How to unlock champions in Legends of Runeterra?


How to unlock champions in Legends of Runeterra?

The most powerful cards in all of Legends of Runeterra are undoubtedly the Champions, the strongest warriors who have the ability to level up or cause more trouble for the opponent than normal. Each of the regions of the game have several Champions that represent them.

Of course, being the most effective in games, they are one of the most difficult items to get. However, there are several methods to obtain these types of cards , so in our complete Legends of Runeterra guide we leave you with all the methods you can use to get hold of them.

How to get Champion cards in Legends of Runeterra

Champions are earned just like other Adept and Spell cards, so there are 2 free ways to get them. The first consists of gaining experience in the game to acquire rewards in the Loot of Regions, here they grant chests of different types, wilds and capsules that contain cards. Ideally, you should try to focus on getting several of these awards , since in some of them there will be a Champion or more. On the other hand, there are the Events, where you can also get chests, jokers and capsules where various cards come that could contain Champions.

How to get Champions with wilds or shards in Legends of Runeterra

If you have accumulated jokers or shards, you can use them to unlock specific cards. In the case of Champions, you have to have a Champion wild card in gold on hand, they are the most difficult to get, or also use 3000 fragments. This way, you don't have to invest in coins and you can get free Champions, although it will not be an easy job.

To get many rewards in Legends of Runeterra , you have to learn to gain experience and to know how the cards in the game work . By following these steps, you are sure to improve a lot when starting a match in LoR.

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