Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to Find Nickel Ore?


Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to Find Nickel Ore?

This guide will show you where to find Nickel Ore at Subnautica Below Zero . While you may not need a lot of Nickel Ore to craft items like the Seatruck, the Shrimp Outfit, and various other important upgrades.

There are several areas in the game that you can explore to find nickel ore, where one region may be easier than another, depending on the dangers that lurk underwater.

There are four areas where you will find nickel ore:

  • Deep cave of water lilies
  • Crystal caves
  • Water lily crevices
  • Manufacturers caves

You can go to any of the locations mentioned above, but it will be much easier if you search for nickel ore in the water lily biome. From the Drop Pod, you need to walk between South and Southeast, 1080 meters from the Drop Pod. You can speed up your journey by traveling with Seatruck.

Squids roam in this biome, which is especially dangerous when you swim openly in search of nickel ore.

When you reach approximately 1080m from the drop capsule, you will find underwater cave systems that you can swim to or use Seatruck to enter. Nickel ore can spawn on cave walls, but you can easily find it with a mineral detector. There will be more nickel ore in the cave system if you head north, use the detector and collect as much ore as possible.

As mentioned earlier, squid is the most dangerous here. So watch out for them and oxygen so that it doesn't run out and you don't get stuck in a cave.

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