Is there co-op and online modes in Resident Evil Village - multiplayer guide


Is there co-op and online modes in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil co-op has been featured in all major projects for 25 years. In this guide, we will tell you if co-op exists inResident Evil Village .

The cooperative passage of the story campaign was well remembered by the players in the series Resident Evil 5 , where each player could take on the role of one of the BSAA fighters and jointly overcome all difficulties, as well as defeat the main antagonist of the game. If you wanted to play alone, then the function of the partner, who was always present during the passage, was performed by artificial intelligence.

Is there co-op and online modes in Resident Evil Village - multiplayer guide

Since release Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game developer Capcom has approached the Resident Evil series a little differently, giving it more survival horror appeal as it did in the early games in the franchise. Unfortunately for fans of the co-op mode, this led to a complete failure of such a function in the game.

Is there a co-op / online mode in Resident Evil Village

Already now, after the release of Resident Evil Village, our guesses have been confirmed. In the new franchise from Capcom, the co-op mode is completely absent . This is due to several factors:

  • In Resident Evil Village, you only have access to the main story campaign, which takes place in a single player first-person game;
  • Capcom has created a standalone game for full-fledged co-op play Resident Evil Re: Verse , in which users can fight with their favorite characters in various modes;
  • Resident Evil Re: Verse can be obtained by purchasing Resident Evil Village.

Details about Resident Evil Re: Verse

Details about Resident Evil Re: Verse

Resident Evil Re: Verse is a dynamic multiplayer survival shooter where you can fight in multiple modes. Many fans had hoped that Re: Verse would hit digital stores alongside Resident Evil Village, but Capcom said the game shouldn't be expected until the summer of 2021.

In Re: Verse, almost every playable character in the iconic Resident Evil games will be available - from Claire Redfield to Ethan Winters. Each hero will have special skills and will be able to use the available weapons to choose from. Last month, all Capcom ambassadors had a chance to try their hand at dozens of matches in the Re: Verse demo. According to reviews, the game is still quite raw, and it's hard to call it a survival horror.

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