Swords of Legends Online: This is how you learn to hunt bounties and can fight against world bosses


Swords of Legends Online: This is how you learn to hunt bounties and can fight against world bosses

The ancestral history books are something like the Life Skills in Swords of Legends Online . There you learn to fish, to be a master craftsman and to hunt for bounties. We reveal how you can unlock the bounty hunt.

How do you unlock the bounty hunt? You learn to hunt bounties through what is known as “cultivation”. This is a kind of tutorial for the various contents of the game.

At the beginning you have to complete an instance exploration (exercise). We recommend that you tackle this task at around level 23, as you will have a lack of quests in this level range that you can overcome so easily.

Have you completed an instance, you have to open the tab "weekly event". There you will now find the assignment “Blood Ruvia Bounty Exercise”. You have to complete this task to unlock the bounty hunt. For your first assignment, you will go to the Weichuan highlands.

Why is bounty hunting so important? With the bounty hunt you unlock world bosses, some of which have to be defeated solo or in large groups:

  • They give - depending on the boss - daily or weekly rewards, including reputation and important brands. You can get better equipment through the brands.
  • You will also receive important experience points through them, which can help you between level 23 and 25. There is a longer break in the story quest, which you otherwise have to overcome with daily quests and grind. World bosses are the best alternative there.
  • There are also a number of achievement points that are related to the bounties.

The various bosses in Swords of Legends Online

What types of world bosses are there? There are 4 types of world bosses in SOLO:

  • Single player - who can be defeated by one player alone
  • Team - which are best defeated in groups of 2-5 players, but can also be defeated alone with a little effort
  • Group - designed for a larger group of players
  • Open world bosses - which, however, are not related to the bounty system and are therefore not marked on the map

How are the bosses activated? As soon as you are near the bosses, an icon appears to the left above your life point bar. Now you can use your learned rudd seal ability (in the ancestral history book, can be dragged into the action bar below).

Then you will be ported to a different version of the map where you can fight the bosses.

How many world bosses are there? One achievement mentions 57 different bosses that you can defeat with a bounty hunt.

Have you tried the bounty hunts and bosses yet? What is your general impression of SOLO? Let us know in the comments.

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