Scavengers Research & Crafting Guide

 Everything You Need to Know About Scavengers Research & Crafting Systems: How To Get Resources, How To Unlock New Weapons, Unlock New Talents, And More

The Scavengers , a new survival, sandbox and battle royale shooter, is right now in Early Access on Steam and is available to everyone.

Scavengers is much more than a regular battle royale in which you have to outlast other opponents. Nobody forces you to fight, you can act more cunningly. The first task is to survive in the frosty wasteland of the post-apocalyptic Earth. And to do this, you will have to understand the systems for crafting items, weapons and improvements, as well as research.

You can upgrade and change gear in Scavengers between matches, giving you plenty of reasons to go on another expedition. In the main menu there is a tab "Research" - the place where you put the accumulated resources and materials to start research projects. You get the ingredients when you disassemble raw materials.

Scavengers Research & Crafting Guide

Salvage (raw materials), materials and nanites

The Scavengers crafting and research system uses a lot of resources, so it's easy to get lost in it. Here is a summary of all subjects.

  • Junk . Materials that you can find on Earth or get for leveling up the Seekers in the middle of the game. Scrap includes weapons, unused items, and basic materials that you find when you open chests. Examples of raw materials include resource bags, biomass, orbital debris, and so on. All this is during the game.
  • Nanites . Another resource extracted from raw materials and materials. Used to create materials of your choice. Think of it as a Uno card that lets you choose any color.
  • Materials . These are specific crafting materials that can be obtained from raw materials in the Research menu. Materials are used to create components.

Common materials:

  • Chemical salt - falls out from industrial by-products
  • Copper - from alien reserves
  • Crystallized hydrate - drops out from industrial by-products
  • Minerals - drops out from industrial by-products
  • Silicon - falls out from industrial by-products
  • Glass - from alien stocks
  • Iron alloy - from alien reserves
  • Pigment - from biomass
  • Plant fiber - from biomass

Please note that in addition to the usual materials, there are Uncommon, Rare and Legendary materials used for researching the largest projects, which you will gain access to as you level up.

Power system

You will need energy to do research. At the initial stage, you will receive 5 units of energy every minute, and the maximum supply will be 100 units. This power reserve will increase as your level rises. Also, each research takes a certain amount of time. The more complex the project, the more time it will take to study it. If you don't want to wait, you can spend Chips (in-game premium currency) to complete the process immediately.

Study levels

The higher the level of research, the more rare projects are available to you. In addition, in battles, you will begin to find unusual, rare and legendary materials. Raising the level of research is one of the most time consuming and costly processes. Usually, this will require a lot of resources and wait 4 hours or more. In addition, a decent amount of energy is required. To get away from basic crafting recipes, sooner or later you will have to invest in the level of research.

So what can you explore in the Scavengers?

To date, six categories of research projects are available in the game:

  • Favorite weapon . Weapon for characters with unique abilities or more powerful characteristics.
  • General weapon - which can be used by any character. For example, a semi-automatic pistol or a bow.
  • Throwing Items - An assortment of throwing weapons. For example, frag grenades.
  • Items that increase health, stamina and temperature. For example, gaskets.
  • Talents are abilities on the skill tree that provide characters with unique bonuses to attack, defense, movement, and so on. for example, passive healing, increased accuracy of shooting weapons, and so on.
  • Cosmetics . Additional character skins, some of which are sold in the store for tokens.

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