Fortnite: All mythical weapons in Season 6 and their localities


Fortnite: All mythical weapons in Season 6 and their localities

The start of Season 6 brought some changes to the weapons in Fortnite , but what mythical weapons are now available and where can you find them? We shows you where you can find the mythical weapons and items in Season 6.

What are mythical weapons? Mythical weapons are guns, each of which has a specific function and is more powerful than normal weapons in the game. You only get the special items if you find a specific boss and kill him - so it can be difficult to get them.

The available mythical items seem to change again after each update. We will update the guide for you as soon as a new weapon is available.

Find all mythical weapons in Season 6

There is currently a mythical weapon and a mythical item that you can find on the Season 6 map . We'll introduce you both, show you where to find them and how to get them.

Mythical weapon: Raz's explosive bow

What kind of weapon is that? With the mythical bow you can shoot arrows that are explosive and set the environment on fire. With one hit you can cause 98 damage to your opponents directly. The fire causes even more damage as long as the players are in it. With this weapon you will definitely take your enemies out of cover.

Where can you find the bow? As the name suggests, you can find the mythical weapon with the mini-boss “Raz”. The character guards “The Spire”, a huge tower that is located in the middle of the map. So if you land right at the tower, you will find Raz quickly.

Raz is not only a mini-boss on the map, you can also find him as a skin in the Season 6 Battle Pass.

Find all mythical weapons in Season 6

The character is not exactly easy to defeat because he has a lot of life points and can teleport himself. So it's best to equip yourself with weapons and enough ammunition before you face the fight. After that you should always take cover during the fight, because Raz will attack you with his strong skills.

Mythical item: Spire Jump Boots

What kind of object is that? The mythical jumping boots give you the ability to jump higher, open the glider again from the jump and then fly. In order to perform this stunt, you have to equip your boots and jump 3 times in a row - then you will be thrown higher than normal in the air and can open the glider to fly. This mythical item is therefore particularly suitable for moving around in the game.

Where can you find the boots? To get the jumping boots, you first have to go to one of the small Spire towers on the map. These towers are guarded by guards and one of them must be eliminated.

Mythical item: Spire Jump Boots

Have you eliminated the guardian of the tower, he will drop a black ball. You have to pick up the ball by interacting with it. You will carry the item over your head and will not be able to use weapons for so long - so you should be careful, because you are at the mercy of your opponents.

The black ball will light up and show you the way while you have it in your hand. Follow the light up to “The Spire”. In this place there are places where you can insert the ball. If you have carried out this action, the jumping boots are spat out after a short sequence.

In this video you can see the whole process of getting the jump boots

So if you want to have particularly powerful weapons in one round, you should go looking for these mythical items. But keep in mind that they are not easy to get and it could take several tries before you finally have the weapon in your inventory.

If you just want a little variety, then you can go in search of the exotic weapons of season 6. These may cost you gold bars, but they are not that difficult to come by.

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