Returnal resource guide. Where to find sylphium, ether, obolite, parasites, data cubes and others


Returnal resource guide

IN Returnal , a new PlayStation 5 exclusive, matters a lot what items you find in a particular loop. Everything that you can use is divided into two large groups - resources and artifacts. In this guide, we'll cover all the resources in the game.

Where to find and why are parasites needed

Despite the fact that the parasites are alive, it is also a resource in the game. On your way, you will meet many different individuals, each of which will have its own characteristics. Parasites add both positive effects and disruptions at the same time. Each parasite causes a certain negative effect, however, unlike damage, you can find out about it in advance and choose whether to pick up a parasite or not. In total, the heroine can carry up to 5 different creatures. In this case, the failure from the parasite can be removed by fulfilling a certain condition, and its positive effect will remain with you until Selena's death. Like other resources, the location of the parasites is randomly generated throughout the level. You can find a lot of them or not a single one.

Where to find and why do you need Sylphium

Local first aid kit and alien mushroom. It is marked with a green cross on the map. It can also be easily spotted in-game by its green glow. It can be found both in large quantities and in small quantities. Like many other items, Sylphium can be tainted. Although spoilage does not remove the medicinal properties of the mushroom, it can cause malfunction, and is always different.

Where to find and why you need resin

Resin is the same sylphium, only hardened. In the game, she is also green, but her property is different - it increases the maximum durability of the spacesuit, that is, the level of health. In order for this to happen, you need to find three resins, however, due to artifacts or glitches, the number can either decrease or increase. The resin can be contaminated and spoiled. As with sylphium, the main property - the increase in strength remains unchanged, however, from the spoiled resin there is a risk of getting a negative effect, and from the infected one even damage. The resin is also marked with a green cross on the map.

Where to find and why you need it

The main "currency" of the game. It glows with a golden glow and is marked on the map with a useful item icon. In addition, it drops out of killed enemies, albeit only for a few seconds. For everything that can be bought in the course of the passage, this mineral is required. Obsessed can also be damaged by damage and cause negative effects, so the player will often have a choice - to earn some "money" and get damaged, or to pass by.

Where to find and why you need ether

Ether is the only resource that persists after death. It is not hidden in some hard-to-reach places, it just rarely comes across. Ether can be spent on buying a starting artifact, clearing any item found from corruption, or starting a reenactor that saves your version of the heroine at that particular moment for a second try.

Where to find and why you need the Atropos key

Keys are also considered resources in the game. They are universally suitable for both locked doors and chests. May also be tainted. We should also mention the cursed keys - they do not unlock "rooms", but entire areas. Keys disappear after use and are marked on the map with a useful item icon.

Where to find and why do you need a calibrator

A special device that serves for advanced training. The higher the skill level, the more powerful weapons you find. You can also find a broken calibrator - a little upgrades. In the game, these devices are illuminated with a bluish glow.

Where to find and why do you need a data cube

The resource serves as a kind of drawing. You can use the cube only in a special device, after which you will receive information about a new item that will be possible to find in the game world. Cubes come across even less often than ether. They can often be found in secret rooms behind destructible walls.

Where to find and why you need a sample cipher

Ironically, it is also a resource. Cognitive rock symbols help to understand their writing. The more ciphers are collected, the better Selena translates the messages of the aliens. In the game, the resource is highlighted in red.

Where to find and why you need a basic amplifier

An extremely rare resource that enhances the base parameters.

How to quickly accumulate resources

  • The first thing you should do is not to die. The longer the cycle lasts, the more opportunities Selena has. Unfortunately, you cannot move freely between open biomes, so before leaving the first location for the second or third, make sure to collect everything you can.
  • Hence the second point follows. Do not try to win with a swoop - the game punishes harshly for this. If you died after opening more than two locations, go through them sequentially again. The level of danger from biome to biome only becomes higher, therefore, it is possible to collect the maximum resources only with the constant slow improvement of Selena.
  • During the research, secret rooms can be found. Stepping on the highlighted plate, you will find yourself in a secret dungeon with something useful or dangerous. One of these rooms will be filled with cladding, which must be quickly assembled before it disappears. On average, you can mine about 100 units of the mineral.
  • With the help of artifacts or parasites, you can increase the time after which the fools, dropped from enemies, disappear. Considering that sometimes there can be a lot of monsters, and you need to dodge all attacks, you may simply not have time to collect the mineral. Increasing the time by just a few seconds will help a lot.

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