Returnal: All bosses in the PS5 title and how you can defeat them - Guide


Returnal: All bosses in the PS5 title and how you can defeat them - Guide

The PS5 exclusive Returnal from Sony and Housemarque has a lot behind the ears. If you are happy that you have made a little progress in the game, you will invent countless new swear words at the latest with the first boss at the end of each biome and subject the DualSense controller to a real endurance test. Because these opponents will demand everything from you and above all cost a lot of nerves. In addition, following the roguelike principle , you have to start all over again after a death.

Fortunately, there are some preparations that you can make before such a boss fight so that it can ultimately be defeated.

How many bosses are there in Returnal?

How can I defeat all bosses in Returnal? The roguelike shooter has a total of 6 biomes . After five such sections, a very individual boss opponent is waiting for you, who must be defeated in the first run in order to progress further. Only when you have played through "Returnal" completely can the bosses in the newly unlocked New Game Plus be skipped.

Are there trophies for defeating bosses?

Yes, for every boss you defeat you will be rewarded with a bronze trophy :

  • A Shadow in the Mist: Defeat Phrike
  • Ascent: Defeat Ixion
  • Legal Trial: Defeat Nemesis
  • Blessed Silence: Defeat Hyperion
  • Inner darkness: Defeat Ophion

What do I need to know about the bosses in Returnal?

The bosses in "Returnal" all have a total of three health bars . So you should be aware even before a fight that you have to shoot all three life bars down to zero in order to be able to finally pull off the field victoriously. Remember that the boss in question goes into a new phase after every lost life bar and tries to tear you out of your life with new attacks and possibly even transforms himself.

In tricky situations, and this includes the battles against the bosses in any case, the evasive jump, which you can activate with the circle button , is recommended . On the one hand, you avoid the attacks of the respective boss, but at the same time you are virtually invulnerable for a short time. Therefore, use this possibility to avoid being damaged in the first place if possible.

How you defeated Phrike (Overgrown Ruins)

How you defeated Phrike (Overgrown Ruins)

Already the first boss named Phrike is at the bottom of an abyss in the biome Overgrown ruins makes your life in "Returnal" really difficult, but compared to the later bosses he is still quite easy to defeat. But if you go into battle well prepared and follow our tips, you will get to the next section without a nervous breakdown.

Make sure to keep moving at all times , it is best to run in a circle around the boss, dodging the attacks quickly to the right or left and aiming your weapon at the weak point on the chest . It is perfect for this approach if you have a weapon with a good range that can also precisely target the weak point . With enough distance, you also have more time to see attacks coming and to evade them. Don't forget to use the alternate fire mode on your weapon once it's charged.

Phrike can sink to the ground in all three phases and thus move quickly through the entire arena. Make sure you keep an eye on it and watch where the glow is moving. Also, beware of its deadly laser beam. Also dangerous is an expanding circle that you have to jump over as Phrike approaches you. So move away from your opponent at the same time as you jump over the waves of attack.

Tip: watch out for Phrike's quick melee attacks, where he approaches you like lightning. You can only avoid this with a very good response time. With a single hit you already lose a large part of your life points.

How You Defeat Ixion (Red Wastes / Crimson Wastes)

How You Defeat Ixion (Red Wastes / Crimson Wastes)

Phase 1: It doesn't get any easier with boss number 2 either. Ixion is waiting for you on a mountain and can even fly. which doesn't make the whole thing easier. So you also have to keep an eye on the space above you. This enemy flies over your heads and is difficult to hit, and his attacks are quick and devastating. We strongly recommend a weapon that can fire very quickly. Ixion doesn't know about a certain weak point, so just throw it on it and don't let it hit itself. Ixion is particularly dangerous because of its fast movements and attacks with large energy balls.

In the 2nd phase it becomes even more tricky because you have to avoid his blue energy shields , which are not only lightning fast, but also quite high.

In the last phase you are busy evading most of the time, but don't forget to attack yourself from time to time. Because that can happen quickly. Especially beware of fast and unexpected melee attacks here. Instead of the blue barriers, Ixion now sends out deadly, red laser circles , which can be easily jumped over, but are very fast.

