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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough - All Puzzles, Documents, Weapons, Goat Charms and Treasures


Resident Evil Village Walkthrough - All Puzzles, Documents, Weapons, Goat Charms and Treasures

In this walkthrough In Resident Evil Village, we'll show you how to find all collectibles, defeat all bosses, solve all puzzles, and find all outdoor toilets.

Color coding:

Green- quest items.
Blue- documents.
Red- weapons and upgrades.
Yellow- goat amulets and treasures.

What you need to know before starting the passage

  • Look at the map more often. Locations where you can still collect something are marked in red. If the location is marked in blue, then you have found everything. This applies only to supplies and treasures, documents are not taken into account.
  • Explore the area. All finds, such as locked boxes or doors that you cannot open yet, will be automatically marked on the map.
  • Some treasures are compound. They can be combined to get a more valuable item. Don't sell such treasures until you find all the pieces. If the treasure can be combined with something, then this will be indicated in the description.
  • Don't forget about mines. They are especially helpful in boss battles. If the enemy did not end up being blown up by a mine, then it can be picked up back into your inventory.
  • Sell ​​surplus weapons to the merchant. There are several types of weapons in the game that use the same type of ammunition. When you find a better weapon, sell the old one. This will bring in some money and free up inventory.
  • Kill all the animals you meet. They drop cooking ingredients or other rewards. Do not forget about the crows, which can often be found in the village.
  • There are several types of collectible items in the game: treasures - can be sold to a merchant; documents - needed to get the "Bookworm" achievement; goat amulets - needed to get the "Heretic" achievement.

Ethan and Mia's House ("Go-o-o-ol" skip achievement)

The game starts with a peaceful episode, just like in Resident Evil 3 . The episode is short and there is almost nothing to do here. With your daughter in your arms, examine the note on the refrigerator. Next, take the child to the bedroom on the second floor. If you want to get the achievement "Go-o-o-ol" , then roll the ball into the study next to the bedroom. This is not as easy as it might seem: the ball easily gets stuck between furniture.

Inspect the house and read the paperwork if you wish . Examine the computer, a chest of drawers nearby, and a photo album. Next, find a newspaper in a dark room next to the stairs. Then go to the kitchen to start the cutscene.

The place of the accident. How to find your way to the village

When control returns to you, read the document and go further along the path. The path here is linear and it is unrealistic to get lost. When you get into the house, go through the rooms and go down to the basement. At the very end, open the cabinet, after which a mouse will run out of it. Go back, crawl under the cabinet and exit through the gap in the wall.

Village. Survive an encounter with werewolves and get a shotgun

Another path will lead Ethan to the village. You will have to visit this location more than once during the story, so if you miss something, then it's okay. However, it is better to immediately ransack every corner so that there are marks on the map. Now, for example, you will not be able to open drawers with a simple lock, since there is no master key. But the mark will remain and you will not forget about it.

There is nothing useful in the nearby houses, except that you can inspect the courtyard to mark a well on the map and open an outdoor toilet . Then go the only available way until you go into the house, where there will be a knife on the table . Pick it up and immediately break the box behind. Go to the next room and look behind the curtain covering the doorway. After the cutscene, during which Ethan will receive the LEMI pistol , make your way through the underground. When the werewolf attacks, kill him and return to the room where the old man with the gun was. Examine the pantry in which he was hiding and take the bolt cutter . Next, go to another house in the same yard to collect supplies. Now cut the chain on the gate and exit.

There is only one way open - to the neighboring house. Collect supplies, listen to the radio and go upstairs. You have to repel the attack of the werewolves. Barricade the door and shoot through the windows. When it's over, the radio will go on and Ethan will hear a message about Louise's house.

Go outside. It turns out that the monsters have broken the fences and you can go to a new area. It will not be possible to calmly explore the area now, since there will be a whole hunt for Ethan. Therefore, run along the bloody trail to the house nearby and go upstairs. There will be an M1897 shotgun on the table inside . Barricade the doors and leave through the basement. Then run to the next house, which is located above. Fight back until the cutscene starts.

Village. Survive an encounter with werewolves and get a shotgun

There is nothing else to do here. Collect supplies if there is still anything left. Also, it will not be superfluous to run the location again to create marks on the map. Next, follow the old woman through the red gate.

Village. How to find Louise's house

Now begins the episode familiar to us from the first demo. The old woman will leave and close the gate behind her. You won't get to that part of the village again soon. Immediately inspect the house on the left side. There you will find a locked drawer (master key) , a document and a bag of money (under the chest of drawers with plates).

There is a statue in the center of the village, note the goat's eye on the shield. Shoot him to get a crystal shard . Inspect the area: destroy the goat amulet in the sanctuary (there is a plate under the amulet ), mark the well , check the cemetery and try to open the gate with a bas-relief. Next, go to the church on the hill. Of the interesting things in the courtyard of the church, you can find a well , and on the roof - a goat amulet.

There is a save point inside the church, now is the time. Take the coat of arms with the virgin from the altar , as well as the document on the chair. There is also a crystal shard on one of the icons at the top .

Go out into the street and go through the logging area under the steam to the house of Louise. The location is quite spacious, there are several rooms. In the northern corner of the location, on the fence, you can find a goat amulet . Next, go to the house near the large gate, where you will meet two survivors. By the way, near the same tree house you can find a cage with supplies . After the cutscene, get out through the window, remember the next well and then climb over the fence into the courtyard to Louise's house.

Open the toilet door and then the gate. After the cutscene, when you are allowed into the house, read the document on the armchair and look at the photo album. You can also save the game. There will be another splash screen next. When control returns to you, go to the kitchen, read the note on the table and open the drawer to the left of the sink. Find the key to the truck . Examine it to get a screwdriver from the purse. Start the truck. Then there will be a linear episode, there will be no problems.

