Hood: Outlaws and Legends Beginner's Guide


Hood: Outlaws and Legends Beginner's Guide

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a unique heist game set in a medieval setting that presents two teams of criminals with a daunting task. Players need to infiltrate a fortified fortress in the hope of stealing a treasure chest. They must not only fight their rivals, but also maneuver around many deadly NPCs. Luckily, our Hood: Outlaws & Legends beginner's guide will help potential Robin Hoods succeed.

What the characters can do

What the characters can do

There are only four characters in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, each with a unique fighting style and special ability:

  • Robin (Robin Hood) . A ranged character using a ranged bow. Activates a flash that destroys enemies within a given radius. He is an excellent scout, as he can mark enemies for a long time and uses equipment to quickly retreat from the center of the battle.
  • Marianne (Maid Marian) . A melee hero who specializes in stealth assassinations. She is much better at melee combat than Robin and can fire up to three arrows from her crossbow. Applies smoke to hide himself or his team. Can activate an ability that allows her to become nearly invisible. Instantly kills guards from any direction in the smoke or bushes.
  • John (Little John) . A melee character who is engaged in suppressing the onslaught of the enemy team. His hammer deals huge damage, and his active ability significantly increases attack and defense. He can also raise grates to provide passage for himself and his teammates. Players need to be careful as the grate will pin any character on the map to the ground when the gate falls. It uses bombs as additional equipment, which can instantly kill any player or guard within a given radius of action.
  • Tuk (Friar Tuck) . One of the most difficult characters in the game. Can heal allies and uses equipment to drain stamina and reduce the visibility of all heroes in the target zone.
Hood: Outlaws and Legends Beginner's Guide

John and Took are best for carrying and retrieving the chest. Robin and Marianne perform these actions much more slowly, so more often than not they should be on the sidelines and cover their partners. It is advisable for Robin to climb higher on some building and protect the allies from afar, and Marianne needs to hide in ambush next to the chest to quickly destroy the approaching enemy.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Beginner's Guide

Tuk's gas and Marianne's smoke cloud, when used simultaneously, can be very useful to the squad. Both actions can easily incapacitate enemy NPCs and provide cover for allies for quite a long time. It is also not recommended to alternate all the heroes in matches, since it will take a lot of time for full pumping. Better to focus on one or two characters to unlock all available skills.

How to beat other players

How to beat other players

Each hero is effective only when using the appropriate tactics in battle. Any character can quietly kill targets from behind, but many players repeat the same actions in the midst of a battle. It is worth remembering the following battle tactics for each hero and using them against other players:

  • John . This mighty warrior most often just runs to the enemies in order to quickly destroy them. His attacks remove a significant portion of the health or instantly destroy the player. Can complement a raid attack with a powerful blow that allows you to simultaneously deal damage to multiple targets. In this case, you need to block the strike for the melee character or dodge for the ranged hero. Weaker characters should definitely not get involved with him in major battles at close range. It is almost impossible to win in such a fight.
  • Knock . Uses the same tactics as John, but is much more mobile, so he can easily dodge enemy attacks and is best at controlling strong opponents with a purple health bar.
  • Robin . A ranged hero who inflicts deadly attacks will in most cases be at a very long distance. More professional players will easily hit the head and instantly deal with the selected character. As soon as you notice an opponent at a long distance, you need to hide behind cover and try to dodge enemy shots. It is recommended to reduce the distance in order to quickly destroy the opponent.
  • Marianne . The most unpredictable character in the game who can use a hand crossbow at medium range. In most cases, the enemy will hide behind various coverings in order to instantly destroy the opponent with a tricky blow from the back. As soon as the enemy is noticed, it is recommended to immediately turn to face him and not let him close to you.

How to mark goals

How to mark goals

With the middle mouse button, players can mark targets for allies. This will not only warn them about the existing danger, but also increase the amount of experience gained. As soon as a teammate kills a marked enemy, the player will receive additional experience points for helping.

How the enemy aggression mechanic works

How the enemy aggression mechanic works

Enemy AI in the game sometimes does not work quite correctly. The knights and crossbowmen that the characters encounter react differently in different situations: they are almost not distracted by the player or aggressiveness is actively manifested. It is not possible to predict the NPC's reaction, however, by the corresponding icons above the head, you can understand the current status of the enemy:

  • no icon — no hostility;
  • question mark - search for the enemy;
  • orange exclamation mark - attacks another player;
  • red exclamation mark - attacks the player.
How the enemy aggression mechanic works

Note that if the guards spot someone, this area will be blocked. The grates surrounding her will fall down, and only John can lift them. To exit the location, you can also use a rope or simply jump from the top of the fortification, if possible.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Beginner's Guide

You can use a little trick to help you fight the enemy team. We run through several NPCs to attract their attention, and carefully take them to the opponents. Then we quickly disappear from the AI ​​field of view with the help of bushes or smoke. Now the enemy squad will have to fight with a large group of NPCs, and the player will have the opportunity to deliver a fatal blow from the back. Robin and Marianne are best suited for this action.

