Returnal: What happens if I die and which items are kept? (Guide, solution)


Returnal: What happens if I die and which items are kept? (Guide, solution)

Returnal has a steep level of difficulty and requires a lot of skill due to the roguelike principle. Because when you die you pay a heavy price .

In this guide we tell you what happens when screen death in "Returnal" and which equipment and items are retained.

Guide: With every death in Returnal, you lose almost everything

In Returnal you will die a lot , that's what the gameplay is designed for. The highlight: Protagonist Selene is in a time warp and with each death she experiences her crash on the planet anew and receives another attempt to explore the dangerous planet. Almost all of the items and equipment is lost when you die, so it almost starts again with empty pockets - but only almost.

What is lost

  • Firearms: You start again at the crash site with the normal pistol.
  • Weapon performance
  • adrenaline
  • Obolite
  • Parasites
  • Sylphium Resin: Your health bar will be reset to its original level.
  • Temporary equipment and artifacts: atropine keys, music box, etc.
  • Usable items: Sylphium vials, floor spikes, barriers, etc.
  • All buffs and debuffs

What is left?

  • Pistol as a starting weapon
  • Database collection
  • Audio logs
  • The sword
  • ether
  • Permanent equipment: important keys for the house and new biomes, teleporter activation, grappling hook, etc.
  • Mission objectives
  • Completed house sequences and defeated bosses
If you die in Returnal, you not only lose almost all of your equipment, the world also changes.

What happens to the game world?

The entire area that you previously explored will be deleted. If you start again at the crash site, the world of Atropos including findable items will be randomly regenerated . All enemies are alive again and you basically start all over again.

The astronaut doll as a lifesaver

The astronaut doll is an incredibly useful artifact. If one of these is in your possession, it will literally save your life .

What does the astronaut dummy do? This item works as the fairies in the bottle atThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . If you have one of these dolls in your inventory and should die, it will give you another try on the spot . You don't lose anything (except the astronaut doll) and you can simply continue the adventure with a filled life bar.

How do I get the doll? For example, you will receive one of the astronaut dolls in the first house sequence . But they can also be bought from an item generator for enough Obolit if there is one on offer there (that depends on chance). You won't just see them lying on the ground somewhere, however.

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