Walkthrough Biomutant - game guide


Walkthrough Biomutant - game guide

Complete walkthrough of the main Biomutant storyline and game tips

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At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose a breed and class. The breed determines the starting parameters of the characteristics, and the class is more important - in many respects, the capabilities of your hero in battle depend on the class.

If you prefer close combat with heavy weapons, then choose the Markach. If shooting from a machine gun - Commando. If you like to play as a battle mage - Psi-Purity. If you like fast and agile ninja with dual daggers - Saboteur. And if you like to play defensively, choose the Guardian.


Go ahead and follow the prompts. First, you will be taught to jump (press the Space bar or A on your gamepad). Then they will introduce you to Light and Darkness. For the first playthrough, we recommend taking the side of the Light. And henceforth, in the key dialogues, the phrases for which you will receive points of Light will usually be located on the right side.

If you prefer close combat with heavy weapons, then choose the Markach. If shooting from a machine gun - Commando. If you like to play as a battle mage - Psi-Purity. If you like fast and agile ninja with dual daggers - Saboteur. And if you like to play defensively, choose the Guardian.

The game can be played for a kind character who tries to help everyone he meets and is not rude in dialogues (the path of Light) or for an evil character who pursues only his own goals (the path of Darkness). This walkthrough is based on the path of Light.
After talking with Light and Darkness, head further through the forest. If you have chosen the path of Light, then it is better to follow the right path. Soon you will find a dead animal and the first story mission will begin.


Finally, the first fight! True - you are destined to lose in it and have to run away (as intended by the developers). But then you will have time to master a couple of techniques:

  • rolls are performed by pressing Alt (or B on the gamepad) + direction of movement;
  • shots can be made in a jump or during a roll - this slows down time;
  • blows with melee weapons can also be done in a jump or during a roll;
  • enemy melee strikes can be blocked by pressing Q (or LB on the controller) before attacking the enemy (an icon with three lightning bolts appears above the attacker's head), but this does not work against ramming.

You will almost win during the cut-scene, but the enemy will force you to flee to the underground bunker.

Bunker 101

To escape the explosion of the Lupus-Lupine bomb, simply run forward through the open door. Your hero will slam it just before the explosion during the cutscene. And then the first group of enemies will attack - the mucky gnats.

To defeat many small monster enemies, it is better to use melee weapons and special abilities. You don't have any special abilities yet, so use a sword or even bare hands (if you're playing as a fighter class). But if all enemies attack from one side, then you can shoot.

The fight will be easy. Do not let enemies surround you and try to dodge attacks in time (blocking does not work against rams or teeth). When you deal with the mucky gnats, turn the camera towards the target indicator (a white star in a golden hexagon) and climb the stairs to the top.

Next, go through the doorway and follow the yellow strip on the floor to the closed door. Behind it there will be a corridor with another yellow stripe. Go to the right turn and open the ammunition box along the way (press E or Y on the gamepad).

Inside there will be a module for firearms. It will add electrical or other elemental damage for bullets to one magazine. It can be equipped immediately or put into inventory until you meet a powerful enemy. The second option is usually preferable, but this time you can equip it right away - there will be a mini-boss in front.

Continue along the corridor until you come across a medical bag (first aid kit). Walk up and open it with the interaction key (E on your keyboard or Y on your controller). There will be a plaster inside.

Later, you will come across more capacious healing consumables like first-aid kits of different sizes. It is better to use them only in battle, when health regeneration is limited. And outside of battle - plasters or something edible.

When you pick up the plaster, climb up the chain nearby, just jumping up next to it. Go outside and meet the next enemy - Zizhesos.


The mini-boss will be accompanied by a trinity of ordinary enemies. Two with edged weapons and one with a rifle.

An important fact. Most enemies do not drop weapons and equipment. Usually, equipment can be found in containers, obtained according to the story, or assembled from spare parts yourself.

First, deal with small enemies, and first of all - with the shooter. And from the mini-boss Zhizhesos it is better to run back and shoot while he tries to get to you with his bare fists. After the battle, pick up the loot from the opponents. Usually, only various consumables drop out from enemies.