What game modes are in the game and their differences

What game modes are in the game and their differences

At the start of the game, there are only two modes. Each of them has its own differences, which slightly change the gameplay and battle tactics.

"Training" is a PvE mode in which four players try to steal a chest from the king's men. This is almost the same mode as Heist, except for a few changes:

  1. Picking up the chest will activate the region lock.
  2. Enemies will respawn in certain areas, even without clearing them.
  3. The mission can be completed in any composition, including alone.
  4. Completing a mission increases the overall rank of the player and the camp, but does not improve the rank of the character being used.
What game modes are in the game and their differences

The main PvP mode is, however, "Robbery", in which players will have to split into two warring teams of four heroes each. They try to steal the same chest while eliminating their rivals. The main differences from the training regimen:

  1. Picking up the chest will not trigger an automatic lock.
  2. New enemies do not appear or they do it at a very low speed.
  3. There must be two full teams in the lobby to start a match, so sometimes you have to wait a while.
  4. Completing a mission raises all kinds of ranks in the game.

How to defeat the Sheriff and the Knight with a purple health bar

How to defeat the Sheriff and the Knight with a purple health bar

Only John and Took can damage Knights and the Sheriff with a purple health bar. Robin and Marianne can do very little damage from behind with a normal attack. The archer can also use his special ability, which will significantly reduce the enemy's health.

How to defeat the Sheriff and the Knight with a purple health bar

Please note that the Sheriff can instantly kill the player. Despite the fact that it is quite easy to knock him down for a short period of time and he has no ranged attack, in the melee zone, a hostile NPC can grab the player's character and instantly kill him.

Essential Tips for Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Essential Tips for Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends doesn't always play well. In addition to the above information, you need to know important game mechanics that allow you to get a noticeable advantage in the battle against other players. In battle, consider all changes in strength and pay attention to the slightest weaknesses of other players. Find their weak points and use them to your advantage. To achieve the best results in multiplayer matches, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules:

Use stealth to move quickly

When loading a map, do not run ahead headlong in search of the Sheriff. Enemy guards will easily spot the hero and close the gates awaiting reinforcements. In order not to catch the eye of the enemy, you need to move stealthily through the bushes. We move from enemy to enemy and clear the way to the goal.

Lift the winch as a team

Once the chest is at the exit point, players need to pick it up to complete the match. John and Tuk raise the winch much faster, so in the absence of an opponent, it is imperative to grab the levers together.

Look carefully at the map

During a match, all important events are displayed on the map in the upper right corner of the screen. Pay attention to the minimap more often to find an enemy, key or vault.

Install improvements in the camp

Upon reaching a certain level, some bonuses become available to the heroes. A set of three perks can give a noticeable advantage in combat.

Avoid the Sheriff

It is necessary to steal the key from this strong enemy to access the storage with the chest. Please note that the boss is immune to damage and can kill the hero with one hit. Move silently next to him to avoid detection.

Dodge and Parry

Ordinary soldiers die quite easily with accurate strikes, but most players are just as powerful warriors. Remember to dodge or parry hits when you hit the block button successfully. Keep in mind that Robin and Marianne do not know how to parry, so it is better not to collide with these characters in open combat.

Use ropes to descend

This will enable additional options for movement around the map for the entire team.

Use savepoints

There are special zones that can be used to respawn at the most useful point in the location.

Only the last segment of filling the winch scale brings victory

However, other checkpoints when the winch is activated will bring additional gold to the team. Also, at the end of the match, the player can give part of his earnings to the camp or keep it for himself. In the first case, this increases the level of the camp, and the money left for personal needs is later used to unlock new skins for weapons and armor.

Don't be afraid to jump off a ledge

In some situations, this will save valuable time, especially when moving the chest to the exit point. It is better to lose a little health than let the opponent catch up with the player and take away the gold.

Capture spawn points

Don't underestimate the usefulness of checkpoints. Capturing the closest point to the target will help save the squad up to a minute of time to move, allowing you to quickly return to battle. This will provide extra seconds that can be useful when advancing the winch.

Use all the equipment you can. Each hero has their own unique items that allow you to gain an additional advantage in battle. Ammo chests will help restore missing equipment, so in the midst of a battle it is better to step back to recover consumables than try to finish off the enemy in close combat.

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