Returnal Weapons Guide - how to use and where to find all the weapons in the game


Returnal Weapons Guide - how to use and where to find all the weapons in the game

IN Returnal There are several basic weapons that players will find throughout the game. Any weapon will appear with a random alternative type of fire and arbitrary parameters, which significantly change the situation in battle. Below in this material, we will analyze in detail all the available types of guns, as well as consider possible options for alternative fire and weapon parameters.

What types of weapons are present in Returnal

What types of weapons are present in Returnal

There are 10 basic types of weapons in Returnal, which differ in firing range, rate of fire, damage and other less important parameters. Below we marked the starting points of their location, however, due to the complex structure of the procedural generation of locations, they may end up in completely different places.

What types of weapons are present in Returnal

Each weapon, except for the Atropos blade, can have several unique parameters. These traits provide additional effects that increase the combat power of weapons in battle. Each parameter must be unlocked. To do this, you will need to use the selected weapon for a certain period until the trait opens completely.

Returnal Weapons Guide - how to use and where to find all the weapons in the game

After that, the player may come across guns with a higher level of parameters, depending on the current qualification of the heroine. Weapon traits can also stack together to form a variety of useful combinations. There are 90 parameters available for all weapons in Returnal.

Modified pistol S3-M8 (Modified Sidearm SD-M8)

The first weapon that Selena will find in the game. After each death, the girl starts a new race with this particular pistol. The player can fire one round at a time with the trigger, or hold the trigger for steady but slow continuous fire.

Starting location: training (first disembarkation).
All weapon parameters:

  • Homing Missile
  • Ricochet;
  • Piercing;
  • Short barrel (Snubnose Barrel);
  • Serrated Projectiles
  • Shrapnel;
  • Shooting bursts (Burst Fire);
  • Charging Shot.

Tachyomatic Carbine

It is an alien weapon, but its shooting is similar to an assault rifle. The carbine is fully automatic, so the player can hold the trigger for constant firing at an excellent rate of fire. The most versatile weapon with which you can go through the whole game. It does not require any specific tactics, so we just dodge enemy shells and shoot back.

Starting Location: Found at the start of Overgrown Ruins.
All weapon parameters:

  • Hyper-Accurate;
  • Armor Piercing;
  • Large caliber (High Caliber);
  • Rising Pitch;
  • Payload Rounds;
  • Critical Hit;
  • Hardened
  • Leech Rounds.

Spitmaw Blaster

Another alien weapon that looks like a shotgun. It is most effective at close range, as the fired rounds hit a wider area. When using this weapon, you will have to rush into the thick of the battle. We release the entire clip at the opponents and run back to a safe distance to reload.

Starting Location: Found in Overgrown Ruins.
All weapon parameters:

  • Heavy Bullet (Slug Shot);
  • Rapid Spitter;
  • Wide Maw;
  • Narrow Maw
  • Critical Stagger
  • Backsplash;
  • Explosive Spit;
  • Acid Clouds.


A machine-gun type weapon that has a much higher rate of fire, but less damage than a tachyomatic carbine. Not the best weapon option, as it takes too long to destroy one enemy.

Starting Location: Found in the Crimson Wastes location.
All weapon parameters:

  • Split Stream;
  • Phasing Rounds;
  • Waves;
  • Serrated Projectiles
  • Shrapnel;
  • Portal Beam
  • New target (Retarget).

Thermogenic Launcher

A rocket launcher that can fire three rounds at once. A very powerful weapon, but too slow due to the small clip, so most of the time you have to fight in close combat and constantly wait for reloading.

Starting location: found in the location "Ancient Citadel".
All weapon parameters:

  • Enlarged Chamber;
  • Easy to Use;
  • Obolite Magnet;
  • Tail Fire
  • Replicating Hits;
  • Mega Rocket
  • Automatic mode (Full Auto);
  • Critical Rockets.

