How to find all the treasures and goat charms in Resident Evil Village. Guide to collectibles in the game


How to find all the treasures and goat charms in Resident Evil Village. Guide to collectibles in the game

From this guide, you will learn where to find all the treasures (including compound ones) and goat amulets. How to find Beneviento's treasure, cannibal trophies, Louise's relic and other valuable items.

How to find all the treasures

Treasures in Resident Evil Village can be found in three ways. The first is to search chests, locked boxes and other caches. The second is to shoot at the luminous points that are in noticeable and not very places. You need to be careful here. The third is to kill opponents. Treasures do not always fall out of ordinary mobs, but always from bosses. In addition, valuable treasures are rewarded for completing puzzle mazes.

Also pay attention to the fact that treasures can be composite. This should be stated in the description. Do not sell parts of the treasure, as the whole is much more valuable.

Also in this guide we will tell you how to find the treasures that the Duke marked on the map:

  • the treasure of Beneviento,
  • treasure from the house by the river,
  • cannibal trophies,
  • treasure under the fortress,
  • a relic of Louise,
  • collection of the Maestro.

Treasures in the location "Village to the castle"

  • There is a crystal fragment on the shield of the Virgin of War statue in the center of the village.
  • On the icon in the church near the cemetery there is a fragment of a crystal.

Treasures in the location "Dimitrescu Castle"

  • In the room where Ethan was hung. After you are free, you can pick up the scarlet glass from the table.
  • In the corridor on the second floor, on one of the paintings. Exit the wine room and turn left.
  • In the room where Dimitrescu was looking at the bottle of "virgin blood" before going down to the dungeon. In a dark corridor on the ceiling.
  • There is a wooden statue of an angel in a locked drawer near the kitchen.
  • Dining room with access to the courtyard. On the ceiling.
  • In Dimitrescu's chambers, go to the bathroom. In the dresser is the lady's lipstick
  • On the second floor in front of the entrance to the opera hall.
  • A room with an elevator leading to the roof. High on the wall.
  • Hall of delights. There is a silver ring in the chest of drawers.
  • A locked room in the catacombs near the kitchen. An azure eye lies in the coffin.
  • In the same locked room behind a blown-up wall on a box, you can find a crystal fragment.

Treasures in the location "Village after Castle"

  • Closed part of the cemetery near the church. At the gate.
  • In a house with a blue gate near the War Maiden you will find a wooden beast (body).
  • Examine the second house in the courtyard of the violin maker's house. There you will find Madalina (torso).
  • In the courtyard of the house with a red pipe there is a toilet with a white door. It contains a large crystal.
  • A wooden beast (head) is hidden in the well near the statue of the Virgin of War.
  • A necklace with two gaps is hidden in the well near the church.
  • Near Louise's house, in a box on the doorstep, you can find Louise's necklace. Examine it in your inventory to find a gem and a key - Louise's relic.
  • There is a chest in the ruins between the ritual site and the Duke's camp. Open it with Louise's key and get the Cesare Cup.

Treasures in the location "House of Beneviento"

There is nothing in the house itself, but the treasure can be collected when you return to the village.

  • There is a well near the gardener's house. It contains Madalina (head).
  • At the location "Common Grave" on the tombstones you will find a large crystal and vivianite.
  • The Treasure of Beneviento. Examine the grave. You may notice that part of the plate is missing. After you return to the village, go to the cemetery to the closed crypt. This time, its doors will open and you can pick up a piece of the tombstone. Now go back to Beneviento's grave again. A large enemy with an ax awaits you. Place the fragment of the tablet in its place and take the treasure "Berengario's chalice".

Treasures in the location "The village after the Beneviento house"

  • In the house of the violin maker, under a combination lock (270917), there is a steel Hresvelg - the maestro's collection.
  • In the house of the violin maker, one of the instruments, which is suspended from the ceiling, contains yellow quartz.

Treasures in the location "Moro Reservoir"

  • When you start a boat and moor to the shore, then do not go to the tent. Turn right into a cave with a pond. There will be a large crystal on the wall.
  • Near the first mill, in a barn near a blue wrecked truck, there is a box with a crystal fragment.
  • After defeating the boss, return to the location where you boarded the boat. Since the water is gone, you can go further and find a chest with a silver statue of an angel.

