ESO: Secret Quest in Stone Falls is super weird! This is how you can find it


ESO: Secret Quest in Stone Falls is super weird! This is how you can find it

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is known among MMORPGs for well-designed quests. MeinMMO author MiezeMelli has done a hidden quest in Steinfalls and is of the opinion: A crazy quest that you should definitely do.

Why secret quest? This quest does not start with a visible quest marker. Normally you see the marker over a NPC ( Engl. : Non-player character) or an object. The quest starts by speaking or dialing. 

But this quest is very different. And not just because of the missing quest marker.

What makes the quest so special

I was very happy that there was something new to discover even after years of playing. And that even in old content. I think there could be more hidden quests. 

In terms of content, I found the quest totally weird and funny, but also a bit disturbing. I didn't expect the quest to end. And I like it when stories surprise me. That's what makes the quest interesting in my opinion. But it could have been a little longer.

Actually everything starts completely harmless. You get an item and you have to find out something about that item. That's nothing unusual. So internally you are prepared for a familiar scheme of action. It was only in the last dialogue that I became a little puzzled.

In the last dialogue, the NPC you are talking to gets tangled up for a moment. In retrospect, I should have been puzzled at this point. But with blind curiosity and good faith I continued the dialogue.

What I then saw made my jaw drop. Because the quest ends both abruptly and somewhat dramatically. At the same time one is responsible for the death of this NPC somewhere. But how could you have guessed that the NPC was engaged in dangerous masochistic practices?

Read here why this quest stuck in my mind (but be careful: spoilers!)

Because he conjures up a twilight wing in a ritual, which he addresses as “my mistress”. He kneels before her and bows. He also asks her to hit him. She doesn't let him say this wish twice and gives him a kick with her claws.

He falls dead in front of our eyes and we are left stunned. This is also the moment when you go through the dialogue again in your head shortly beforehand. Given his previous enthusiasm, the end of the quest is all the more unsettling.

Every now and then you come across NPCs who ally themselves with the evil characters in Tamriel or Cold Harbor, but I have never met such devotion.

Said NPC tells us beforehand that he is looking for the mysterious object. Exactly the item that we acquired and passed on to him. To me he seemed almost obsessed with the idea of ​​finding this item.

I have to smile a bit about the quest. What did the developers think? They must be amused at the thought that a number of players are sitting in front of the monitor, bewildered. Because the quest raises more questions than it actually answers.

It's a bit like movies that have an open ending and that you ponder for ages. And that's exactly what I did. What did I actually see there ?! And unfortunately one has to accept that this question will remain unanswered.

How did I find out about the quest? 

In fact, I didn't even discover the quest myself. I must have missed the NPC on my travels through Tamriel. I got the tip from another ESO player during a stream . 

Where can you find the quest?

The quest can be found in the western stone falls, an area of ​​the Ebonheart Pact. It is best to travel to the Achenstrasse shrine. From there you go to the fine clay cavern. 

In front of the clay cavern you move a little to the left. So you don't enter the cavern. There is a small path to the left of the entrance. 

Follow this path that leads you a little uphill. It ends just a few meters further on. On your right there is an NPC dealer named Zahshur. 

Talk to Zahshur. The menu for trading opens. You will be shown a list of items that you can buy. There is a strange item among the items: religious fetish statue. You buy this for 150 gold. 

How do you start the quest?

You can now find the purchased item in your inventory. If you use the item (E), the quest “The Fetish” begins. Now is the time to find out more.

Quest history

The quest consists of four steps. Click on the corresponding block to find out more details. But be careful: spoilers!

Step 1: Find someone to identify the statue. Hint: Ask Zahshur about the statue.

We get the hint to ask the dealer about the item. So we speak to Zahshur again and ask about it. From Zashur we learn that the dark elves sometimes find such objects in the wasteland. Some would sell it as art to the gullible.

In the next sentence he apologizes to us. Because in this situation we are the gullible buyer. When we asked who else could identify the item, he replied: “Tribunal priests like to think of themselves as wise. Why don't you ask one? ”. An acolyte is said to be in the town of Kragenmoor.

Step 2: find someone to identify the statue. Hint: Speak to an acolyte in Collared Bog.

We are now traveling to the city mentioned. You can go back to the path shrine to save yourself a bit of walking. But it is also not far away on foot. North of the Kragenmoor Wayshrine is the Grand Master's Palace. We enter the palace. The NPC named Acolyte Raloro sits in the middle of the fire.

We speak to him and ask if he recognizes the statue. Horrified, he asks us where we got the "ugly thing" from. We tell him that the item was found by an Ashland in the wilderness. That sounds familiar to him. He mentions the name Haldyn Omavel. He is looking for an artifact.

We ask where we can find him. Acolyte Raloro tells us that he is looking for the ruins on the plateau to the north.

Step 3: find someone to identify the statue. Hint: Talk to Haldyn Omavel.

We go in search of Haldyn Omavel. The quest arrow is located north-west of the fine clay cavern. We travel to the sathram plantation shrine. To the east of the way shrine on the mountain are the ruins. And there we find the dark elf Haldyn, whom we address. He is visibly surprised by our presence. Haldyn wants to know what we're doing here. We respond with the same counter-question. He tells us he's looking for artifacts.

These artifacts should be small and beautiful. He wants to take her home and ... He breaks off at the word “bedroom”. He needs the artifacts for his collection. We show him the statue and ask if he's looking for something like that. He is visibly surprised with the words “That's her!…” We ask what he means. But we don't get an exact answer. He says we shouldn't know and offers us a reward.

When we ask again, he puts us off and takes the item. Haldyn wants to try the statue right away. What does he mean by that?

Step 4: Observe Haldyn's ritual.

The dark elf moves away from us and kneels in front of some kind of shrine. Suddenly a twilight wing appears, which Haldyn injures at his request. He falls over dead and the wing disappears again. In the end, we have to look for the reward ourselves from his backpack.

We will receive 181 gold and the Great Ax of Obedience for completing this quest.

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