How in Returnal go through doors, energy barriers, vines, plants, marks, swamps and lasers. Guide to hard-to-reach places in the game


How in Returnal go through doors

Sony's new exclusive game is full of closed areas, which are almost impossible to get inside at the very beginning of the game. Some caches are well hidden from the player, while others require certain conditions to be met. In this detailed guide, we'll show you how to get to secret, hard-to-reach places inReturnal .

How to open stone doors and where to find the button

When exploring biomes, Selena often stumbles upon caches that are closed by huge stone blocks. There is always a box with weapons inside them.

It's easy to get to it. It is necessary to examine the nearest walls and find a special button. As soon as the player's sight is aimed at it, it will start blinking red. Now, hitting her with an accurate shot is enough for the stone door to move up and open access to the chest.

How to break fragile walls

First of all, pay attention to the unusual stone walls, which are noticeably different from the usual terrain. Data cubes are often found behind such walls. These items must be deciphered in the corresponding monument.

This will allow you to discover new consumables, which will subsequently greatly facilitate the gameplay. However, there is a small catch here. Devices that decrypt data cubes are found only in locations with bosses, so their study is overshadowed by the hardest battles with the most powerful opponents in the game.

How to turn off yellow energy fields

Starting from the second biome, the player will come across mysterious energy doors, the passage through which is closed. No action will help open this door if the player does not have the corresponding artifact.

To pass through the energy field, you need to find a Blade Balancer, which will allow you to destroy obstacles to access such caches. This artifact is easiest to find in the first and fourth biomes.

How to destroy a plant on a door

There are special locations in which all the player's combat skills will be tested for strength. Such territories are marked on the map with golden doors with a star at the top, inside which a group of special reinforced opponents awaits Selena, ready to tear the heroine to shreds.

It is not difficult to get into this location. To do this, you need to hit the build-up in the center of the door with an accurate shot. After that, the plant will collapse and the player will have a way further. Prepare in advance for the battle, since it is not possible to leave this location until the enemy forces are completely destroyed or the girl dies.

How to Climb the Orange Light Platform

When exploring the first and second biomes, players will find many platforms that cannot be reached. In most cases, an unknown device is located at their edge, glowing orange.

You can get to such places only with the help of a special device - a hook, which Selena will receive after the destruction of the second boss, Ixion. After that, the player will be able to freely be attracted to previously inaccessible platforms and find various useful items.

How to destroy vines

In the first and fourth biomes there are small corners covered with vines of an alien plant. There is always a Silphium inside them, which restores the strength of the heroine's spacesuit. In one run, you can find several such secret places in one biome, which will significantly restore health or pump it a little at the current maximum value of the durability of the spacesuit.

You can get inside only after finding the blade, with which you can also pierce the shields of turrets and enemies. There is no special location for the blades, so you need to carefully study the location. In one of the races on the first biome, the player will be able to find a melee weapon that will survive even after the death of the heroine.

Cau walk through the red swamps

Each biome has a special place, the surface of which is covered with a red liquid. When entering through the blue energy field, the dash is completely disabled. If Selena steps on a red goo, her health will noticeably decrease after a very short period of time.

You can freely pass through such territories only after finding a special device that the heroine will put on the shoulder of her spacesuit. This item can only be found in the fifth biome.

The location with the fabricator and the constructor has four doors, one of which can only be opened with an astral key. The player needs to get inside and reach the end of the next room. The necessary device will be located on a special monument.

How to get through red lasers

Some objects are hidden behind a wall of red lasers, passing through which the player's health is reduced. It is possible to get inside without reducing the durability of the suit only by using a jerk.

To do this, you need to approach the fence as close as possible and use the evasion button and direct the left stick towards the obstacle. Selena will move in space for a short period of time and find herself inside a secret room. You can get out in the same way.

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