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Passage of tasks of Archons in Genshin Impact: Chapter 3 - "Approach of a new star"


Passage of tasks of Archons in Genshin Impact: Chapter 3 - "Approach of a new star"

A mysterious messenger named Gan Yu appeared in front of you at the Three Cups in the Port restaurant and announced that she was doing Ning Guang's will, so she invited you to the Jade Palace soaring in the sky. We tell you how to get to the Jade Palace and complete the task of the Archons "Approaching a new star" inGenshin Impact .

The Archons 'Quest "Approaching a New Star", Volume 1, Chapter 3 will become available after reaching rank 35 of your heroes' adventures and completing previous storyline quests. It consists of several simple steps.

Floating palace

After speaking with Gan Yu, you need to find the Jade Palace near the highest point in this area, Tianheng Mountain. Near Tianheng Mountain there is a hill on which a teleporter is installed for fast travel. Use it to get close to the mountain and climb up the hill.

Once you reach the mountain, you will see a highlighted area that must be explored to enter the floating Jade Palace. Examine the top of the hill and find the only windmill that you can interact with using the element "Anemo". When you do this, an air stream and several rings will appear in the sky in front of the palace. Use them to get to a small island floating in the air.

Paimon will offer to run the main character from the ballista Gui Zhong directly into the Jade Palace. Search the rich chest on the floating island and head towards the ballista.

Right in front of the Gui Zhong ballista, you will encounter several Mellelites. Fight them and talk to Ke Qing. The girl will advise you to present a gift for Ning Guang, after which the task will be completed, and you will receive a reward.

  • Hero experience (3);
  • Mora (27,500);
  • Enhancement Magic Ore (5).

Balance songs

To complete the first part of this quest, you just need to find several Hydro slimes and collect three units of the Excellent Slime Slime resource. The slimes you need live near any water bodies.

In any case, first you can go for the marker on the map and free the prisoner, who is guarded by the treasure thieves.

Deal with a gang of bandits and chat with a prisoner named Meng Dan. He will direct you to the Ming Xing Jewelry House on the outskirts of Li Yue. Before doing this, be sure to collect the remaining ingredients for Ning Guang's gift. Arriving at the jewelry house, collect the Glazed Slime gift and find a guide to the Jade Palace. Such a guide will be Bu Yun, located in the southern part of Li Yue.

The guide will take you to the Jade Palace, on the threshold of which Ning Guang will appear. Now the gift that you prepared for the girl earlier will be very useful. Chat with her, enter the palace and watch a lengthy video, at the end of which you will receive a reward.

  • Hero experience (3);
  • Source Stone (30);
  • Mora (29,400);
  • Enhancement Magic Ore (5).

Exceptional aroma

After picking up a piece of paper from the board in the Jade Palace, the marked area will appear on the map. Go for a marker on the map and deal with a dozen enemies. Find Fatui's research in the ruins and listen to Paimon. A new marker will appear on the map, leading to a location between Kingfisher Slope and Guili Valley.

Collect the special "Icing Lilies" flowers on the beach near Zhong Li. At this moment, the "Jumpers" monsters will attack you. Chat with Zhong Li and sail to Li Yue Harbor. Near the entrance to the city, you will meet Felix. This character will be marked with a marker.

Glass heart

Travel to the Golden Chamber and study Exuvia. Later, Childe will join you, with whom you will have to fight.

Childe is a very serious opponent. He uses several forms and two different elements "Hydro" and "Electro" for his attacks and moves very quickly. In the battle with Childe, try to constantly move and dodge attacks, as the enemy can kill your heroes with just a few strong attacks.

Childe 's Form "Number Eleven of the Harbingers of Fatouya" :

  • Wave Arrows : Childe fires a burst of wave arrows that quickly rush towards your hero. You can only dodge this blow by jumping sideways. If you jump up, the wave will reach the hero and can cause great damage.
  • Bow Attack : A normal bow attack deals little damage, but is almost impossible to dodge. You must constantly be in motion so as not to come under fire.
  • Water Bombs : Childe throws several water bombs into the air, which fall to the ground and explode. Before the explosion, the area around the bomb will be highlighted in blue. Try not to be in this area at the time of the explosion.
  • Water Whale : Before this attack, the enemy freezes for a few seconds, then charges his bow and fires a shot at the ground. After that, a huge mammal emerges from the ground and lunges like a real whale out of the water. If you notice that Childe is charging her bow, you should change your location as soon as possible, otherwise you will not avoid damage.

Childe 's Eye of Corruption :

  • Sting : Childe lunges towards the hero. Even if you managed to dodge the first attack, be prepared for a few more similar attacks. Stopping after the first lunge, the opponent can immediately direct the second attack towards your hero.
  • Double Strike : The enemy sharply approaches you and makes two quick blows with blades. You can dodge an attack while Childe is close to your hero.
  • Lightning Rod : Childe uses his spear to create a charged circle under your character. You can easily avoid this attack, but if you get into the zone of action of the "lightning rod", you will receive a lot of damage.
  • Lightning Strike : Childe's most powerful attack, almost impossible to dodge. If you notice that a purple glow appears on your hero, use an explosion of elements to interrupt your opponent's attack. There is no other way to avoid damage from this attack.

In its final form, Childe transforms into a flying enemy that attacks with the Elektro element. In this form, the enemy moves more slowly, but uses charged attacks with increased damage.

A turning point

After defeating Childe's three forms, watch an extended video of the Archon of the Vortex and the Adepts. Fatui will also appear here, who intend to break Gui Zhong's ballista. You have to defend three parts of the ballista. On the left side of the screen, you can observe the status of each of them:

  • The safety margin of the eastern part of the ballista;
  • The safety factor of the northern part of the ballista;
  • The safety factor of the western part of the ballista.

Keep Fatui's monsters out of the ballistae. Try to destroy them before they damage one of the parts of the installation you are protecting. A timer will become available at the top of the screen, after which the attack will end.

Ascension ceremony

Climb to Li Yue Harbor and find Zhong Li at the Wangsheng Ritual Bureau. Follow the marker on the map to the Northern Kingdom Bank and watch a cutscene, after which you should visit Yujing Terrace and listen to the locals. Both targets will be marked on the map, so you can easily find them.

You just have to take part in the Ascension ceremony and receive a reward for the final task.

  • Hero experience (3);
  • Source Stone (30);
  • Memory of motionless forces (1);
  • Mora (35,925);
  • Enhancement Magic Ore (7).