Rotgland Lobber

Another alien weapon that shoots acid drops. The longer the player holds the trigger, the further the projectiles will fly. Acid deals continuous damage to enemies hit. Quite unusual weapons that do not much damage, so you will need to constantly move across the battlefield and hide behind cover from opponents.

Starting location: found in the "Overgrown Ruins" location after defeating the boss Ixion and getting the hook.
All weapon parameters:

  • Bouncing Rot
  • Hanging Rot (Trailing Rot);
  • Durable Rot;
  • Caustic Rot
  • Enlarged Chamber;
  • Protective Rot;
  • Portal Rot.

Electropylon Driver

This weapon sends out special threads that attach to surfaces or enemies. Energy flows between the pillars and deals damage within their reach. After a while, the threads disappear. It can be useful in battles with weak opponents, but more versatile automatic weapons are much more convenient to use.

Starting location: found in the "Ringing Ruins" location.
All weapon parameters:

  • Silphium Extractor;
  • Obolite Extractor;
  • Blade Harmoniser
  • Streamlined Chamber;
  • Web of Web (Pylon Web);
  • Enlarged Chamber;
  • Finisher.


A unique pistol that fires multiple shards that return to him like a boomerang. There is no overload capability with this weapon, but the closer the player is to their target, the faster they can fire. This weapon is suitable as a replacement for the carbine, but it is not recommended to use it against bosses.

Starting Location: Found in the Broken Wastes location.
All weapon parameters:

  • Returning Damage;
  • Expanding Shards
  • Obolite Magnet;
  • Fourth Shard.

Pyroshell Caster

This powerful cannon fires projectiles that stick to enemies and explode after a second. Helps to keep the enemy at a distance and inflict massive damage to all nearby monsters.

Starting Location: Found in Abyssal Scar.
All weapon parameters:

  • Streamlined Chamber;
  • Bouncy Projectiles
  • Sticky Bonus.

Coilspine Shredder

Another alien weapon that shoots discs. Fired projectiles bounce off enemies and surfaces. This weapon uses loaded cartridges, so to use a more powerful shot, you need to hold the trigger for a while.

Starting location: found in the "Ringing Ruins" location after acquiring the Delphic Visor.
All weapon parameters:

  • Alternative fire cooling (Alt-Fire Cooling);
  • Enhanced Charge;
  • Negating Discs;
  • Enlarged Chamber;
  • Retargeting;
  • Splitting Discs;
  • Twin discs (Twin Discs);
  • Shattering Discs;
  • Adrenaline Discs.

Atropian Blade

The Atropos Blade is one of the permanent items in the game that remains with the heroine after death. This weapon allows you to use a powerful melee strike that easily destroys weak opponents and penetrates the shields of turrets and strong monsters.

Starting Location: Found early in the Overgrown Ruins.

All types of alternative fire in Returnal

All of the above weapons, except for the Atropos blade, have the function of alternative fire. These are powerful unique attacks that charge over time and can be combined with any weapon in the game. Below is a list of all the alternate lights that exist in the game:

  1. Blast Shell - An explosive grenade that activates on impact.
  2. The Doombringer is a large energy ball that damages all enemies in its path and explodes on impact. Can be charged by holding the trigger for more damage.
  3. Horizontal Barrage - A volley of horizontally fired projectiles.
  4. Killsight - A single shot with a magnification to deal additional damage to the enemy's weak points.
  5. Proximity Mine is an explosive device that is activated when an enemy approaches.
  6. Shockstream - A continuous stream of electricity that deals massive damage to enemies.
  7. Tentacles (Tendrilpod) - Attachable device that explodes and releases tentacles in a small area.
  8. Directed swarm (Trackerswarm) - a volley of insectoids, which are automatically directed towards the enemy.
  9. Vertical Barrage - A vertical salvo of shells.
  10. Voidbeam is a long, continuous beam that deals good damage, increasing over time while keeping the scope on one target.

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