also enter the arena, provided the group meets the level requirements.

This is how you get into the difficult mode

If the group wants to enter the Dragon Star Arena in hard mode, then the players must change the dungeon mode in the group interface to “Veteran”.

You need this group

To master the challenges you need a good tank, damage dealer with interrupting spells and a healer with many healing options and potions. The tank mainly takes care of the spawns, which give you headaches besides the bosses. The DD concentrate on the bosses and support the healers, but also distract the boss opponents.

This is what the Kargstein area, in English Craglorn, looks like, where the Drachenstern Arena is located:

This is how you master the stages of the arena

We'll give you a few tips that should help you, especially in the regular mode of the challenge. The videos from Youtuber NorthMan under the respective stage show the hard mode and you may be able to get more tips from them.

Stage 1

In this round you take on the Fighters Guild. Take care of the many healers first. Then you dedicate yourself to the gladiators. You fight these effectively by luring them out of their healing circle. Also watch out for the traps on the ground.

You defeat the boss Marcauld by luring him out of his healing circle like the gladiators. In addition, you should always be behind him as he makes a very strong attack. When Marcauld reaches 70% and 40% of his life points, he calls for help, which creates a healing circle again. Make sure that nobody stands in this.

Stage 2

It is important here to keep the fires burning, otherwise you will take frost damage in addition to the damage caused by the opponents. Take care of the archers and wizards first.

You should attack the two bosses separately. To do this, you have to lure one away from the other. Then focus on one of the bosses. And remember to rekindle any outgoing flames! Avoid the ice spells as they do a lot of damage.

Stage 3

Here you have to deal with poisonous gases that appear randomly in the arena. Tried to get around this.

In the boss fight, you must take care of the magician first and then the melee. Pay attention to the reinforcement that appears when half of the life energy has been withdrawn from the bosses. You should use your ultimates with the bosses' helpers.

Stage 4

You should keep an eye on the slave drivers, as they can put a chain on you that will cause a lot of damage. Try not to get too close to the ghosts and deal with the wizards quickly.

You finish the boss with a lot of patience, because it is a tank with many hitpoints. Avoids the eruption attack, which is an AoE attack. Don't worry about reinforcements, but try to concentrate on the boss.

Stage 5

It is imperative to take care of all enemies who do magic first. It is important to remember where these spawn so that you can turn them off as soon as they appear. You shouldn't ignore the archers for too long either.

The best way to turn off the boss Anal'a Tu'wha is with your ultimates, which you should use right at the start of the fight. The tank has to keep the gargoyle at a distance, as it can petrify you. As soon as Anal'a Tu'wha sets up his standard of power, you must be careful as this will result in a powerful special attack. Then you use your ultimates again.

Stage 6

In this fight, it is important to know that any defeated opponent will make a final AoE attack when they bless the time. So immediately disappear from an enemy as soon as you have defeated them. In addition, the tank should distract the enemies, as there are opponents like the werewolves, who can kill the others very quickly with attacks.

The boss can be defeated by dodging his attacks and using AoE ultimates. So you do the reinforcement on the side and can concentrate directly on the boss. The tank can interrupt the enemy's special attacks. Also make sure to bypass the green AEO fields.

Stage 7

It is imperative that you prevent the victims from approaching the altars. If you don't turn them off beforehand, they'll turn into dangerous enemies that do a lot of damage. Titans may even appear that you cannot defeat - unless group members die. Then the titans are done for too.

To defeat the two bosses, you first focus on the magician. It is important to ensure that you interrupt the opponent's healing spell. In addition, new victims come into play, which you also have to take care of. As soon as these appear, you should be the first to turn them off and then go back to the bosses.

Stage 8

In order to defeat the centurions, you have to interrupt the attack of the frost enemies. This prevents the Fire Centurions from carrying out their AoE attack. If both can carry out their attack, make sure that they are lying on top of each other, because this is how they shut each other off. Take care of the magicians as quickly as possible.

Mavus Talnarith is the boss this round and he is not easy to defeat. The strategy here is to block and circumvent his attacks as far as possible. Otherwise it's just a matter of inflicting as much damage on him as possible without letting you hit. When Mavus only has 80% life left, a magician appears who you should pounce on.

Stage 9

Avoid the holes in the ground, as they pull you into the depths from which you first have to fight your way up again. To do this, it is necessary to reach a portal. During the time you are in this other area, you are of course no help to your troops. Also make sure that you turn off the ghosts first, as they are carrying out a dangerous attack. You also have to deal with a mini-boss who takes no damage once he has created a shield. Then a player has to let himself be drawn into the depths and defeat a ghost there in order to destroy this shield.

The boss vampire lord Thisa does not appear alone. First defeat his company. Avoid the swarm of bats that the boss summons and try to cause as much damage as possible. You defeat the mini boss he calls up like the first.

Stage 10

There is only one boss to deal with here, Hiath. Well, almost, because he also conjures up help. But there is no fight that precedes the boss, as is the case with the other stages. It is best to use the tank to lure the helpers away while the damage dealers take care of Hiath and the healers support the DD. The healers should also turn Hiath on themselves so that the tank doesn't have to deal with him too. Avoid the AoE attacks and focus on doing as much damage to Hiath as you can.

Perhaps these tips could help you to pass the Dragon Star Arena and get hold of the two successes “Champion of the Dragon Star Arena” and “Conqueror of the Dragon Star Arena” as well as the armor sets.