How to play hostage mission in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


How to play hostage mission in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The hostage mission of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , consists of a confrontation between terrorists and counterterrorists , where only one team can be victorious, either by rescuing hostages or avoiding their rescue at all costs. In our complete guide to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we will give you some tips on how to play and beat the hostage mission .

What is the CS-GO hostage mission?

The hostage mission can be played in casual mode , but is only available for the Office and Italy maps ; Its end depends on which side you are being the case of the terrorists a little less complicated, since this group only has to eliminate the chances of rescue of the opposing team. It should be noted that if the antiterrorists fail to save at least half of the hostages, the victory will be for the terrorists.

Now, if you are from the anti-terrorist group your objective is to evacuate the hostages before finishing the round . These are on the side of the map that belongs to the other team, but you will have to talk to them first to start the rescue and take them to the evacuation zone. With the interaction you will receive a money reward and if you are successful, you will have a greater reward that will allow you to buy better weapons.

As an anti-terrorist it is necessary that you equip yourself with a rescue kit , as these will help you reduce the time to free the hostages, especially if they are tied up. Also remember that the match can be won when a group manages to eliminate the entire opposing team, but be careful with shooting a hostage, if this happens the video game can penalize you with large sums of money, kick and even expulsion from a server .

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