If you have lost a lot of health in battle, then heal with a plaster or something edible - outside of battle this will be enough.

Next, go to the Toxanol oil depot using the marker.


Climb the stairs to the door. Open up and go further. Behind it you will be met by another mini-boss with an escort - Kamnebach.

Already based on the name of the mini-boss, his behavior in battle is clear. In general, the game has a lot of speaking names and names.

Shoot a pair of swords approaching you, or strike a couple of times if you didn't manage to finish it off. Make sure that Kamnebach does not have time to launch a projectile at you and jump aside if he just swings.

Stonebakh can be shot from afar, like most large melee enemies, but while he slowly picks up a stone or a barrel and then swings - run up and beat in close combat. Also try to lure the mini-boss closer to the red-orange barrels and then shoot at them.

After defeating Kamnebach, continue to the Toxanol oil depot. To do this, follow the storyline marker (white star in a gold hexagon) and open the door.

Iron wall

Go through the door and then go forward along the corridor to the next door. Then go through the tunnel overgrown with greenery. Next, you will encounter a new mini-boss - the Iron Wall.

Try to go around the enemy from behind and dodge his attacks. Remember that you can return kicks by pressing the roll (Alt or B on the controller), and then immediately on the melee strike (RMB or X on the controller). This will help counterattack the enemy. Try to hit the enemy's shield several times in order to break it. When the Iron Wall is left without a shield, all that remains is to shoot him, keeping his distance.


Before entering the workshop, you will meet another mini-boss - Honcho. He is armed with a scimitar and jumps with powerful attacks. However, Honcho wields the scimitar rather slowly and can be dodged without too much trouble. But it is better to first deal with his smaller companion so that he does not get in the way. Moreover, his companion is armed with a firearm.

Run up to a small enemy and deal with him in close combat, and then try to defeat Honcho. It will not work to run back and shoot him - he will quickly close the distance and strike. We'll have to do a combination of dodge and melee attacks.

When you deal with Honcho, follow the gold marker to the door to the workshop and go inside. In a small room under the glass there will be a mount ("claw") - take it away. Then run along the marker to the next door through the tunnel.

You go inside, go through the lattice door and go to the rusty pipe. A pry bar is required here. Move closer to the hole in the pipe and press E (or Y on your controller). Then quickly press the button in the round tooltip.

When you break the pipe, jump down. Go down the stairs and then run across the bridge. Double jump over the chasm (double-pressing Space or A on your controller) and don't try not to get caught in the slime under the bridge (if you hit, it will be almost impossible to get out).

Move on until you meet the next enemy.

Defeat the carrots

A small group of scorpion-like creatures will attack you. They are not too nimble and hardly try to surround. Therefore, try to shoot them first, and then, while the weapon is reloading, attack in close combat. Try to constantly move and dodge enemies from the side.

After the battle, climb up the chain nearby. To do this, run up and jump next to her.

Bunker Puzzles 101

Upstairs, go through the next door and go through several rooms until you reach the beam light (projector). To turn it on, you have to solve a puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, you need to rotate all the nodes so that their ends match the color of the adjacent stripes. This time, you just need to rotate the bottom knot once clockwise and the middle knot three times counterclockwise.

When you solve the knot puzzle, a beam light will turn on and show a short old movie that will reveal a little about the back story of the game. When the movie ends, follow the marker to the next puzzle - it looks like it.

The puzzle will be even simpler than the previous one. You just need to rotate the lowest knot three times counterclockwise.

After solving the puzzle, electricity will work and the door to a large room will open - go there.

Fight scavengers

Ten ordinary enemies will attack the old man on the Uralskis' wheelchair. They will all be with melee weapons, and the old man will have a gun. Hide behind a stroller and destroy enemies one by one.

After the battle, pick up all the loot, and then follow the old man to the next room on the gold marker.

Climb the rope until you succeed. But a little later it will come in handy.

New friend, old friend

Talk to Zhalskis. He will say that he has known you for many years and remembers you as a child. During the dialogue, you can ask clarifying questions, but, unfortunately, you will not be able to ask all the questions (this is a feature of all dialogues in the game) - choose the most important options for you.

After the conversation, an episode from your character's childhood will begin.