Once outside, go to the altar and use a screwdriver to open the doors and get the emblem with the demon . Now you have two coats of arms, you can go to the castle.

Lock. How to survive the Heisenberg games and escape the crusher

After you open the gate, go across the bridge and pull the lever at the end of the corridor. This is followed by a cutscene, followed by a long linear section. It is unlikely to cause difficulty. At the very end, hide from the huge grinder in the left corner of the room. Follow the only way through the corridors until you exit the room where Heisenberg appeared. Pull the lever again.

As a result, you will go to the vineyards (on the right side of the location, a goat amulet is hidden in the snow ) and meet the Duke's merchant. You won't have much money now, but you can already sell some treasures. Next, go through the gate.

Lock. How to escape from captivity and get off the hook

You will find yourself in a spacious room with a portrait. Look around, collect supplies and read the document on the table. Please note that glass doors on furniture can be broken. Follow the only way until you exit into a hall with a staircase. Go to the door with the sign to go to the cutscene.

When control returns, look at your right hand to free yourself. From this point on, the episode begins, which was introduced in the second demo. Take the scarlet glass from the table and leave the room. In the adjacent room, examine the chest of drawers with a simple lock (master key) and exit through the fireplace.

Walk forward, take the burgundy eye ring (examine it and take out the eye), exit. You can return and open the door through which you could not leave earlier. Since there is a locked box in the room, you can return there later, if you have not taken the master key from the Duke before. You leave through the double doors into the room from where the sisters dragged you away.

Lock. Dungeon and battle with 1st sister

4 pedestals with sculptures will emerge from under the floor, for which heads are to be found. This is the main quest in Dimitrescu Castle. Before going up the stairs, look through the door with a lantern. This is a safe room with a merchant, a savepoint, a labyrinth, and a document . The maze requires a metal ball that has yet to be found.

Climb the stairs and you will find yourself in a hall with a fireplace. There are no important items here, you can collect supplies and then climb the stairs. You can immediately see the wine room, which is located in a straight line. There will be a document on the special wine. There is nothing to do here yet.

After leaving the wine room, turn left. One of the paintings in the hallway will have a crystal fragment . Further down the corridor, insert the burgundy eye into the sculpture on the door so that it opens. The cutscene will begin. One of the daughters will attack you. It can be stopped by shots from a shotgun or pistol. The shotgun scares her off with one shot, so it is preferable. Run down the corridor and turn left. In this room, break the boards blocking the path and jump into the mine. Read the document and move forward.

As a result, you will reach the room where Dimitrescu is examining a bottle of wine. This is the very special wine that you need to put on a stand in the wine room. But for now, she takes him away with her. Get out of the hiding place and exit. Note the treasure on the ceiling of the corridor.

Riddle. How to get to the dungeon. In the room with the bas-relief, you need to solve a small riddle. Solution: light two bowls with the third one on the chain. You can simply shoot at the desired angle so that the central bowl deflects and ignites the other.
The passage will open, and you will find yourself in the dungeon. There are only two important documents here . You can look around and gather supplies if you like. Next, destroy opponents and climb the stairs. You will see a door ahead with a mark. You can return here later, when you receive the required key. There is nothing more important here. You can immediately run through the passage above, fighting off the witch. Go the only way you can, break the boards and watch the cutscene.

Mini boss. One of the sisters still catches up with you. It turns out that under the influence of cold they become vulnerable. The fight is not difficult, especially if you have enough shotgun ammo. You just need to keep your distance and shoot. You will receive a crystal torso as a reward . A similar reward will be given for all bosses and mini-bosses, so we will not indicate this separately in the walkthrough.

Lock. Dimitrescu's mask of sadness and peace

Go further, you will be taken to the kitchen. In the basin, take the very bottle of "Virgin's Blood" that Dimitrescu took away. Also read the note about the unfortunate maid on the shelf. Exit into the corridor, on the right side there will be a chest of drawers with a simple lock (master key) . Also examine the suitcase nearby, there is a muzzle brake (LEMI) . In addition, further along the corridor you will find a master key. You can just go back and open the drawer. It will contain a treasure, a wooden statue of an angel.

Next, you will find yourself in the dining room. Knock a piece of crystal from the ceiling and go out into the hall with a fireplace. Go up to the wine room and put the bottle of wine on the pedestal. A secret door will open. Come in and take the key to the courtyard . Return back to the dining room and open the doors leading to the courtyard. While only one door is available to you in the southern part of the courtyard, head there. In the southern part of the courtyard, there is also a birdcage with supplies hanging from the ceiling .

Once in the room, go upstairs. Follow the only path to the ablution hall and don't forget to pick up a map along the way. There is a puzzle to be solved here.

Riddle in the ablution hall. The clue is written on the wall above the fireplace. You need to arrange the statues in the correct order. Turn the woman with the bottle and the lady with the glass to face each other. Turn the peasants with grapes to the man on the horse.

After that, the blood from the bath will leave, and the passage downward will open. Once you find yourself in the dungeon, destroy the goat amulet . Next, you have to go through half-flooded premises. Beware of the zombies that lie under the water. Look closely at the water surface, watch out for ripples. There is nothing difficult here, but there is only one way. As a result, you will exit to the elevator. Pull the lever and get up.

Once on the balcony, go forward and look through the open door. The room is designated as a terrace. You will find a save point here. Go further through the rotten woods and watch the cutscene. Next, go to the chambers of Dimitrescu. On the sofa, pick up the document , remove the Dimitrescu key from the wall. Do not rush to open the door with the emblem. Go to the bathroom and take the lady's lipstick treasure from the cabinet. As soon as you open the door with the coat of arms for them, Lady Dimitrescu herself will appear and throw Ethan into the dungeons of the castle.

