How to win Scavengers - guide

 A detailed guide that will show you how to win in Scavengers

Scavengers is a project that will instantly remind you of several other games that you have spent hundreds of hours on (if, of course, you love co-op and multiplayer titles). Nevertheless, in reality, the title is far from the standard battle royals, and all for the reason that in addition to the recognizable elements in the Scavengers there are many new things: violent winter storms, Far Cry-style fortresses and the most dangerous bears that should not be forgotten for a second. But we will help you figure it out! Here are some important tips and tricks that will increase your chance of winning the Scavengers.

How to win Scavengers - guide

Murders are not the main thing!

This is the most important point. Since the Scavengers is a score based game and you intend to collect as much data as possible, kills are not that important. Moreover, try to avoid massive shootouts with other gamers. The matches can be attended by up to 60 gamers, divided into teams of three. And you will run into other players in any case, so it will be difficult to resist the urge to immediately enter the battle. If you spot another team, first assess the situation. Check how much time is left until the end of the game, how much loot you need to collect in order to climb higher on the leaderboard, and consider whether the battle and potential defeat is worth the loss of the collected data. If your situation is desperate, go for it! If your team has amassed a bunch of goodies, then what's the point of taking risks?

Do not run, but slide

The Scavengers have an unusual and very important trick. You can crouch down and slide down any slope, which is often more efficient than sprinting, as it doesn't waste stamina! Disable sprint, slide down. The path and speed of sliding will depend on the momentum with which you entered this technique. You will slide as long as there is a slope under your feet, and gradually pick up speed. Jump at the end to do a steep somersault in the air. Seriously, it looks really cool!

Sit down and no mini-map will spot you

Be secretive! Hide somewhere near the shuttle, and after the time has passed, jump inside to successfully get out of the location. In this way, you can take the second, third, fourth places. Don't shy away from being a camper. If there are other players within 100 meters of you and they are moving, they will be highlighted in red on your minimap. A great option to ambush them. Or wait for the shuttle to take off.

Grab a healer into the squad

Holden's Greater Healing Sphere is a vital ability, especially in difficult situations. This character is able to restore all allies to full health in a matter of seconds, and will maintain them in this state as long as the team remains inside the green aura of the sphere. Especially important when you are fighting for dropped resources.

Survival is the key to victory

Again, try to move away from the standard thinking inherent in battle royals: being the last, sole survivor is not the main task. Collecting trophies and data is already a reward. Clear camps with NPCs, collect data - sooner or later you will find raw materials. Take it, survive and leave the planet in order to subsequently unpack the reward in the crafting menu. You will receive a variety of materials that are needed to unlock new weapons, items, and skill modifiers for each seeker. In essence, it is a character development system that opens up new possibilities for customizing the playstyle and team composition. So, even if you find yourself last on the leaderboard, if you get off the planet with at least some loot, consider it a victory.

You take no fall damage

So jump as much as you want and from where you want!

If the number on the map is ticked, it means that the team is already there

In Scavengers, you have to constantly think. When planning your next loot pit stop, scan all the nodes. And if you notice a decrease in the numerical value, it means that someone is already mining the data. Now you know that someone is there, so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth getting closer to your opponents or it is better to bypass them. Fight against the natural impulse of battle royale - killing anything that moves. Caution hasn't hurt anyone yet!

Hide your weapons to run faster

Press the X KEY to hide your weapon. And your character will run much faster! If you are being chased by another team or trying to escape from a narrowing circle, it is important to develop your maximum speed.

Explore the colors of the shields

Shields are ranked by level and are improved in the crafting menu using collected resources. The higher the level of the shield, the greater its strength. Accordingly, the color of the shield changes. We list each color as the strength increases - green, blue, purple, gold. As you can see, this is the standard color scheme used in many games to shape the rarity of weapons and other equipment. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on the color scheme around your potential opponents and understand whether it is worth engaging with the enemy or it is better to bypass it. If the initiative is yours and you can't wait to fight, know that the "blue" seeker can still defeat the "purple", but the "green" has nothing to do with it.

More about the survival system

Cold : If you stay in the open air long enough, you will freeze the character. Watch the special scale next to the health bar. As it depletes, you approach the icing status. Winter storms speed up this process, so stay away from them, or find shelter and wait out. If you wait for frostbite, the ice will gradually begin to eat up the health bar. If it covers the entire strip, you will die. To counteract icing, look for a source of heat - various fires, including the most common torches. Or pack thermal pads that will briefly protect you from the cold, no matter where the character is.

Stamina : yellow bar - character stamina. It depletes during melee attacks, sprinting, dodging, and jumping. Deplete your stamina bar and suffer a penalty to your maximum available stamina, so you have a limited number of options for the remainder of the match. Keep an eye on your stamina bar to avoid premature exhaustion, and be sure to bring food and rations with you to replenish your maximum stamina. If you cannot find food in the loot, kill the animals. They are a good food source.

You can roll

Click on the mouse wheel and do the same as in Dark Souls. This is a useful technique when confronting enemy NPCs seeking hand-to-hand combat, but a well-timed roll will occasionally help you in firefights. Don't forget about this trick!

The last survivor of the squad? Run away, hide and wait for your teammates to revive!

Unless you consider yourself a tactically professional gamer and are not confident that you can avenge your teammates, your best bet is to focus on survival. Your comrades will respawn in about a minute. There is no limit in the game on how many times players can resurrect. The main thing is that at least one team member must survive. But with each death, the player loses half of the accumulated data. That's a lot, but better than ending the match without loot and suffering a crushing defeat.

Letty's powers are a brain blast!

This seeker is able to disable all skills of opponents for a few seconds.

You can store data at download stations

Every time you die, you lose half of your data, and if you don't leave the planet in the rescue shuttle, you go home almost empty-handed. Storing data in dedicated loading stations will allow you to take at least some loot with you, even if you do not return home on a landing ship.

Don't mess with bears!

At the beginning of the game, you will be killed by almost one blow of the bear, which makes them quite dangerous opponents.

When to go to the landing ship?

Upon arrival, the ship takes off after 5 minutes, so check your rating before boarding. How much data is missing? If you find yourself at the bottom of the rating, try to get to the ship with full data pockets. Get to the ship, hide somewhere in the bushes and wait. Let the rest of the gamers kill each other, and you pick up the loot that fell from them. To take all the loot with you, you just need to leave the planet by ship. Run at him at the last minute, be sure to use defensive abilities. You may have to kill some of the gamers above you to climb the leaderboard.

Get 1500 Free Chips Now

For at least the beta period, Midwinter, developer Scavengers, is giving all gamers a free set of 1,500 chips (in-game currency) that can be spent in the store menu. This is more than enough to unlock an additional finder (in addition to the three available by default) at the very beginning of the game. Select the character you want. Or, you might want to save resources for further research or purchase of beauty products.

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