How To Unlock The Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village And Get The Argument Lightsaber


How To Unlock The Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village And Get The Argument Lightsaber

As in most of the previous parts, in Resident Evil Village players can unlock Mercenary Mode. It is a dynamic, phased arena battle with monsters, where you need to deal with a certain number of enemies in the allotted time. Depending on the time it takes you to destroy the monsters, you will receive one of the existing ranks and the corresponding rewards. We will tell you how to unlock the "Mercenary" mode in Resident Evil Village and get unique weapons.

How to unlock the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village

To unlock the Mercenary Mode, you must first complete the main storyline campaign of Resident Evil Village on any difficulty level. A similar condition has migrated to the Village from the previous parts of the game, where this mode is available.

After completing the plot of the game, return to the main menu, select the "Bonuses" item and go to the "Bonus Shop" section. An additional game worth 10 OP " The Mercenaries " must be purchased here . Return to the bonus menu, where the "Mercenaries" mode will become available to you.

Description of the mode "Mercenaries" (The Mercenaries)

In Mercenary Mode, you start the game in the safe room of Dimitrescu Castle, next to the Duke's shop. From the merchant, you can choose the available weapons and equipment. When you're ready, head to the arena. One of the existing game locations can become an arena. You need to destroy as many enemies as possible in the allotted time. For every enemy killed, you will receive points. Combo kills grant increased points. At the end of the challenge, you will be assigned a rank corresponding to the number of points scored. The higher the rank you receive, the better the rewards you will receive.

Description of the mode "Mercenaries" (The Mercenaries)

Initially, only one stage is available, but for reaching certain ranks, you will unlock other stages. For example, in the starting location "Village" you need to get rank "A" in order to open the next stage "Castle". The requirement to open subsequent stages can be tracked in the mode menu.

Each stage consists of three zones. For example, on the "Village" map, you first have to fight in the graveyard, then at the werewolf fortress, and also in the western part of the village.

You can unlock eight stages in total. Complete all stages with rank "SS" or "SSS" and get a secret weapon - the lightsaber "Argument" (LZ Answerer), which you can use during the passage of the story campaign.

The Mercenaries Tips

  • In this mode, you can observe the amount of health of your enemies. Use this opportunity to avoid wasting extra ammo.
  • Do not stand in one place, constantly move. This way you can find blue and yellow spheres, as well as ammunition and first aid kits.
  • The blue orbs add one of three combat skills to choose from.
  • The yellow orbs add 30 seconds to the total challenge time.
  • Collect money from defeated enemies. They are useful for purchasing weapons and equipment from a merchant, or for improving existing weapons.
  • Some monsters will only become available when exploring a specific play area. You can see the remaining number of monsters in the upper left part of the screen.
  • For group kills, you will receive a bonus to game points.
  • The target for leaving the zone becomes available after killing 50% of the monsters. If you have enough time left, it is not necessary to leave the area. Find the remaining monsters and earn more points.

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