Once again, finding yourself in the dungeon, get out through the gap in the wall. You will find yourself in the catacombs, where you have to run from Dimitrescu. Search the room before pulling the lever. Then there will be a cutscene and a vampire will appear. It's easy to escape from her, but the main thing is not to drive yourself into a dead end. By the way, Dimitrescu can break the bars, so it will be easier to run away from her when she clears the room. Return to the lever and finish what you started. Dimitrescu will be blocked on the further path, so go around it from the other side. Run along the corridor and open the door with the key. Enter the room and take the mask of sadness from the statue. The platform will rise and you will again find yourself in the courtyard.

Lock. The Mask of Joy and the Battle with the 2nd Sister in the Library

Now that you have the key, you can open the door with the coat of arms. You will again find yourself in a new location. Take the map from the wall and go up to the second floor. Read the document on the table in front and head through the door on the left (opera house). Go straight ahead and take another document . Also knock down the crystal chip on the ceiling. 

Exit to the opera hall and first walk along the left balcony. You will find a non-working maze model and a ball with a flower and swords . It can be used later in the Duke's room. Next, go along the right balcony, at the end there will be a chest of drawers with a simple lock (master key) . Then go down the stairs to the hall. Examine the document on the round table and go to the piano. A riddle awaits you here.

Piano puzzle. You need to play the melody from the notes. Even if you don't understand anything about music, you can choose the right keys by typing. But we have indicated the correct sequence in the screenshot.

As a reward, you will receive an iron key with a mark . They can open doors with a sign. Go back to the second floor, but on the way you will meet Dimitrescu. We'll have to run downstairs again and exit through the opera house on the first floor. Go up to the second floor again and open the door to the library.

Mini boss. Again there is a battle with one of the sisters. The secret to the battle is simple - pull the handle on one of the pillars to open a window on the ceiling. The cold will pour down and the witch will weaken. After a while, the window will automatically close. Wait again until the villain comes out in the middle of the room and pull the handle. Keep shooting her and she won't last long.
 Now that it is finished with it, go to the next room (hall of joy) and take away the mask of joy from the statue.

Lock. Mask of Anger and Rooftop Walking

Next, go to the atelier. Here you have to solve the riddle.

Riddle. Ring 5 bells. The easiest way to do this is with a shot. Here is their location: next to the bust of a man, on a wardrobe, on a chandelier, behind a wall on a pendulum, outside a window.

A secret door will open. Follow the only path until you exit to the attic. Knock down the goat amulet on the boxes immediately after climbing the ladder. Also find the lockpick, document and treasure map here. Finally, at the far end of the attic, grab the F2 Rifle . Exit to the roof through the window.

Here you will be attacked by flying opponents. They give a good reward for them, so try to shoot more. Walk forward past the elevator (you will need it later). Follow the only path and grab the tight rope to fly to the balcony. Take the mask of anger from the statue and go down the stairs. You will again find yourself at the elevator. Come into it and go downstairs. Note that in the elevator room there is a crystal fragment (treasure) slightly higher on the wall. Further, if you are met by Lady Dimitrescu, just take the elevator and then go down again, she will be gone by then.

Lock. The Mask of Pleasures and the Battle with the 3rd Sister in the Armory

Go through the main hall to the pleasure hall, which is in the southern part of the second floor. You can open the door using the found Dimitrescu key. In the dresser drawer you will find a silver ring compound treasure . Next, take the mask of delights from the statue and climb through the fireplace into the adjacent room.

Mini boss. You will find yourself in the armory. Here you will be overtaken by one of the sisters. Move the shelving unit away from the wall to find a crack in the wall. Examine it and pick up the improvised bombs from the table near the opposite wall. Blow up a weak wall with a crack with a bomb and then the cold will burst into the room. The girl will clearly not like him, so all that remains is to finish her off with well-aimed shots.

Take the animal skull that hangs over the fireplace and return to the pleasure hall. Examine the skull in inventory and remove the stand from it. Place the skull instead of the mask on the statue, after which the exit will open.

Lock. Set all masks and collect the remaining treasures

Now that all the masks are collected, you can put them in place and escape from the castle. But before that, you need to complete all unfinished business, otherwise it will no longer be possible to get into the castle. First, go to the catacombs near the kitchen to open the door with the symbol. A riddle awaits you there. 

Riddle. It is necessary to remove the grate, which does not allow approaching the coffin. Take the bomb that is in the window opening. Blow up the wall to the left of the sarcophagus. Thus, you will open a passage to the adjacent corridor (there is still a treasure there fragment of a crystal ).

Now push the nearest bowl on the chain towards the fire to set it on fire. Next, set fire to the second bowl. There is a trick here, you need to make sure that both bowls meet in the middle. To do this, first shoot at the far thicket, then, when it begins to return to its original position, shoot at the bowl closest to you. Thus, they will collide and the second bowl will light up.

In the coffin you will find the Azure Eye compound treasure . It can be combined with the silver ring you found earlier. Now you can pick all the remaining locks with a master key and solve the maze puzzle.

Once you have installed all the masks, a passage will open. There are no forks there, so go straight ahead and inspect the sarcophagus. After the cutscene, a boss battle will begin.

Boss. Mutated Lady Dimitrescu. The fight is actually not that hard. Dimitrescu turned into a dragon. The weak point is the remnants of the human form of Dimitrescu with the dragon on his back. This is a great target, so try to aim at it with a sniper rifle. Use a shotgun near, but it is better not to let the monster get close. When the dragon flies off a decent distance, it freezes for a while in one place. Wait for the moment. He can also be caught sneaking up from behind as he descends onto Ethan's tower.

