Returnal: All information about playing time, act overview and endgame (guide)


Returnal: All information about playing time, act overview and endgame (guide)

Returnal is the next big PS5 blockbuster and the developers at Finnish studio Housemarque have pushed the roguelike genre into the AAA league. But how much scope does “Returnal” actually offer?

In this guide we give you all the information about the game time , the various acts and the endgame.

Guide: How long is Returnal?

The playing time of Returnal: It is extremely difficult to put an exact figure on the playing time of "Returnal". How long you need for the action horror shooter depends very much on your own abilities. It is a game for advanced players and offers a high potential for frustration due to the steep level of difficulty. After all, after a death you lose almost everything and in addition all areas and items are generated randomly.

Nonetheless, Returnal has a story and it's actually quite exciting. We can only refer to our impressions from our test : To see the end of the story, experienced players invest around 20 to 30 hours .

If you really show a lot of skill, you can even get through much faster. Not so die-hard gamers, on the other hand, can take a lot longer and may still be in the first two biomes after 10 hours.

If you want all the collectibles, you have to add a lot of play time: If you want to fill all scout logbooks, xenoglyphs or even the databases with all the equipment, then the search will keep you long in front of the screen. It's hard to do in under 60 hours.

Returnal: All information about playing time, act overview and endgame (guide)

How many chapters / acts are there?

"Returnal" is divided into three acts , of which the first two form the main story . Have you completed Act 2, the credits roll across the screen. Then you can take on the optional third act.

How many biomes are there?

In total you fight your way through 6 biomes . You have successfully completed most biomes as soon as the boss there is defeated.

This list gives you an overview of the biomes and bosses:

Act 1 / cycle 1

  • Overgrown Ruins (Boss: Phrike)
  • Red Wasteland (Boss: Ixion)
  • Derelict Citadel (Boss: Nemesis)

Act 2 / cycle 2

  • Echo Ruins (Boss: Hyperion)
  • Brittle wasteland (without a boss)
  • Abyssal Scar (Boss: Ophion)
If you die in Act 1, you always start at the beginning of the Overgrown Ruins. However, when you reach Act 2, you don't need to repeat the first cycle again. You experience new story events and from now on always start with the echo ruins.

Is there any endgame content?

Yes, there is more to experience after the credits. You can now start the New Game Plus . You start a new adventure, but you take all the permanent equipment with you from your successfully completed run. This has the advantage that you now have all the equipment you need to even reach the areas in the first biomes that were previously inaccessible.

Is there a secret ending in Returnal?

Discover the secret ending: After the credits, the story is not over. In the New Game Plus you can experience the secret ending (act 3) . To do this, you must have completed five house sequences and found six sun face fragments. Then the final house sequence and the true story ending become available. All detailed information will follow in a separate guide.

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