How to defeat your nemesis (Derelict Citadel / Derelict Citadel)

Boss Nemesis is really not to be trifled with.

At the end of the third biome , the boss with the melodious name Nemesis is waiting for you, who can let off a terrible scream at you. This alone should make many players rethink their venture, but it doesn't help - Nemesis has to believe in it too!

The following fight is a little different from the previous one. This time the boss is not in the arena, but takes up all of the space behind it. On the other hand, the vulnerability in the middle of Nemesis can be seen quite well. Keep shooting your ammunition into the boss and avoid the attacks consisting of laser attacks and other projectiles.

In phase 2, the fight against Nemesis changes fundamentally, as it significantly reduces the size of the arena and therefore offers you fewer opportunities to evade. There is a large stone area on which you can fight the boss and several non-contiguous plateaus. So now you have to avoid the attacks, jump from platform to platform with the help of your hook and shoot the boss at the same time. Above all, be careful not to jump into the void! In addition, the individual platforms don't last forever, another reason to keep moving.

If you have a good ranged weapon, you can fight Nemesis effectively from a distance. If not, then you should get as close as possible to the boss in order to be able to target the weak point.

In the 3rd phase you will be thrown backwards by Nemsis and float in the air. Quickly grab a platform again with your hook to get reasonably secure ground under your feet. Now shoot Nemesis with full power again, if you get the chance to do so for just a second.

How you defeated Hyperion (Echoing Ruins)

How you defeated Hyperion (Echoing Ruins)

Boss Hyperion apparently likes music with which he torments protagonist Selene throughout the fight. If you have already sweated up to now, you now have to be prepared for even more and, above all, more complex attack patterns.

In the first phase Hyperion plays on his huge organ and bombard you with all sorts of attacks that you have come across in "Returnal" so far. It is also called again to shoot at his body as non-stop as possible, as there is no real weak point in this boss. The fight begins with blue balls that automatically find their target (you) and therefore pose a serious threat. Red projectiles and a shock wave on the ground in combination can quickly throw you out of the rhythm and give you the rest.

We therefore don't repeat it often enough: Always keep moving and shoot Hyperion at any time to cause damage and thus survive the first phase. Later in the phase it rains projectiles from the pipes of the organ. Stay relatively close to the boss and you should survive this attack well.

In the 2nd phase , the boss temporarily leaves his organ and follows you into the arena. Moving him makes his attacks a little more unpredictable. You will face many green and blue projectiles. Gradually the attacks become more and more complex and you have to prepare yourself for a combination of different bullets and projectiles, between which you can hardly slip.

If Hyperion returns to his organ to torment you with more projectiles from the air, this is the perfect opportunity to shoot the boss properly in the back and do the rest.

In the 3rd phase you also have to deal with huge tendrils that Hyperion lets sprout from the ground everywhere. Otherwise you will have to deal with similar attacks as in phase 2. Just don't get too close to Hyperion because of the spikes. We recommend any weapon that allows you to stay at medium or long range. If your opponent has suffered enough damage, he goes back to the organ. Another chance to shoot him in the back.

How you defeated Ophion (Abyssal Scar / Abyssal Scar)

How you defeated Ophion (Abyssal Scar / Abyssal Scar)

Defeat the boss in Returnal: In the last of the six biomes you will finally meet the boss Ophion . This time you even fight underwater. Here you really have to combine all of your knowledge from "Returnal" and keep moving while you shoot the glowing blue orbs that appear around your opponent. Only then will you see red spots on the boss's body that are prone to damage. Make absolutely sure that such a vulnerability is always displayed so that you can shoot at it.

In phase 2 , Ophion transforms for the first time: He uses his huge hands to send out dark purple shock waves . His new tricks now also include attacks with purple laser beams that descend from above or shoot at the ground. So stay vigilant and don't forget the blue balls to uncover its weak points.

In phase 3 Ophion will give everything again and transform a second time to defeat you. You will hardly be able to dodge all of his attacks, but you are almost there. Move quickly to the left and right, avoid the seemingly infinite attack patterns in a zigzag and only try to take a few hits while you shoot at the weak points that have been made visible. Watch out for its huge tentacles, which can now hit you directly and cause a lot of damage.

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