The new official Dragon Ball website announces its arrival with this teaser


The new official Dragon Ball website announces its arrival with this teaser

Dragon Ball announces the imminent arrival of its official website through this teaser.

This May 9 is Goku's Day (and also Piccolo's Day, let's not forget), a date without a doubt very important for fans of Dragon Ball , the popular work of Akira Toriyama whose flame is still more alive than ever thanks to the Dragon Ball Super manga , where he follows the adventures of Son Goku and company during the events that occurred between the death of Majin Bû and the tournament in which Goku meets Ûb and becomes his teacher.

To commemorate this special day, a new official Dragon Ball website will be launched to host all the news and updates related to one of the best anime series in history, something that will excite its most staunch followers.

To open your mouth for its launch, a brief teaser has been released from the Dragon Ball website , which you can take a look at below.

There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated news for fans is that a new Dragon Ball Super anime is officially announced . As you well remember, the original series was "closed" after the end of the Tournament of Power arc, continuing in the excellent movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly (which is briefly mentioned in the manga).

Since then, the work carried out together by Toriyama and Toyotaro has continued at the foot of the canyon, having the Moro saga already finished and with the Granola arc just started, which paints more and more interesting.

Do you want to see the new arcs of the Dragon Ball Super manga adapted to anime? 

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