Upgrade the new splicer gauntlet in Destiny 2 properly - that's how it works

Upgrade the new splicer gauntlet in Destiny 2 properly - that's how it works

 In Destiny 2 you can upgrade a glove and collect more loot and make keys to hack. But it is not a piece of equipment, but a complex quest item for the season of the splicer.

What is the splicer gauntlet anyway? The part is called like a piece of equipment and our fallen friend Mithrax (cover picture) also wears the splicer gauntlet on his arm to hack with, but things look different for us Guardians.

  • The glove is an important seasonal item of Season 14 of Destiny 2 that we only carry with us in the menu.
  • Imagine the glove as the successor to the test hammer from season 13 - that wasn't a weapon, but a quest item in the menu.
  • So you always have the glove with you passively, you can level it and expand it step by step in order to ultimately get the new loot of season 14.
  • Incidentally, you will get the splicer gauntlet automatically during the course of the seasonal story and you cannot miss it.
In this article we clarify clearly how you should upgrade the glove, where you get the new resources ether and decrypted data from and why you have to deal with all the complicated information at all.

Ether and Key Codes in Season 14 of Destiny 2

In principle, the item can do two things: create key codes for override and make your guardian life easier in season 14 if you give the glove new functions through the level.

This is how it works with the key codes : Select the splicer gauntlet in the Quest menu. At the bottom you can see the option “Create key code”. This will cost you 50 Aether by default (this is a new resource).

  • You can use the key code itself in the new seasonal activity Override to open the second box after the boss fight.
  • In the additional box, the new weapons, decrypted data (the second new resource from season 14) and cosmetics await you.
  • If you open the additional box 3 times per week, there is a one-time top lot from the override activity

The new seasonal weapons with a cyberpunk look

In short: before you start a run in Override, choose the splicer gauntlet in the menu, make a key code out of ether and get more rewards at the end.

The glove shows you in the menu at any time how much ether you have stashed and how many keys you still have. Keep in mind that you can only carry a very limited amount of both at first. But you can improve that significantly with upgrades.

Find Aether in Season 14 : To find Aether, you just have to play Destiny 2. You don't have to search for or collect the ether, by killing enemies or completing activities, the resource is automatically transferred to the splicer glove.

There is a really big chunk of ether for the activity that the glove presents to you as a bonus in the menu. In our example, strikes are marked as a bonus. At the end of the course, 75 ethers migrate directly into the glove. Enough to build 1.5 keys.

The splicer servitor in HELM improves your glove

This is what the improvements bring: We mentioned at the beginning that the splicer glove can make everyday life easier for you.

  • Because you can provide it with new functions that make excursions into the seasonal activity easier. More ammunition for power weapons or support in the parkour passages are options.
  • Alternatively, more loot is waiting in override.
  • In addition, you can increase the capacity of the glove, so you can store more aether or carry additional key codes and increase the chance of aether after kills.

You carry out all upgrades to the splicer gauntlet in the HELM headquarters. You control it from orbit (above the tower). From the spawn on the left down the stairs you can see a large servitor - this alien ball has the upgrades:

The most important upgrades for the splicer gauntlet

In the upgrade menu you can see 3 rows with 7 improvements each. At the bottom, the upgrades become more and more expensive and require the upgrade immediately above.

You can't really kill yourself with the splicer glove. But there are upgrades that are more important than others.

  • For example, memory expansion 1 to 3 is highly recommended. This upgrade increases both the maximum ether capacity and the portable keycodes. So you don't have to keep playing override just because you've got back to the cap.
  • In order to get to ether faster, ether filters and the corresponding improvements of level 2 and 3 you have arrived back at the cap are suitable.
  • Override efficiency 1 to 3 is also worth investing in, since Destiny 2 is all about the loot. Here you can get more (Umbral) engrams and seasonal equipment from the boxes and upon completion of the activity.
The other upgrades are currently hardly worthwhile. No annoying lasers or additional jumping platforms are nice, but in principle not necessary as only one guardian has to manage the obstacle course. Until heavier variants of Override are launched in the course of Season 14, you don't need any additional power ammunition.

What is hidden behind the 5 hidden upgrades is still unknown. We will then add this article accordingly in the course of Season 14.

Get decrypted data in Destiny 2

When upgrading your splicer gauntlet, the 2nd seasonal resource, Decrypted Data, comes into play. Because you have to spend that stuff on improvements to the glove.

These are the sources:

  • There are 30 decrypted data in the 2nd box at the end of the override activity (requires a key code). If you want, you can farm endlessly here.
  • Some opponents in Override grant Decrypted Data.
  • Seasonal challenges reward you with Decrypted Data. The challenges contain large amounts of the resource and new seasonal challenges are added every week. If you miss a week, don't worry, you can still tackle the tasks later.
  • Some decrypted data is also waiting for you in the Season Pass

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