When the unfortunate Dimitrescu is finished, take the flask from the table and leave.

Village. Find the winged key

Search nearby buildings. You will find a savepoint and document on the table in the house. Exit through the window and remember that there is a well in the courtyard . We still have to return here later, but with the necessary item. Also, do not forget to open the toilet door if you want to receive the "Well, I really need to ..." cumulative achievement. 

Cut the lock on the gate with a knife. Be sure to shoot fish in the caves, get the ingredients for the recipes. You can prepare meals at the Duke's. Next, watch a short cutscene and take the winged key from the box. Open the gate and exit.

Inspect the area and move further across the stone bridge. It will have a werewolf ambush. If there are sniper cartridges left, then it is better to shoot them from afar. On the left side there will be a pier, but there is no way to get there yet. Anyway, go down and go into a dark room, there you will find a goat amulet.

Next, you have to go through the ancient ruins. There are two entrances in the building on the right hand. In one of them you will find a locked chest . It needs a special key, which you will find later. Go further. You will reach the Duke and the save point. For the next few hours, this will be a kind of transit point, to which you will often return. In the meantime, your goal is a house with a red pipe.

Return to the village through the two-winged gate. Now you can also finish some unfinished business: open castles or complete an inspection of buildings in which you have not yet found everything. Now you can get to the closed part of the cemetery near the church. However, according to the plot, there is still to get there, so you don't have to go at the moment. Nevertheless, there you will find a goat amulet behind one of the crypts, a couple of chickens (poultry meat) and a piece of crystal (treasure) that hangs above the gate. You can also visit the steaming plot to shoot more chickens (poultry). 

Village. How to get into a house with a red chimney

Enter the courtyard through the blue gate, which is next to the War Maiden and the well. Examine the house on the left. You will find a clue note and a locked chest of drawers (lockpick) . Also at the back door you will find a piece of treasure a wooden beast (body) .

Exit through the back door to the courtyard. Open the door of the outdoor toilet , also unlock the lock on the door leading to the courtyard. Next, go through the stable and into the alley. On the right side there will be a werewolf, and behind him is another toilet .

Then go to the broken tractor. You need to crawl under it, but you need a handle for the jack. In this part of the village you have already been, but still without weapons. Therefore, now you can find new paths and items here. Walk to the left of the tractor and then turn right into the yard. In the barn, you can shoot the supply cage that hangs from the ceiling. That's all for now.

Next, knock down the lock on the gate and go into the courtyard. Examine the courtyard and the room on the left. Inside there is a document (photograph) on the table with a clue. Just look at what is written on the back. At the opposite end of the room there is a box with a combination lock.

Riddle. Look out the window. You need to choose such an angle to see all the digits of the code. Be careful, as a werewolf will attack at the same time. The screenshot shows the correct location: 070408.

Receive an M1911 pistol and a jack handle as a reward . Come out, kill the zombies and return to the tractor. Use the handle and climb under the tractor. Next, you need to follow the path indicated on the map. In the alley there will be an ambush of werewolves and one strong enemy with metal claws on his hands. A dangerous opponent if you let him close.

Before you open the door with the sign, look around. There is a toilet next to the door . Then knock down the lock from the closed gate on the other side of the street. It is not yet possible to enter the house on the left side. Go to the door and read the note . Later you will find the key and you can return here. Also open the street toilet (there is a master key in it) and examine the shed to the left of the second house. There is a goat amulet on its roof . In the house itself you will find part of the Madalina treasure (torso).

Now open the door with the sign. Search the house to collect the wheel from the well . With it, you can finally use the wells. Climb onto the roof and go further along the boards. Jump down to the courtyard. Shoot three chickens, open the toilet door with a white door (there is a large crystal inside ), and also do not forget to knock the lock off the door in the barn. This will open up a passage to another part of the village you were just in. Climb onto the roof of the house with the red pipe and jump into the hole in the roof. Kill the werewolf and read the note on the table. Also open the box, examine the document and take the key . It needs to be rotated to connect with what you already have. Receivekey with four wings . Then leave through the gate to the center of the village. From here you can quickly walk to the Duke.

Village. Treasure hunt

After talking with the Duke, you should run through the village and collect loot. First, you can clean out the wells. Not all of them contain something of value, so we will write only those cases when you find unique items:

  • composite treasure a wooden beast (head) in a well near the statue of the Virgin of War;
  • an integral treasure necklace with two gaps in the well near the church.
Next, return to Louise's house to pick up the treasure: ammunition and Louise's necklace (in a box on the doorstep of the house). And near the well (there you will find supplies) you will also find a pig. Shoot her to get quality meat. Do not sell the necklace, first examine it and take out the gem . Then take another look at the necklace and find Louise's key. They can open a chest in the ruins that you recently passed after escaping from the castle. You can return there later and pick up the treasure, the Cesare Cup.

Return also to the very first location Ethan entered at the beginning of the game (Old Town, west). Just go to it from the side of the road, not the courtyard with a well. In the house you will find a pig (meat) and you can open the locked door to enter the courtyard. There will be a master key in the well, so if you did not open the locked box in the nearest house, now it can be done. You can't find anything else yet, so head to Beneviento's house.

House of Beneviento. Mannequin puzzle

Open the gate near the Duke and move forward. Pay no attention to anything along the way. You will collect all the items on the way back. On the suspension bridge, take a close look at the adjacent bridges. On one of them on the left side there will be a goat amulet.

You won't be able to pick up the Beneviento treasure yet, so move on. In the letter slot on the front door, you need to throw the photo that Ethan has been carrying with him since the beginning of the game.

