LoL: What are chromas?


LoL: What are chromas?

In League of Legends , the chroma skins were introduced in 2015. These are special versions of existing skins, but they are published in different colors. There is also a special sale for the chromas - the essence wonderland.

What are chroma skins exactly? The chromas are a different color variant of a champion or a specific skin. In order to use the chromas, however, you must have activated the respective champ and skin.

The main purpose of chromas is that players can customize their characters even more. If, for example, it is not enough to give the Champion Caitlyn a pool party skin, you can also color this skin yellow, blue or pink.

What do chromas cost? Chromas cost 290 Riot Points each or can be purchased during Essence Wonderland for 2,000 BE or 195 Riot Points (as early bird offers). There are also bundles in which the skins can be obtained more cheaply.

What changes with chroma skins? Above all, the pure color of the equipment worn. Usually, particle effects from abilities or attacks are not affected by the chromas.

You can especially see the chroma variations on the Champion Zac:

LoL: What are chromas?

What types of chroma skins are there? There are chromas in various colors, but also types:

  • Some chroma skins are permanently available, others only if the skin is also available
  • Some are only available in a bundle
  • Others can only be gotten through Hextech crafting
  • Some chroma skins are part of the LoL partner program

However, not every skin has a chroma and not every skin has the same chroma.

The easiest way to get an overview of all chroma skins is via the shop in the LoL client. There are over 2,000 chromas available to you.

Chromas and the Essence Wonderland

What is the Essence Wonderland? The Essence Wonderland takes place twice a year, once in the middle of the season (April or May) and once in the pre-season (November or December) . This is particularly interesting for Chroma fans because the skins can be bought there for the in-game currency Blue Essences (BE):

  • During the middle of the season there are the chromas, which came into play from July to December.
  • During the pre-season there are chromas that were released from January to July.
So if you want to color your favorite champion or skin appropriately, you should keep an eye on this event.

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