No Man's Sky now has the most famous spaceship in video game history


No Man's Sky now has the most famous spaceship in video game history

In No Man's Sky you can just earn the spaceship from Mass Effect. We reveal how you get the SSV Normandy SR1.

No Man's Sky is one of those very few games that, after a messed up start, managed to turn the corner for months and get better. It's now one of the best space games out there and it just keeps getting better. Now there is a small event in which players can unlock a legendary spaceship from a completely different game: The SSV Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect.

What is the Normandy? SSV Normandy should be familiar to every Mass Effect player. It is the spaceship with which Commander Shepard (the player-character) and his crew travels through the galaxy in the SciFi trilogy to experience a huge story about a species that is millions of years old.

The Normandy is not only the “taxi” that takes you from planet to planet, but also the main mobile base where you plan missions, hold long conversations with your crew members and build relationships.

In No Man's Sky this is the SSV Normandy SR1 from the 1st Mass Effect. The ship is modified a bit in later parts.

How do you get the ship? It's pretty simple. All you have to do is complete the tasks of the second expedition. Expeditions are like seasonal tasks that offer different rewards. If you complete the expedition successfully, the SSV Normandy SR1 waves as a frigate, which you can send from now on. A little trailer shows how cool that can look in No Man's Sky:

Until when does it go? If you are interested in Normandy, you shouldn't take too much time. The tasks can only be tackled until May 31st, after which the reward expires. It is rather questionable whether the Normandy will exist again after that.

Why is the event happening right now? It shouldn't be a coincidence that the event coincides pretty much with the launch of the "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition". Here the original trilogy of the series has been remastered so that new fans or old veterans can relive the extensive story of Commander Shepard.

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