Treasures in the location "The village after the Moro reservoir"

  • In the location "Old Town (East)" there is a house with a backyard, closed with a mechanical lock. This is the easternmost house on the map, with a staircase leading to underground rooms. Using the handle, open the door and climb the stairs to the ledge, and then go to the adjacent roof. There will be a bloody ruby ​​in the box.
  • Return to the stone bridge where you passed after the castle. Here you need to lower the drawbridge using the handle. Next get into the boat. You have two paths: forward and backward. You can swim back first. You will sail to a small area. Here you can shoot fish and find a cave. In it you will find an ancient coin from the House of Bakers.
  • Treasure from the house by the river. Now return to the boat and swim straight, including sailing past the pier you sailed from earlier. As a result, you will sail to another location. Enter the crypt through the wooden gate. Here you need to solve a riddle to get a golden statue of the lady - a treasure from the house by the river .
  • Exit and go to the drawbridge. Use the handle to lower it and go to a new location. You've been here before, after getting out of Dimitrescu Castle. Go through the window to the backyard and use the wheel from the well. Go down the stairs to the bottom of the well. There is a riddle to be solved here. Receive a Large Blood Ruby as a reward.
  • Inside Otto's Mill, after defeating the Big Man with the Ax. In the corridor you will find Father Nikola's angel - cannibal's trophies.

Treasures in the location "Fortress"

  • After killing Uryash (a huge shaggy werewolf with a hammer), you will find yourself in a room with many crystals: crystal shard x4, large crystal, vivianite, yellow quartz.
  • After negotiations with Heisenberg, you can pick up the treasure under the fortress - Guglielmo's plate.

Treasures in the location "Heisenberg Factory"

  • Near the northern door in the smelter (see map), use a bomb to break through a weak wall. Behind it you will find a treasure (cylinder).
  • You have to go through either a mine or a cave (see map). Along the way, watch out for the birdcage with supplies, as well as treasures: a crystal fragment and a large crystal. They are located near the entrance to the ventilation.
  • Immediately after ventilation, go down the stairs and look back. The wall can be destroyed. Inside you will find treasures: two large crystals, yellow quartz and vivianite.
  • When you are blown away by a huge fan, then shoot at its center. Next, take away the yellow quartz that stuck to one of the bridge fragments.
  • When you get the shape for the key and make it, open the lock with the Heisenberg coat of arms (see map). There you will find the "hilt" compound treasure. It can be combined with a cylinder to create a hammer.

How to find all the goat charms and get the achievement "Heretic"

Goat Wards are collectible items in the Resident Evil Village. For finding all the amulets, you can get the "Heretic" achievement.

Advice! Listen carefully, as amulets emit a crackling sound characteristic of wooden things.

Goat charms in the location "Village to the castle"

In the sanctuary near the monument to the Virgin of War.

On the roof of the church.

Outside Louise's house on the fence in the northern part of the location.

Goat charms in the location "Dimitrescu Castle"

In the vineyards. On the right side of the location, in the snow between the trees.

After you drain the blood from the bath and the passage to the dungeon will open.

In the attic after solving the bells puzzle.

Goat charms in the location "The village after the castle"

Village, near a lonely road, after leaving the castle. In a dark room on a dock with a drawbridge.

Village, closed part of the cemetery near the church. Behind one of the crypts.

The village is in the courtyard of the violin maker's house, on the roof of one of the sheds.

Goat charms in the location "House of Beneviento"

On one of the suspension bridges that lead to the Beneviento house.

Left courtyard of the Beneviento house. The amulet is located behind a fence on a small plot of land.

Goat charms in the location "Reservoir Moro"

At the first mill, where Ethan's handle breaks. It is necessary to go around the central part of the mill around to the boxes.

When you get to the three colored switches, look back and to the left. In the middle of the swamp, on one of the protruding logs, there will be a goat amulet.

After the boss fight, return to the place where you boarded the boat. Go to the pond and treasure chest. Turn around and see a goat amulet.

Goat charms in the location "Village after the Moro reservoir"

The village, under the Otto mill. Walk under the building on the water.

Goat charms in the "Fortress" location

On the railing at the very bottom of the spiral staircase. Before squeezing through a narrow passage in the wall.

Goat charms in the location "Heisenberg Factory

At the edge of the ventilation duct, where Ethan is nearly sucked into a huge fan.

Between levels B1 and B3. Start the elevator and wait until a red beam with a talisman appears in the opening.

A room with a control panel in front of the cargo hold. Go through the ventilation at the east wall of the room.

Goat charms in the episode for Chris

When playing as Chris, after he sets the explosives on the mega-celium. Turn right and look in the dark area behind the spikes.

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