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How not to die in Hobo: Tough Life, how to maintain your health and improve the mood of a homeless person


How not to die in Hobo: Tough Life, how to maintain your health and improve the mood of a homeless person

Hobo: Tough Life is a homeless simulator in which you have to wander the city streets in search of food and lodging. From the very start of the game, you find yourself in a difficult position, without money, food and a roof over your head. In this guide, we will tell you how not to die in Hobo Tough Life in the first hours of the game, how to maintain your health and skillfully manage all the parameters of your hero.

Where to track character stats in Hobo: Tough Life

In Hobo: Tough Life, you must constantly monitor the parameters of your character, as changing important indicators will inevitably lead to a decrease in your character's health. You can track the hero's performance in the special "Parameters" tab, if you open the inventory (key I ) and select the second tab with the person's icon.

The indicator of each of the available parameters can be changed by certain actions or when using consumables. Below we have described how to properly monitor the parameters so as not to die in Hobo: Tough Life.

You are exhausted. How to boost energy

As your character's energy decreases, you become exhausted and the health indicator begins to gradually decrease. Energy can be restored in several ways:

  1. Sleep somewhere (any shops or bus stops will do).
  2. Drink " coffee ", " questionable drink ", " cola " or use a " bottle of water ".

While resting on the bench, your body temperature will gradually decrease, even if the ambient temperature is high enough. After completing Meisner's story quest " Comfortable Rest ", you will have access to a drawing of a comfortable couch , which you can install in your camp next to the water hose. Before going to bed, do not forget to light a fire from any available trash.

You are hungry. How to Satisfy Your Hunger in Hobo: Tough Life

Satiety is an important indicator in the game. Since your hero is a living person, he needs to eat from time to time. It is best to eat high-quality products, since in this case you do not run the risk of poisoning. At the beginning of the game, while exploring the garbage dumps, you will find various scraps. You should not immediately eat them, as this will certainly lead to an increase in the " poisoning " parameter . At first, eat food from the stalls located in the square near the bus stop. To buy food, you first need to get money. There are several ways to make money in the game:

  1. Inspect telephone and vending machines.
  2. Begging for money from passers-by.
  3. Complete tasks from various characters

After completing Meisner's story mission " Feast ", you will be able to create sufficiently nutritious and, most importantly, safe food " Grub ". To make such food, you will need to find scraps (20) and purchase bagels (3). Such food will not only replenish the satiety indicator by 30%, but also restore 10 health units. None of the existing food restores your character's health, except for " grub ". Thus, for 9 kronor (which you spend on bagels) you can make healthy food.

But this indicator has another side of the coin. The more food you eat, the faster you fill out the Natural Need scale. You can deal with it in any public toilet or right on the street. In the second case, it is desirable if you have toilet paper . If you do not have material that can be used to cope with natural needs, then the hero will use his hands. This will add some points to the contamination of the clothes and will definitely add to the "Smell" scale.

You're upset. Your mood is not worse. How to cheer up in Hobo: Tough Life

The mood in this game also affects the health of the protagonist. This indicator, like the energy indicator, can decrease by itself. The mood will be greatly reduced when attempting any theft. There are several ways to increase this indicator:

  • Drink any alcohol : this method will quickly add a few points to the mood, but it will also negatively affect the general condition of the hero. If you drink too much, then indicators such as "Intoxication" and "Poisoning" will also increase. Dealing with them will be much more difficult than just raising the mood of your character.
  • Smoke a Cigarette : In the game you will find several types of cigarettes, from "cigarette butts", which can be found when researching any trash heap, to "good tobacco" purchased at tobacco stalls. After completing Meisner's story quest "Blues", you will learn how to create "roll-ups".
  • Flip through PlayGuy : a magazine like this can be purchased at a tobacconist for CZK 60 apiece. One copy of the magazine will completely restore your mood. Disappears after use;
  • With sufficiently high levels of trust, you can ask your friends in misfortune to cheer you up (at the very beginning of the game, this opportunity is available from Meisner).

You are freezing. How to keep warm in Hobo: Tough Life

The ambient temperature directly affects the health of the hero. The lower the temperature, the more the character freezes. This effect is enhanced if you get wet in the rain.

To maintain body temperature, it is necessary to wear warm clothing and warm up by the fires. There are cannons scattered throughout the city that can be used to start a fire. As a material, you can use any non-quest items, even ordinary trash . Next to the water hose, you can install a comfortable bed and relax in the warmth.

Also, at first, you can use stationary water cannons in homeless camps. In this case, you do not need to spend resources for making a fire, but you will not be able to sleep in such camps, since they simply do not have a bed or a couch.

If you are far from your shelter or any water cannon, then some consumables can be used for an "emergency" rise in body temperature.

  • Any drink : Alcohol increases warmth, but can negatively affect other parameters. Plus, alcohol is addictive!
  • Seasoning : A packet of hot seasoning can be purchased at the supermarket for a modest 6 CZK. This method is not very effective, as it will add only +3 degrees of heat to you, and also increase the likelihood of poisoning.

You can buy warm clothes at a clothing store or supermarket. Both stores are located on the main street of the city, not far from each other. Each item of clothing costs a lot of money, therefore, before the onset of cold weather, we recommend stocking up on warm clothes.

When completing the storyline and side quests, you will also learn several blueprints for clothes. Primitive drawings will help you create clothes that will not let you get wet in the rain, and complex drawings will help you build things to survive in low temperatures.