New friend

Run along the golden marker to Godendo and talk to him.

During the conversation, remember that the phrases on the left (except for those clarifying ones) are the path of Darkness. And for the passage along the path of Light, it is better to choose the phrases on the right. Also sometimes neutral phrases appear in the top-middle.

After talking with Godendo, the next storyline will begin.

Glitter herb

The glitter grass is far enough away. You need to go into the cave and go down to the lake with an island in the middle. Follow the gold marker to get there.

When you enter a clump of shine-grass with pink tops, press the melee button (RMB or X on your controller).

Godendo will appear and praise for the work done. After that, the next storyline will begin.


Run up to the orange nono animals and swing the net next to them (RMB or X on your gamepad).

Godendo will appear again and praise for the work done. After that, the next storyline will begin.

Fused penny

Run out of the cave using the gold marker. Climb the stairs and go to the tree. To plant Nono in a tree, press the E (or Y on your controller) button.

Godendo will appear and praise for the work done one last time. He will tell you that he is growing the Tree of Life (the same one about which is mentioned in the opening screen saver of the game). After that, the next storyline will begin.

If you still understand: Godendo is Uzlaskis in his youth.

End of the world

Urazskis will say a few more phrases. Choose the most interesting clarifying questions. Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, due to the peculiarities of the dialogue system in the game, it will not be possible to ask all the questions.

After the conversation, the old man will give out the very net with which you caught nono in childhood. Then it's time to get out of the bunker. Return to the large room, where we first met Alaskis and climb up the rope.

Once outside, run along the path to the sign. Next to it, press the E (or Y on your controller) key. Your pet will mark the territory and a map will open.

Interacting with the pointer will fill in the portion of the map around it. Also, in the future, it will be possible to move between the pointers in a quick way through the map. On the map, pointers will be marked with yellow dots.

Run further along the path until you come across a three-headed monster.


This three-headed monster is one of the main bosses in the game. He will ram the village and run away into the forest somewhere. Enter the destroyed village and talk to the survivor.

Select the right phrase to continue following the path of Light. If you choose the left one, your hero will finish off the survivor and Darkness will be added to the world (there will be less chance of a good ending).

After talking with the survivor, Uralskis will arrive and say that it is necessary to make an alliance with one of the tribes nearby.


There are 6 tribes in the game - 3 for Light and 3 for Darkness. This time you will meet the first pair of tribes: Myriad (Light) and Jagni (Darkness).

Travel to Myriad Keep to follow the path of the Light. To do this, run along the right gold marker through the tunnel. After the tunnel, you will stumble upon a small battle between the units of Myriad and Jagni. You haven't joined any of the tribes yet, so you can just run past. Better to help the Myriad squad.

With the support of a whole squad of allies, it will be easy to deal with the enemies. After the battle, run further along the golden marker to the fortress of Myriad. On the way, climb the tower to pick up the chest. And also go into the room under the tower to find another chest.

When you have collected your equipment, continue on your way to Myriad Fortress. There will be very little left to go. The gatekeeper will meet you first. Tell him you want to talk to the clan Shifu.

Choose clarifying questions (you won't be able to ask everything) and at the end of the dialogue, confirm that you want to join the Myriad clan.

If you were confused by Shifu's last phrases that violence can only be dealt with with the same violence, then don't look for a catch - the Jagni clan will say the same thing.

After speaking with Shifu, explore the Myriad Fortress. In it you can find a couple of chests and chat with the inhabitants. When done, head to the ruined village. To do this, leave the fortress and go down the mountain path to the through cave and go further.

Home village

In front of the village you will encounter another mini-boss - Wonk the Mumbler. It is a hefty ogre with a concrete pillar as a weapon.

From afar, your firearm may not reach (if it's a pistol, not a rifle). We'll have to come closer. Be very careful and only attack melee when you are confident. Dodge Wonka's attacks often. Use special abilities, if available. Also, try to remember Wonk's habits when you are around and when you move away.

After defeating Wonk, head further into the ruins of the old village. On the spot, the hero will have a new childhood memory.

Look around and find Gup near the footbridge by the water. Goop will volunteer to teach you how to swim and throw you into the water.

