Google Stadia Leaks Continue: Three New Names Join Haven Studio


Google Stadia Leaks Continue: Three New Names Join Haven Studio

Sebastien Puel (Stadia General Manager) and Corey May (Head of Creative Services) are the latest to join Haven Studio, led by Jade Raymond.

Google Stadia continues to suffer blows in recent months, after a somewhat bumpy launch . It is true that the direction of Stadia has grown as a result of Google agreements with large companies such as Capcom (Resident Evil Village) or Sega (Judgment) , to bring their games to the platform. However, this has not prevented the brain drain to other industry studios.

In the last hours, significant casualties have been reported within Google Stadia, and it is quite curious to analyze where they are going. Some time ago we told you that Jade Raymond left the ranks of Stadia to form her own project: Haven Studio . And the truth is that, at the moment, he is not doing badly, because he has managed to sign up to six former colleagues , with whom he shared a work environment at Google.

First, the news that John Justice, Stadia's executive vice president, was leaving the ranks of Google left us ice cream, but the bleeding continues hours later. The latest names from the firm to leave the company are Sebastian Puel, general manager, and Corey May, head of creative services at Stadia . Both set course for Haven Studio, whose leader is precisely Jade Raymond.

They aren't the only major departures from Google Stadia. Other talents who have recently joined Haven include: Jonathan Dankoff (former UX researcher), Erwann Le Rouzic, Francis Denoncourt and Pierre-Marc Bérubé , all of whom are renowned names in the technology and video game industry. Haven is putting together a great team of developers, no doubt about it.

Google Stadia Leaks Continue: Three New Names Join Haven Studio

All these exits come after the layoffs produced in Google Stadia last February , as well as the closure of its two first party studios , which augurs a future based on closing agreements with third party companies. In other words, there will be Stadia exclusive games , but not games created from the heart of the company for its gaming platform.

Google faces a difficult situation within the industry. Leaving aside companies such as Sony or Nintendo (which are more committed to the video game market specifically), the threats from Microsoft and Amazon with their services for Windows 10, Xbox and Luna (Amazon's platform) put Google Stadia in a bind , which recently added a search bar to improve its navigation service.

The great hope of Google Stadia lies, once again, in its relationships with the main companies in the sector . At the moment they have managed to get AAA games such as Resident Evil Village (and Resident Evil 7), Cyberpunk 2077, Outriders or Judgment to also appear on their platform , but they will have to work more thoroughly if they want to establish themselves in the video game industry in the future.

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