When you find yourself at the house, then go to his left courtyard. There will be a goat amulet behind the fence . At first, there is nothing to do in the house itself, so go through the living room to the elevator. Once on the basement floor, follow the only path to the room with the mannequin. Approach the doll and a new gameplay episode will begin. Ethan will have all weapons taken away and the game will, in fact, become a walking simulator likeLayers of Fear . There is also a save point here.

Start by examining the dummy. Examine the photo on the table. Then the rest. Body parts can be viewed and detached. In your left leg you will find a winding key , in your right hand - a sign with three closed eyes (remember it), in your right shoulder - a silver key , remove the ring in blood from the finger of your left hand . It is impossible to remove the bandages from the chest yet, as well as to pull the object out of the mouth. It remains only to turn the left eye to the correct position and consider the symbol with the bird, which is depicted on it (remember it).

Use the silver key to open the door to the adjacent room. Go to the sink and rinse the ring. Now you can examine it in the inventory and make out the numbers: 05 29 11. This is the code from the lock that hangs on the door that leads to the exit. Exit and go along the corridor until the door on the left side opens. Go to the back room and examine the wedding music box. This is a mystery.

Riddle. Scratches can be used to determine the correct placement of the musical drums. The correct order is in the screenshot.

After solving you get TWEEZERS , also read the note about the casket on the table. Return to the mannequin and remove the film from the mouth. Next, leave the room and go to the elevator. There will be a door on the right side. There is a projector and some film in the room.

Riddle. You need to place the film in the correct order. Nearby is a document with a hint. The correct order is: toy, book, child, box, ring.

 A secret door will open. One of the dolls has scissors in hand , take them. Cut the bandages to get out. Then pick up the phone and make sure that it does not work (short beeps). When the phone rings, pick up the receiver. Now go to the mannequin and cut the bandages. Remove the copper medallion from your chest .

House of Beneviento. How to fix an electrical panel

Through a small corridor to the right of the front door, go to the locked door. Here is a puzzle to be solved.

Riddle. A door with a medallion. Insert the copper medallion into the empty slot. The rest of the symbols can be changed, choose those that you saw on the mannequin: a bird flapping its wings turned to the right, three closed eyes. Go down and then down again, but into the well. At the bottom, pick up the key from the switchboard. It is located near the lift.

Return and walk along the dark corridor to the elevator until you come across a monster in the form of a baby. You will have to run away from him. Return to the sink room and head through the white door. Next, to the room with the projector and to the dashboard. Take the bas-relief with the child and return to the door you just passed by. It is marked on the map as the mother's door. Use the bas-relief to open it. Walk around the house until you come to the bedroom. Take the fuse from the panel on the wall.

When you try to get out, the baby monster will overtake you again. Run back and hide under the bed. As soon as the monster goes deep into the room, get out and run back to the shield. Insert the fuse and quickly press the elevator call button. As soon as the door opens, run inside and head upstairs.

House of Beneviento. How to find the doll and the Beneviento treasure

Go to the foyer for the cutscene to start. Now your goal is to defeat the boss. This is not an ordinary battle since you don't have to shoot. You just need to find the doll and hit it with scissors. First go up to the second floor, the doll will be in the back room. Next time, you will find the doll in the living room near the sofa and tea table. The third time - near the white door to the room littered with rubbish (entering the house immediately to the left). Take the flask and reward from the boss and exit. You will also receive a new part of the key.

The road back, unlike the first time, will be busy. New items and passages will appear. So, you can look into a small house on the way. There you will find the new W870 TAC shotgun and a lockpick . Go a little further through the arch, shoot down the cage and open the box, which will contain a ball with the sun and the moon.

Next, go through the wrought-iron gates to the gardener's house. There is a lot of useful stuff here. So, in the well you will find the Madalina compound treasure (head) , and behind the house there is a street toilet , in which there is a photo of a strange bird . In the house itself, pick up the document and the key from the house of the violin maker . Don't forget to go through the maze as well and save the game on the typewriter.

Next, go across the suspension bridge. Deal with opponents and explore the area (common grave). So, you will find: a large crystal (treasure) on the tombstone, three cages with supplies, vivianite (treasure) on the tombstone near a large tree in the center of the location. Then return to the Duke.

How to find the treasure of Beneviento. Examine the grave carefully. You may notice that part of the plate is missing. After you return to the village, go to the cemetery to the closed crypt. This time, its doors will open and you can pick up a piece of the tombstone. Now head back to Beneviento's grave again. A large enemy with an ax awaits you, but it is not difficult. The main thing is that you have mines and cartridges for a shotgun. Place the fragment of the tablet in its place and take the treasure cup of Berengario .

Village. Find your way to the Moro reservoir

As soon as you leave through the gate, which you open with a new key, you will find yourself in a closed part of the village. The place where Ethan was first attacked by werewolves. A particularly strong werewolf will immediately attack you. Fighting with him is not worth it: you will still have an excellent opportunity to shoot him.

In the house in which you find yourself, read the note on the corpse. Apparently this is Louise's husband. While a werewolf is wandering on the street, it will not work normally to explore the location, so just run away and try not to attract attention. Retreat to that part of the village, which is marked on the map. Destroy the green slime that blocks the path and move on. You can do this with a knife so as not to waste ammo.

You will exit to the mill. Remove the mucus again and climb up the stairs to the fence. Kill a couple of pigs (meat), the easiest way to do this is with a rifle to the head. Examine the barn for a labyrinth mark on the map. Next, save the game in the mill, pick up a photo of a rare animal and go down the stairs to the elevator. And then even lower, in the Moro reservoir.

Reservoir. Get out of the mine

There is only one further way, since all other doors and passages are closed. As a result, you will come to the Moro shack. Ethan will take the flask and there will be a short cutscene.

