Returnal beginner's guide. How to choose the best artifact, get an extra life, find a secret room, and so on


Returnal beginner's guide. How to choose the best artifact, get an extra life, find a secret room, and so on

Returnal is an exclusive roguelike third-person shooter for the PlayStation 5 that differs from other projects by being overly hardcore. The futuristic roguelike does not forgive the player's mistakes and puts his skills to the test in dynamic, intense battles. In this guide, we offer you all the most important tips and tricks to help players learn the basics faster and immerse themselves in the game in an instant.

Always keep moving

Always keep moving

Despite all the evidence, constant movement and rapid movement from side to side is the main key to victory. Never stop fighting. It will be much more difficult for alien hostile inhabitants to hit a moving target.

Returnal beginner's guide

All battles take place at a very fast pace, so you have to adapt to the current situation every second. We make a few shots and immediately change our position., And then hide behind cover or jump on platforms. The most non-standard actions will allow you to always be one step ahead of the enemy and preserve the precious durability of the spacesuit.

Adjust the settings

In addition to the standard brightness and color blindness settings, there are two very useful functions in the game settings:

  1. Running (Toggle Sprint) . By default, the player must press and hold the left stick to activate fast travel. This setting can be changed to permanent auto run, or the stick can be used as a toggle switch. In the first case, Selena will always run whenever possible, and in the second method, pressing the button will switch between running and walking.
  2. Aim Assist . In order for the player to concentrate more on tactical actions, the developers have implemented a full-fledged aiming assistance system. By default, it is set to medium mode, however we recommend raising it to the maximum value. This will make it much easier to walk through Returnal.

Seek out Sylph Resin to increase health (durability of the spacesuit)

Throughout the passage of Returnal, the player will not once encounter a health resource - Silphium Resin. This item is very important for Selena, as it allows you to improve the health indicators of the character. To increase the durability of the suit, you will need to collect three pieces of sylphium resin. The first and fourth biomes are best suited for finding this item.

There is also tainted resin in the game, which can damage the player by removing a small amount of health, or cause the suit to crash. The activation of the negative effect occurs completely randomly, so with some probability the player will increase health. For additional safety, the resin can be cleaned with ether, but in most cases this is not recommended, since ether is very valuable in the game, so it makes no sense to throw it around thoughtlessly.

Avoid purple and orange lasers

Players who are familiar with previous Housemarque games will not be surprised. All enemy projectiles are painted in the appropriate color, by which you can pre-determine the direction of movement and the strength of the damage. Orange and purple lasers can confuse the inexperienced player. Be careful as oranges go through walls, but you can use a dash to go through them. You will not be able to dodge the violet laser in this way, so you need to bypass it.

Take your kid's watch and astronaut to get back to life

Take your kid's watch and astronaut to get back to life

Returnal is so complex that one wrong move can lead to disaster and loss of all accumulated experience. For this, there are two unique items that can help out the player at the most critical moment. They will be accessed after exploring the house, which can be found in the first and fourth biomes.

The astronaut figurine immediately brings Selena back to life in full health, while the children's watch only replenishes half of her health. The player can have both items at the same time, however, when receiving fatal damage, the children's clock is automatically activated first. Only after the repeated loss of all the strength of the spacesuit is the astronaut figurine used. A similar action is applied when a matching parasite is found, which allows it to survive the killing blow, but immediately activates two critical faults.

Use your sword more often to chop down vines and pierce enemy shields

Selena's sword is not always easy to control. Situations often occur in which the heroine misses the enemy. However, you shouldn't write it off. They can not only cut down vines of plants and break enemy shields. This weapon is effective against turrets and weak or wounded enemies, which can be easily destroyed with one accurate blow.

Use evasion more often to control what is happening on the battlefield

Use evasion more often to control what is happening on the battlefield

Selena's spacesuit is equipped with a special technology that allows you to jump through space at a short distance. This helps to squeeze through enemy projectiles or lasers at close range. Note that violet lasers cannot be bypassed in this way. You can also use this tactic to quickly retreat from the epicenter of the battle.

Look for secret rooms

All Returnal locations have secret rooms. They are marked with a yellow bundle of glittering shell. As soon as Selena falls down, she will be trapped in a secret room. You can find useful rewards in it, but in some cases, in order to receive bonuses, you will have to fight with a particularly strong enemy. Also scattered throughout the biomes are various closed doors and tall platforms with weapons, artifacts and resin. You can find out how to get to such hard-to-reach places in our separate guide.

Use comfortable weapons

The stronger weapon is not always the most useful. The found rifle may not be suitable for the player in boss battles or battles in narrow openings. Choose the most comfortable weapon for yourself and use only it until you find its improved version. We recommend using the tachyomatic carbine more often, which allows you to quickly deal medium damage to multiple targets. In extreme cases, you can use a pistol.

As practice shows, the shotgun, in most cases, does not reach the required distance, the rapid-fire rifle does too little damage, and other armor-piercing rifles and carbines lack ammunition. We also advise you to explore the various options for an alternative fire and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Go around every corner

Thanks to the procedural generation of locations, the developers were able to place many useful items in all parts of the biomes. Before going on the main task, you need to explore every possible territory in order to find useful artifacts, weapons and resin. This will help greatly improve Selena's skills or discover something new. Please note that any item in Returnal can be useful.

Use reboot

The game has a fast recharge function. To activate it, you must press the fire button again when the reload bar is in the corresponding rectangle. Constantly train on any monsters in order to then perform this action automatically.

Create artifacts for healing

In the most ambitious battles, Selene is most often lacking in health. Find the fabricator and create an appropriate artifact that will grant the heroine the effect of vampirism. The best healing item is an artifact that restores a small percentage of health when adrenaline is active. In this case, the hero will constantly restore the durability of the spacesuit with accurate hits on the enemy.

Don't waste ether

When searching for weapons and objects, the player can find corrupted chests and clusters of obnoxious. They can be purified with ether, but there is absolutely no need to do this. Ether is very hard to come by. In addition, it is one of the few resources that is carried over to the next race after death. Ether is best suited for unlocking new artifacts in the corresponding monuments or saving the accumulated experience in reenactors for one life.

Spend the Oolit Correctly

Obolites are the most common resource that falls from opponents or is found in almost every location in the biome. It is not worth spending it on useless artifacts. It is better to use them to pump health, increase damage or get an extra life by purchasing an astronaut. It is highly discouraged to use the Fabricator with random items, as the resulting artifact may be completely useless.

Get used to death

Get used to death

Returnal is a very difficult game, the mechanics of which are built around constant rebirth after death. Don't expect to be able to beat the game in the first, tenth, or twenty-fifth race. With each return to the original point, the player will improve his weapon skills, find better ways to destroy the enemy and remember useful places in some territories. Get used to dying quickly, as you will have to do this very often. After another death, consider your mistake and go on a new path that will open up something new for the game.

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