Keep your clothes clean and your character scent

The bad smell from the character will not directly affect his health, but the stench can affect communication with passers-by. In dirty clothes, you will not be able to talk to people and beg for money from them. This indicator rises very quickly when the hero is wearing dirty, smelly clothes. Many players make a big mistake when, from the very start of the game, they delve into trash heaps and "kill" their clothes with an unpleasant smell, which leads to an increase in the "Smell" indicator of the hero himself.

At first, you can wash your clothes in the laundry room, or at Sister Agnes's private charity center. You can also get rid of an unpleasant odor and wash your body in several ways:

  • Use personal care products such as wet wipes , soap , deodorant ;
  • For some playable characters, you can take a shower for money or with a sufficiently high level of trust.

Coping with Poisoning, Drunkenness, and Disease

With such indicators as "poisoning", "intoxication" and "illness" you will come across quite often. They can appear only as a result of negative influences on the character.


This parameter increases if you abuse alcohol, stale food (ordinary scraps from the trash heap) and cigarettes. The most unpleasant side effect of poisoning is diarrhea. With a high level of poisoning, it is not recommended to eat anything, as you run the risk of staining your clothes and yourself.

There are several ways to cure poisoning:

  • Kombucha : A very effective remedy that can be purchased at the supermarket. Kombucha will save you 50% of poisoning in one use.
  • A regular sleep will also help get rid of this ailment, albeit not instantly.


The parameter name speaks for itself. Drinking any kind of alcohol is guaranteed to increase your intoxication rate. The more you drink, the more your behavior and the attitude of other people towards you changes.

Being drunk is not always a bad thing. For example, to complete some quests you will need to "pump up" alcohol, since in another state the quest characters simply will not communicate with you.

Getting rid of alcoholic intoxication is very simple:

  • Kombucha : Although the description of this product does not indicate its properties, other than poisoning, Kombucha also helps your hero to sober up;
  • Broth : This dish can be purchased or requested for free once a day at Sister Agnes Charity Center.


You can only get sick with prolonged hypothermia. The indicator will rise faster if your clothes are wet. As well as other parameters, the disease can be cured in several ways:

  • Antibiotic : This drug can be purchased at the supermarket.
  • Broth : This dish can be purchased or requested for free once a day at Sister Agnes Charity Center.

Monitor your character's health

It would seem that this item should be in the first row, since it is with a decrease in the health indicator that the character can die. But it is not so. The fact is that the decline in health is a consequence, not a cause. The reason, in most cases, is always different.

  • A direct threat to the character's health is the bandits on the street who can beat you half to death and leave you to die in their own blood;
  • Finding "mines" in garbage can also directly affect the health indicator of the hero.

If you are still "caught" by a bandit, then sometimes you can avoid a fight. In total, there are several options for the development of events:

  1. The bandit will demand money : in this case, you will have to part with part of the money, or refuse and pay with your health.
  2. The bandit will ask you to smoke : you can buy off the bandit only with "normal smoke". Roll-ups and "regular tobacco" will not save you.
  3. The bandit will ask you to tell a joke : at this moment, three jokes appear on the screen, usually you need to choose the last joke so that the criminal will leave you behind.

Otherwise, to maintain health, it is enough to follow all the points that are described in the previous sections. If all your indicators remain within the normal range, you avoid meeting with bandits and try not to run into "mines" in garbage dumps, then nothing threatens your health.

The bandits are very easy to spot: they are dressed in black leather clothes with rivets. When you see such a person, then try to bypass him and not approach. If you come too close to the bandit, then in any case he will catch up with you (at this moment the script will work and you will not be able to run far).

The bandits do not touch you in three cases:

  1. If you have no money at all : at this moment the bandit will say that he ran into a beggar, and with a clear conscience will let you go.
  2. If you give a full rebuff to a bandit : in a fight with a bandit, it is enough to lower his health scale to ~ 25%. Then the bandit himself will give you everything that he has and will run away.
  3. If you screwed up or stinks a lot.

Use dialogues with bandits to your advantage

The dialogue with the bandit can be used for your own purposes. If you get wet or start to freeze, and the street is pitch dark and you can't reach the nearest cannon, then you can use the dialogue with the bandit to survive the night. During the dialogue, all external factors are not taken into account, including getting wet or cold. You can spend in a state of dialogue as long as it takes, and when it gets warmer outside, calmly close the dialogue and continue your wanderings around the city.

Survival strategy from the very start of the game

  • We search garbage dumps without clothes, try not to run into mines (garbage dumps are updated every game day): this will allow you to stay in clean clothes longer and beg on the city streets;
  • We carry out Meisner's quests;
  • Begging for money from passers-by, raising the levels of "communication" and "begging";
  • We inspect all telephone and vending machines for the availability of money (the machines are updated every three game hours);
  • We study new skills, increase the levels of trust with other characters;
  • We eat only food from the stall or "grub" (the recipe will become available after completing the quest of the same name from Meisner);
  • We equip our shelter, warm up and sleep by the cannon;
  • To improve the mood, we use the PlayGuy magazine , which can be purchased at a tobacco stall;
  • In case of intoxication or poisoning, we use kombucha, which can be purchased at the supermarket;
  • We restore energy with water from the supermarket or sleep by the fire;
  • We only relieve the need in public toilets (20 kroons), in the charity center of Agnes's mother (10 kroons) or in the trash heaps using toilet paper.