Moreau will close the passages with his slime, so you'll have to literally cut through. There is only one path here, which will lead you to the exit from the mine to the street (you can go there and read the note that the key for the boat is hidden in the change house in the mine) and the second option is along a wooden staircase deeper into the mine. We marked these places on the map.

Break the planks tied with yellow tape. This is a destructible object and in the future it will be encountered more than once. You will go out into a cave, in the middle of which a tree grows and there is the same shed. Deal with the werewolves and search the location. There are quite a few opponents here, so you can barricade yourself in the shed. In addition, there will be one with iron claws, which will appear when you take the boat key.

Take the boat key and exit the mine. Start the boat and swim through the cave. Dock ashore, but do not go into the tent yet, otherwise the cutscene will begin. First, take the path on the right. You will come to a small reservoir where you can catch fish. Take a close look at air bubbles on the surface of the water. The fish is at the bottom. Also watch out for the big crystal (treasure) on one of the cave walls.

Run along the boards to the shore. Further rise higher and enter the building. There is a control panel for pumping out water and a trader's room with a typewriter. Also read the instructions on the wall.

Reservoir. Restore electricity and open the airlock

Go outside and go around the building to open the last toilet in the village (the achievement should already pop up here). Then move up the path. Read the note in the wrecked truck, shoot the chickens (poultry meat) and take the crystal shard shard (treasure) from the casket on the workbench.

Go to the mill and walk around the central part to find a goat charm . Next, try turning the handle. As it was written in the note, it will break. Now you have to look for another. Go inside the mill and go down the stairs. You will find yourself in a flooded area, where you will have to make your way over the rubble to the next mill. There is nothing difficult here, do not fall into the jaws of the sea monster and make your way by shooting at the boards with a yellow tape.

Please note that in order to destroy the wooden tower, you will have to find two weak points. One is in plain sight on the right side, the other on the left. But you need to move away to notice it (see screenshots).

Next, go forward, throw the trolley into the water and activate the lever, overgrown with mucus nearby. Now move on. Drawbridges and levers await you. Each lever and bridge is color coded. There is nothing complicated here. The only advice - do not stay in one place, as the bridges will automatically lower after a while.

Riddle. When you find yourself in a room with three switches at once, quickly activate them one by one and run to the right. You can't hesitate, otherwise you won't have time. This can be done in this order: white, blue, orange. If it does not work, then wait until the platforms lower, and then pull the levers in the order shown.

You can also find a goat amulet here . Standing on the platform with three colored switches, look back and to the left. In the middle of the swamp, on one of the protruding logs, there will be a goat amulet.

As a result, you will again come out to the trolley, which must be pushed in order to go forward. Next, go up the stairs and push the next minecart. Now the path is open and you can go to the other side, to the adjacent building.

Chop the mold, then climb the tap, turn on the lever. A boat will rise to the surface. Jump on it and go through the wheelhouse without wasting time. Mold will block your way. There is no time to mess with her, so shoot (preferably with a shotgun). This will bring you to the second mill. It remains only to knock the castle down the stairs and go upstairs.

Take the second handle and immediately apply it on the mechanism from where you removed it (if the context action does not appear, step back and examine the stairs nearby). The building will turn, and you can climb the stairs. Next, go down the hanging rope to the first mill and use the handle on the mechanism. Please note that you can use the same handle on the corresponding mechanisms in the village. Return to the gateway control room to solve a puzzle.

Riddle. You need to correctly arrange the colors on the panel. Click on the button to change its color. There is a clue next to it, but it is upside down: the black square should be on the right, not below. The correct location is shown in the screenshot.
 Activate the gateway and exit. Now the water is gone and you can go further. Go to the house that we marked on the map. There you will find a large shop (M1911) and a note in a desk drawer.

Reservoir. How to defeat Moro and find a cache of weapons

Boss. The mutated Moro is in the mouth of the monster. The easiest way to get into it is when the monster spews green goo. At this moment, it is better to hide behind the edge of the house. It also opens its mouth if a red barrel explodes nearby. There are quite a few of them scattered throughout the level. When the barrels run out, the easiest way is to place the mines on the level. Beware of acid rain, hide under a roof at such times. Safe spots are marked with yellow paint.

When it's over, you can go to Moro's lair. Read the document , examine the jar with the cadu and take the key from the table. Do not rush to leave via the elevator. First, go to the place where you boarded the boat. Now the water is gone and you can go through there. You will find a pond with a fish and a boat that contains a treasure chest and a silver angel statue . Then turn around and destroy the goat amulet . Return back through the mine in the same way as you came.

Now that you have a handle, you can get into the laboratory. Open the door (see screenshot) and move forward. Now we go to the cache with Moro's weapons, which the Duke marked on our map.

You will come to a space with several houses. Don't miss the mermaid ball for the maze (see map). In the house, which is marked on the map, you can get through a hole in the wall. There you will find a note and an M1851 "Fighter" revolver . When you leave the house, an overgrown werewolf will appear again. Two shots from the new "toy" will calm him down forever.

You can go down further along the path to go to the next well. But there will be no special item, only supplies. Go back to the mill and go through the maze.

Village. Collecting the remaining treasures

Go back to the village. Heisenberg made signs so you can follow them straight. Nevertheless, now is the time to collect treasures that were previously inaccessible. Also, don't forget to shoot the two goats (meat) at the Virgin of War statue.

Use the handle to open the door to the backyard (see map). In the same place, climb the stairs to the ledge, and from there to the roof of the barn. In the box you will find a bloody ruby treasure . It can be inserted into a necklace. This is one of two stones required to create an entire treasure.

Also open the door with the sign that is located near the red gate (see map). There you will find a GM 79 grenade launcher and a master key.