Remember that the phrases on the left are responsible for Darkness, and on the right for Light (this does not apply to clarifying questions). Choose the ones that fit your path.


Watch the indicator of Chi energy (blue bar at the top left) and, until the energy runs out, swim towards the stairs. If Qi runs out while you are still in the water, you will drown.

Climb the stairs and talk to Goop. In conversation, choose the right phrases (if these are not clarifying questions) in order to continue to follow the path of Light. You can also choose neutral phrases in the middle above - they do not affect karma.

After talking with Goop, the mother of the protagonist ("muma") will come. Try not to be rude to her, too, so as not to darken the karma. You need to rush to practice, but Gizmo will stop you.

Up the bike

Gizmo will ask you to look for spare parts in the heaps of garbage behind him. Walk up to each, press E (or Y on your controller) and then quickly press the button in the circular tooltip.

When you have searched all three heaps, return to Gizmo. He will thank and offer to make something.

Choose a base for melee weapons. It can be something sharp (slashing damage) or blunt (blunt damage). Also, a one-handed weapon (fast, but short and with low damage per hit) or two-handed (long and powerful, but slow) depends on the basic part.

After the base, you need to choose a handle. Choose what you like or look at the characteristics on the right. In addition to damage, penetration is also important. You can also read about the characteristics in a separate menu by pressing the appropriate key. To complete the build, click Build.

When the weapon is ready, Gizmo will ask why you made it, and not some more peaceful tool. Answer with the right or upper phrase, so as not to spoil the light karma.

After talking with Gizmo, your mother will return to you and call you again for training. When she leaves, follow the gold marker towards the gate. At the gate you will be greeted by a trio of angry children.

The coolest

In a conversation, as always, choose the right (light) or upper (neutral) phrases so as not to spoil your karma. Mick will provoke you and a fight will start.

Better to knock Mick's buddies out first. Make sure that they do not go behind your back and run away from Mick himself. Also watch out when he shoots a bow to dodge the shot in time. When you cope with the friends (it will be more difficult for the child hero to do this), run up to Mick and try to nag him.

After the fight, your mother will come running. First, he will ask if everything is fine, and then scold him for being late for training. If you do not like the phrase Sveta (right), then choose neutral (above).

But this is not the last thing that will hold you back. You go into the house and go to dad ("papsel").

Pile of linen

Dad will ask you to help find something suitable for the job out of old rags. Go to three piles of laundry and rummage through them, quickly pressing the button from the round tip. You can find piles by using the gold marker.

When rummaging in rags, return to dad. He propose to strengthen his clothes. Select the location for the expansion, and then the expansion itself. To complete the build, click Build.

Dad will say that a new thing suits you and let you go to mom. Run to your workout.

Wung Fu training

Run up to your mom and choose the right or upper phrases in conversation so as not to darken your karma. After that, a rather long cutscene will begin.

After the cutscene, a new story mission will begin.

Guiding star

You need to catch a green grasshopper-like automaton jumping in the green grass. Run across to him and when you are near press E (or Y on the gamepad).

When you catch the automaton, your mom will compliment you. Answer her with right or top phrases so as not to spoil the light karma.

Soon, trouble will happen and a new storyline task will begin.

Lupus-Lupine's Hell

You have already met Lupus-Lupine at the very beginning of the game. You will learn a little more about him in the next minutes. But first you need to get out of the burning house.

Follow Mom and press Alt (or B on your controller) to bounce off falling burning boards.

When you get out, talk to your mom and tell her that you will fight for her.

The fight with Lupus-Lupine will be short-lived and will not be won. Soon you and your mom will be in the water.

The Last Frontier

Swim up to your mother as soon as possible so that she takes you on the back and swam to the shore. Soon it will be necessary to swim up to her again. After that, a new cutscene will begin.

After a long cutscene, the childhood memory will end.

The way forward

Check your gear and leveling again and follow the golden marker to the clearing ahead. Soon a squad of allies will meet, who hold Puhzilla. But at the sight of you, the beast will break free. We'll have to fight.

Light firearms do little damage from afar, so you'll likely need to get closer.

