Genshin Impact: This is how you unlock the new housing and decorations


Genshin Impact: This is how you unlock the new housing and decorations

With the new patch 1.5, the housing in Genshin Impact was brought into play. We  reveal the requirements and how you can unlock your own house.

How do you activate the housing? Housing was introduced in Genshin Impact with Patch 1.5 . However, there are two requirements that you have to meet in order to be able to use the housing:

  • On the one hand, you need adventure level 35, which many of you will surely have reached by now
  • On the other hand, you must have connected the Archon Quest from Chapter 1 Act 3. It is called "Rising Star"

f you have fulfilled both of these requirements, then you have to do the job “In the jug at home I”. You can get it from Madame Ping in the port city of Liyue. It is located at the Yujing Terraces. Have you done this quest, you get access to the housing in Genshin Impact.

Complete “At home in the jug”

What must be done for the quest? Together with the new character Yanfei you are looking for missing material for your present, the jug that gives you access to the housing. To do this, you first have to visit various NPCs.

You have to find jade hairpins that were awarded by Krosl. After a series of tasks you return to Krosl, accuse him of lying and get the emerald jade you are looking for. With this you complete the quest “In the jug at home I” with Madame Ping.

The second quest: Following the first quest, you will receive the order “In the jug at home II”, which is much shorter. All you have to do is select the jug in your inventory and you will find yourself in the jug area where the housing takes place.

By the way, if you want to leave your new home, you can just click on the jug again.

Place decorations and earn trust

How does the housing work? With Hosuing from Genshin Impact there are 3 new currencies that are needed for different things:

  • The adept power depends on how much content you place in the housing. The more decoration that is set up, the higher the value. The maximum of adept power, in turn, increases as the level of trust rises.
  • The trust level is related to the NPC “Knolle” who supports you with the housing. Whenever you create a new recipe, you gain trust with Knolle. This increases the maximum number of decorations that you can place, but also unlocks new recipes and enlarges your housing area
  • You will receive the third currency, Kannentaler, for new levels of trust with Knolle. You need them in order to be able to buy new blueprints or certain decorations

How do you make decoration? You can make decorations in the interface at Knolle. Above all, you need a lot of materials for this, including wood, fabrics and colors. So you have to farm properly to design your house according to your wishes.

Can I take friends with me into the housing? No, not yet. This feature should come in the future, probably with Patch 1.6. However, there is already the hint “guest support” in the game and your friends should be able to help in the future so that you can finish decorations faster.

What do you think of the new housing feature? And have you already tried it?

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