Visit the home of the violin maker. You need to go through the window in one of the utility rooms (see map). There are three important subjects here. Two in a cabinet with a combination lock (hint on the poster, code 270917). It is a steel Hresvelg treasure and a large magazine for the F2 rifle . The third is a yellow quartz treasure , which can be knocked off one of the musical instruments suspended from the ceiling.

Return to the stone bridge where you passed after the castle. Here you need to lower the drawbridge using the handle. Next get into the boat. You have two paths: forward and backward. 

You can swim back first. You will sail to a small area. Here you can shoot fish. And one of them will be unique. You will receive the excellent fish ingredient . You can also find a cave here. It contains a lot of ammunition, a treasure of an ancient coin from the House of Bakers, a forend weapon upgrade (W870 TAC) , and a text file on a laptop.

Treasure from the house by the river. Now return to the boat and swim straight, including sailing past the pier you sailed from earlier. As a result, you will sail to another location. Enter the crypt through the wooden gate. Here you need to solve a riddle to get the golden statue of the lady.

Riddle. You need to light three bowls. Use the central thicket on the chain to light the two that are in the same room. The difficulty lies in the fact that the third bowl is in another room and cannot be reached in any way. The solution is simple. In one of the rooms, zombies constantly appear, which can be set on fire and lured to the bowl. Also get the achievement "Medium Roast".

Exit and go to the drawbridge. Use the handle to lower it and go to a new location. You've been here before, after getting out of Dimitrescu Castle. Go through the window to the backyard and use the wheel from the well. Go down the stairs to the bottom of the well. There is a riddle to be solved here.

Riddle. Using the lifting platforms, you need to get to the treasure. First activate all platforms and throw the wagon, which is located on one of them, down. Next, jump onto the cart and climb onto the adjacent platform. Further, through the hole in the floor, you will enter a cage with a treasure. There is a large bloody ruby in the chest . This is the second stone for the necklace.

Return to the village and go through the gate leading to the castle. You can no longer get into it, but pay attention to the reservoir to the left of the bridge. Now fish are splashing there. 

Then follow the path that Heisenberg marked for you. The Otto Mill is worth a visit first. Turn left at the fork. The location is small, so you won't be able to get lost here. Inside you will find another big man with an ax. However, there will be no difficulties with him. There are red barrels on the level, also use mines. You can shoot from a revolver. Exit through the red gate, collect meat, read the note on the table and take the treasure, the angel of Father Nicholas, from the chest in the corridor. Don't miss the goat charm hidden under the mill.

Fortress. Pick up the 4th flask

Now all that remains is to pass Heisenberg's tests and pick up the flask. The path leads through the fortress, which serves as the lair of the lycans. This is almost entirely an action-packed episode, so stock up on ammo and first aid kits in advance. There shouldn't be any difficulties. We will not detail the passage. Do not pay attention to the treasure under the fortress yet. Get it after completing the episode.

When you pass the eventful episode, you will exit to the spiral staircase leading down. At the very bottom, on the railing, there is a goat amulet . Further through the narrow passage you will come out to the room with the typewriter. Don't miss the document that is lying around. Next, a boss battle awaits you.

Boss battle. Uryash. The same giant with a hammer reappears. The fight with him is not the most difficult. Make sure he doesn't jump at you. Take cover behind the columns. Place mines and shoot the lycans, whom he periodically calls for help. They greatly interfere with the fight, so you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Use bombs more often. Uryash himself often freezes in place, so that he can be targeted with a sniper rifle. Also, don't forget to collect ammo in the window openings.

After the death of Uryash, go out through the red door, collect crystals ( crystal fragment x4, large crystal, vivianite, yellow quartz) and move on. Take the flask from the table and watch the cutscene. Also do not miss the Guglielmo's treasure plate . Get on the boat and sail forward.

When you reach the next catacombs, do not climb the stairs. Roll left. You will find yourself in the dungeons, where you will find a document about Alsin Dimitrescu and a photo of an elusive fish . Then climb out the stairs to the surface. You will find yourself in a crypt next to the church.

Village. Install 4 flasks and get to the factory

Visit the church first. You will notice some changes. Read the entry on your laptop and save the game. Now that you have all 4 flasks, go to the altar (next to the Duke). Replace all the flasks to get the Giant's Bowl.

It must be attributed to the place of the ritual. When you install it, the platform will go down, and the passage to the Heisenberg factory will open. There is a fairly spacious location in front of the entrance to the factory. You can study it to collect supplies. Next, go deeper into the building and open the curtain above the work table. There will be a cutscene next.

As soon as control returns to you, run along the only path. As a result, Ethan ends up in a junkyard. Here, too, there are not many options, you can pick up the wreckage, and then climb up. Here you will find a new type of opponents - zombies with implants. Further, there is a path through the ventilation shaft. This will take you to the factory. In one of the adjacent rooms you will find a labyrinth, to which you have yet to return. And the Duke and the typewriter settled in the freight elevator.

Heisenberg Factory Level 1. How to find a template for a casting machine

After purchasing from the merchant, go through the gate on the left. The door with the red indicator can be opened by shooting it. In the future, there will be several more such doors, they all open in the same way. Overall, the factory is rather convoluted, but linear. We will explain only the main points, without prescribing the path to the centimeter. 

You have to return to the room with the casting machine several times. You can insert a mold into it to mold an object. The first template for the bas-relief is in one of the rooms, to which you will exit from the foundry through the only available path so far. Also after that, you can fight with an improved zombie with a drill instead of a hand. His weak point is the red reactor on his chest. Can be stunned with flash bursts for a grenade launcher, and then finished off in a weak spot.

Now that you have a bas-relief with a horse, you can go through the door of the southern part of the foundry. The mechanisms that interfere with the passage can be knocked out. Shoot at the red lights. They are not always located in conspicuous places, so carefully inspect the mechanisms. As a result, you will go around and open the locked door to find yourself in the foundry again.