Try circling around Puhzilla and hitting from the side and back. But watch the tail - the monster loves to use it. You can also try shooting Puhzilla when she is occupied by allies.

When you deal with the monster, talk to the commander of the allied squad. He will say that it is time to go to the army, which is lined up in front of the Jagni fortress. But to get there, you have to go through an abandoned building nearby. Go down the stairs to the basement.

Center of non-control

In the first part of the building, you will encounter a poster with another piece of the planet's history, and then you will find a new weapon - the Kulachishche. Equip the Fist and go to the wall opposite the door to the room you are in.

The wall can be pierced with a Fist. To do this, press and hold RMB (or X on your gamepad) until you click, and then release. But one reinforced blow will not be enough and two more will have to be performed.

The tribal war has begun

Follow the gold marker to the Jagni fortress. On the way, you will meet several ordinary enemies and many houses that can be searched. Better to switch to a different melee weapon, as the fist is not well suited for all enemies (and is rather difficult to master).

On the way, you will come across a wooden tower - break it to get materials.

The prisoners will meet in front of the Jagni fortress. Slay Jagni's soldiers and free the prisoners.

Be careful - if you use the pedestal on the dais, the game will count this as a sentence to the prisoners and Darkness will be added to the world.

When you get to the fortress, talk to the squad leader and begin the assault.

Storming the fortress of Jagni

Destroy the first line of defense of the three guards. One of them will be with a rifle - be careful.

After the guards, cannons will emerge from the walls. To destroy them, you will have to launch the projectiles back with a sword or fist (RMB or the X button on the gamepad).

Run to the gears in the wall in front of the water channel. You will need to arrange them as follows:

After that, jump into the channel and swim along the gold marker to the lever. Pull it to lower the bridge.

When you lower the bridge, your next goal will be to free the "prisoner of war".

A prisoner from your clan is kept in a cage and guarded by two: one with a sword and one with a submachine gun. Wait for your allies and destroy the guards to free the prisoner. We'll have to break his chains with a pry bar.

In a conversation with the prisoner, you can show mercy (the path of Light) and let him rest in the allied fort or force him to join the battle right now (the path of Darkness).

When you decide what to do with the prisoner, run to the nearby armory to pick up good equipment from the enemy. The door to it will have to be broken open with a tire iron.

Inside, under the glass, there will be a rifle. Take it and run on the next task.

A sniper and a detachment of guards will meet in front of the outpost. Despite the fact that the sniper tower looks fragile, it will not work to break it with ordinary weapons. Therefore, it is better to run under the tower so that the sniper cannot reach you and shoot the rest of the guards.

When you cope with the first wave of protection, a hefty monster will come running. Make him crash into the sniper tower, hiding behind the pillar.

The last stage of the assault is to blow up the gates to the outpost. Go to the gutter and hit the post. A barrel with explosive contents will fly out. If she rolled away from the gate, then push it closer. And then run away from the barrel and shoot at it.

The gate will be destroyed and the path to the flag will open - run there. After that, the Jagni fortress will be captured.


Your next goal is to destroy the western Miroed. But first you have to visit an old friend of the engineer Gizmo. He is waiting for you at the Chukhdepo railway station. It is located south of the Jagni fortress.

Explore the fortress, collect loot, look for chests, talk to new inhabitants, and then run on your mission.

When you leave the fortress, turn left and run along the path. On the way, you will meet trenches and a tower. Look for chests there, and then run further along the golden marker.

There will be an azure knozel soon. Pick some pop food from a nearby bush and give it to the knot to tame. After that, it will be possible to ride on the knozle and call it as a transport.

Continue to Chukhdepo. The entrance to the main building can be found along the rails. Go there. Continue your way until you meet a squad of enemies.

Tarabam tribe

There will be many small enemies. Special abilities will help against them. Use them until you run out of Chi energy. The mini-boss Freaky Bompa is rather slow and if you lure small enemies away from him, he will not interfere for a long time.

When you deal with a trifle, take on the Bompu Oddball himself. Find his companion, which is dragging a hefty cruise missile and lure the Oddball closer to him. Then hit the companion in close combat. If you miss, then Chudik can simply be shot with a rifle and special abilities from a distance.

