Swords of Legends: Everything about equipment, upgrades and sockets


Swords of Legends: Everything about equipment, upgrades and sockets

As in other MMORPGs, Swords of Legends Online is all about the best equipment. We  have played the beta and put together the most important information for you. The guide is still under construction and will be expanded over time.

The essentials in brief:

  • There are separate equipment for PvE and PvP.
  • You have a total of 15 items of equipment that you wear on your body (5 accessories, 6 armor, 1 weapon, 3 class symbols).
  • There are 6 memory slots for different equipment sets. Any equipment created in these slots does not take away any inventory spaces.
  • You can get the best equipment through dungeons and various currencies in the game or directly through PvP.
  • Any equipment can be upgraded, and there are no failures with these upgrades.

What levels of equipment do you need? For dungeons on the normal level you should have an equipment level of 45, for the difficult level 50 and for extreme 60+, although no dungeons of this difficulty are active in the beta.

In PvP you can get quite far with equipment at level 50, which you get directly through the tutorial.

What is the maximum equipment level? We can't say for sure yet, but the highest equipment we have seen so far was level 70. In PvP there are already vendors who sell this equipment, in PvE it is not yet entirely clear how to get to level 70 comes.

However, you can get level 60 equipment relatively easily.

This is how you get equipment in PvE

What ways are there to get good equipment in PvE? we have so far found 2 safe ways to get good equipment:

  • On the one hand, you get equipment boxes for defeating bosses in the group dungeons. There is normal equipment at level 50 and on hard there is level 60. It is likely that equipment level 70 will then be in extreme, but that has not yet been confirmed.
  • On the other hand, you can buy equipment through your companion. To do this, press the “P” key and go to “Production”. There are level 60 items that you can buy for Soul Qi and Mysterious Text Fragments. You may also get level 70 equipment if you have upgraded your companion later.

There is also the craft that you can call up with the “I” key. However, only level 45 equipment is available there. It is an intermediate step between the open world equipment and the story quest (equipment level 35 to 40) and then the two methods above.

However, at first glance, crafting is quite expensive and time-consuming. The methods around dungeons and the companion work more effectively, so that you can largely skip the crafting stages.

Where do you get soul qi and text fragments from?

  • You get soul qi by feeding your companion food and equipment.
  • Mysterious Text Fragments are a currency used for weekly Bloodruvia Bounties , the weekly Emerald Lanterns , and daily / weekly dungeon runs.

This is how you get equipment in PvP

After completing the PvP tutorial, you will receive level 50 equipment. You will receive level 55 equipment via further quests and as rewards in the matches.

Certain merchants in Wolkenstieg will then offer stronger equipment, level 60 or even level 70 with 5 upgrades. For this you need:

  • Decree the continents from which you can earn a maximum of 100,000 per week (you need between 8,000 and 20,000 per piece of equipment). You get these from all PvP content.
  • A specific PvP currency such as Duel Battle Seal, which you can only get from the 3v3 arena (maximum 20,000 per week, with between 4,000 and 10,000 per piece of equipment being required).

You can find the traders in the Yaotian Palace in the north of Wolkenstieg.

This is how you reinforce equipment

What equipment can you upgrade? Basically everyone who has at least one reinforcement level. You can see how many reinforcement levels an equipment has by hovering over it with the mouse. The best equipment has up to 6 reinforcement levels, the first equipment only has one level.

How do reinforcements work? For this you have to visit a blacksmith in Wolkenstieg or another place. This strengthens your equipment for a little money and seal stones.

Seal stones of level 1 improve your equipment up to equipment level 45. In addition, you then need higher seal stones. Reinforcements can never fail, but improve your equipment permanently.

Where do you get sealing stones from? Level 1 sealstones are available in large quantities at the beginning, including through quests, bounties and dungeons.

How to get to higher levels of the seal stones is not yet entirely clear to us.

This is how the bases with jade work

Through various quests and with the victory over bosses you get jade, which you can socket in your equipment:

  • Jade labeled in red brings additional physical or magical strength in accessories and, depending on the path, attack, defense or healing in the class symbols.
  • Blue Moon Jade (green) brings additional sprint to accessories and additional skill to class symbols.
  • We have to look up again what exactly the third socket does.

If you can equip equipment with sockets, you can open the corresponding menu with “Shift + left click”. Then the base can simply be inserted.

Can you remove the base again? We are not yet fully aware of this. At least it doesn't work by simply clicking on it in the menu. However, there may be tools to remove the base again.

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