Move on (see the map) and break through the weak wall, behind which you will find a spare part (cylinder) compound treasure . Further in the next room, you will find a backup generator, which is needed to restore the power supply. You cannot start it yet, so move on. In one room you will find a factory map, a document, and a gear template . Return to the foundry and cast the gear for the generator.

When electricity appears, you can go further. Your goal is a door with many red lights (see map). Also, do not miss the large crystal treasure in one of the back rooms (see map).

Next, you will again need to find a door with red lights, and then you will exit to the elevator, which you already passed at the beginning of the level. Now the power is on, so you can activate it. Press the button on the control console to lower the platform. As a result, you will again meet with a monster, which has an engine with a propeller instead of a torso. You need to run from him.

After a short chase, you will come out to the freight elevator, pull the lever and the platform will rise. Now you can use it to navigate the factory.

Heisenberg Factory Level 2. Find a template for a key

It's time to move on to the second level of the factory. Exit the elevator and turn left. Climb the stairs and move on. If you want to get the achievement "Stop fooling around" , now is a great opportunity to knock one of the cyber soldiers off the assembly line. Just shoot him. Next, you have to go through either a mine or a cave. Along the way, watch out for the birdcage with supplies, as well as treasures : a crystal fragment and a large crystal. They are located near the entrance to the ventilation.

When you pass the ventilation, then go down the stairs and look back. The wall can be destroyed. Inside you will find treasures : two large crystals, yellow quartz and vivianite.

Next, you will need to climb to the top of the mine and fight strong opponents. Now there will be cyber soldiers who can fly. Don't let them take you by surprise, as they can quickly fly from platform to platform and appear in places where you would not expect to see them.

The huge fan at the very top can be knocked out by firing at the red lights. You will have to run a little on the platforms to find a suitable shooting position. After that, you will go out into the room (see the map). Watch out for the document on the table and the map of the factory's upper floors.

Also move the minecart at one of the walls and go through the ventilation into the adjacent room. There you will find the template for the ball , which is needed to complete the maze.

Climb the stairs and go out into the opening. When you are blown away, then shoot at the center of the fan. Take the yellow quartz treasure , which stuck to one of the bridge fragments, and also destroy the goat amulet at the very edge of the room. Further along the pipes, climb into the hatch on the wall.

This will lead you into a room with supplies and a key template . Search everything and move on. You will come to the elevator and Duke again. To advance further, you need to make a key.

Heisenberg Factory Level 3. Collecting treasures

It's time to collect all the treasures and open previously inaccessible doors. Be careful, as soldiers, including even armored ones, roam the corridors. To kill them, you must first knock down the armor. The easiest way to do this is with bombs. Purchase in advance from the Duke. Go to the Foundry and craft the Maze Ball and Key.

Since the electricity appeared, you can open a room near the foundry (see the map). This is the operating room. There you will find Heisenberg sound recordings as well as the Long Barrel Weapon Upgrade (M1851).

At the same factory level, open the castle with the Heisenberg coat of arms (see map). There you will find a compound treasure hilt . It can be combined with a cylinder to create a hammer.

Also go to the very beginning of the level and go through the maze. This is the most difficult test of all.

And the last thing to do is to shoot the goat amulet , which is located between levels B1 and B3. Start the elevator and wait until a red beam with a talisman appears in the opening.

Go upstairs and open the door with the emblem. Don't miss the document in the supply room. In the future, the level is linear and you will not be able to get lost.

Mini boss. You have to fight with the propeller soldier. It's useless to shoot him in the forehead, so wait for him to ram you and run away to the side. The weak point is on his back, shoot there. When it starts to burn, it is very dangerous, as it spews out a stream of flame. Hide behind the surviving walls. As always, mines can be of great help in combat.

After the battle, you will find yourself in the control room. Take the cigar from the table and read the document . Do not rush to go further, crawl through the ventilation into the next room to find a goat amulet . Further there is only one way.

The Heisenberg Factory. Boss fight

After the cutscene, Ethan will again be at the very bottom. Leave through the ventilation grill and watch the next cutscene. Then read the document on your laptop , get on the mini-tank and take the elevator.

In battle, shoot at the red dots of Heisenberg. And defend against his melee attacks in time. When Ethan is out of the tank, hide behind the iron shields. Shoot the monster in the head.

The assault on the village and the epilogue

In this episode, you will play as Chris. The level is linear, so there is no need to prescribe the passage in detail. When you reach the center of the village, you will need to fight off the waves of lycans and highlight the target with a target for an air strike. 

Next, you will face another major enemy. It will also have to be highlighted for an airstrike. The easiest way to do this is when he is stunned by a grenade. As a result, you will find megamicelium. After Chris places the explosives on the mega-celium. Turn right and look around the dark area behind the thorns - you will find the last goat amulet . Next, you will find yourself in Miranda's laboratory. Carefully study the room, there are a lot of documents here (or rather, 6 pieces that are needed to obtain the "Bookworm" achievement).

Further control will again pass to Ethan. There is a battle with Miranda, it is worth purchasing in advance. Although such an opportunity will be provided later (if you lose).

Miranda is a pretty tough opponent. She has several forms at once. It is better to take a weapon more powerful. Close up, she is very dangerous, so you often have to run, making only 1-2 shots at a time. When she starts spewing lava, hide behind the black growths. Also watch out when she jumps from a height. At this time, it is better to run towards her towards the edge of the ledge. Also watch out for lava balls when she is in the air. They need to be shot down before they fly at you. The shotgun works well in this case.

End, enjoy the ending cutscene and don't forget to watch the post-credits scene.