Leak to The Division: Heartland shows 20 minutes of gameplay, strongly reminiscent of Scavengers


Leak to The Division: Heartland shows 20 minutes of gameplay, strongly reminiscent of Scavengers

A player from the new The Division game Heartland broke his confidentiality. It shows over 20 minutes of gameplay and what can be seen in it is strongly reminiscent of the new PvEvP survival Scavengers , only with two game modes.

What does the leak show? Heartland is actually still in closed alpha . Only a few players have access and it is subject to strict NDA, i.e. a duty of confidentiality. Still, gameplay has now surfaced (via Vimeo ).

There you can see an SHD agent making his way through the small American town of Silver Creek and trying to escape. The gameplay shows both the tutorial and the player hub with Battle Pass, some options and a full round in the PvE mode "Expedition".

Graphics and general gameplay are primarily reminiscent of The Division 2. The player often takes cover, loot and weapons are apparently taken over from the cover shooter.

What is Heartland about? The air of Silver Creek is polluted and looters hostile to the agents are everywhere. As a player, you have to escape there again. There are two game modes:

  • Expedition: Pure co-op PvE with teams of between one and three players
  • Storm: A PvEvP game mode with 45 players (15 teams of 3 players)

The lead game designer Tayler Epperly already talks about the two modes in a previous, smaller leak. The descriptions as well as the gameplay are strongly reminiscent of the new survival PvEvP game Scavengers.

Heartland looks almost like Scavengers

What's the same Some Heartland mechanics may sound familiar if you've played Scavengers before. It's not just about the PvEvP aspect, which is not yet visible in the leak, but more about some of the features:

  • Crafting: In both games you can make things, in Scavengers even in the rounds. How Heartland implements this cannot yet be seen
  • Classes: "Assignments" in Heartland and "Explorer" in Scavengers are classes with unique skills and perks that can be leveled
  • Preparation: Before a match, you can choose a number of items that you want to take with you or craft during the round
  • Survival: In Heartland, your “filter” is running out, which filters the virus out of the air you breathe. If it goes out, you will be harmed. Scavengers has a similar mechanic with cold
  • Storm: The "Storm" mode apparently has a shrinking circle, or a virus cloud, like in a battle royale. It's a blizzard in Scavengers 
Heartland looks almost like Scavengers

In Heartland, however, you will also be able to loot properly, similar to Outriders, for example. You can take the loot with you to the base and equip it there as a loadout, although this feature was not examined in more detail.

Keep in mind that this is an early alpha of the game. A lot can still change and it is not certain whether everything will stay the same. 

When is the Heartland release? Heartland is slated for release in late 2021 or early 2022. A specific date for the release is not yet known. At least it is now apparently clear that this is a shooter and not a trading card game.

If you want to take part in the tests, you can find the registration form on the official Ubisoft website . The leak states that the content gained from the Battle Pass will be used in all tests and even until the release.

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