When you cope with the Chudik, run to the closed gate.


Go to the gate and break it open with a crowbar. Inside there will be another hefty rocket ("pruketa"). We'll have to neutralize the guard first. Attack before he has time to recover. After that, you will soar upward along with the rocket.

Enjoy your flight. Soon the rocket will blow up one more gate, and you will fly back. Run through the exploded gates along the rails. As you pass the gate, there will be a trailer with a biocontainer on the right. Go and pick up the resource.

Then head back on the path using the gold marker. To go further, you will have to break open the lattice door with a crowbar.

Run into the elevator and pull the lever to go downstairs. Examine the poster below and then run to Gizmo.

Metal scrap collection

Gizmo will offer to use his mech to defeat the western Miroed. But first it will have to be fixed. To do this, head to Mertvozona through the gate to the left of the fur.

Outside, it will turn out that it is impossible to breathe without a special suit or without fur. The game will offer to find an oxygen suit, but it is too far away. So put this side quest aside for now and run into the cave ahead of you on the gold marker. There should be just enough air.

There will be a building in the cave. Go up to the top floor. To do this, find a room with broken walls and go to the fallen stairs. There will be ledges in the dark corner that you can grab onto.

To climb up, you just need to jump towards the ledges. The animal will grab them by itself, and to move along the ledges, it will be enough to indicate the direction - you don't even need to press the jump button.

Upstairs, inspect the adjacent room and rummage in the closet, and then go back and get on the rope to get close to the abandoned car.

The animal at one moment will start to fall to the side - press the movement keys in the opposite direction. There will be a green container on the truck - pick it up. Then move along the concrete platforms to the building. Go through the door.

Inside the building, approach the hlombox and press the E (or Y on the gamepad) button. The animal will open the box.

You can quickly return to Gizmo through the hole in the ceiling. Jump along the ledges to the top floor of the building.

Dig in the chair behind the hole in the floor, and then go to the hole in the wall and go down the yellow cable.

Run to Gizmo. He will fix the furs and take you inside the upright car.

Moog knows

Inside the fur, you will not be threatened with hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Follow the road forward until you reach a puddle of oil. The oil will need to be sucked out by pressing the corresponding button from the tooltip.

Further you will encounter a wall. Destroy it with melee strikes. Then there will be another puddle of oil - suck it out. After that, pests will attack. Press the melee button to shake them off and then finish off.

You can just spam the melee button and the robot will beautifully deal with small enemies on its own.

After the battle, continue towards Mug's dwelling. On the way, you can drop into an abandoned town and search buildings. When finished, approach the rock, get out of the fur (key E or Y on the gamepad) and climb up.

Moog will tell you that Murbels are needed to destroy the western Miroed. They will act as live bullets. Get down and sit in the furs.

Murbelok grotto

Go to the cave. Inside you will be greeted by a horde of small enemies. But this time they will be a little stronger. Shoot large ones and destroy small ones in close combat.

When you deal with the enemies, proceed to the next room, go to the door and get out of the fur to enter it.

Find the elevator inside and take it down. Then run to the tank and pour the fuel out of it. The level of mucus around will increase, but you cannot jump into the mucus itself - you will not get out! Look around and jump to the walkway nearby. Then run further along the gold marker.

Jump from the catwalk to the rise in front. You will need to get exactly to the site by flying through a hole in the net. Go through the door and look for a murbel in the premises. They will be in the laboratory. Catch the murbel with a net - come up and press the E (or Y on the gamepad) key.

When you catch everyone, run to the electrical cabinet and solve the puzzle. Align the knots as follows:

When you're done, look for the weapons cabinet next to it. Take the gun.

Take the elevator. Immediately at the exit there will be another locker with a bat - take it.

Get out of the room and run to the mechton. Get into the robot and return to Gizmo. After talking with him, you can go to battle with the western Miroed.

Western Miroed

Sit down in the mechton again and head towards the Elephant Sniper. You will have to go far. There are many side quests along the way. But in this article, we only analyze the main storyline.

Approach the Elephant Sniper's lair and enter the gate.

The boss himself will appear soon. Do not meddle in close combat - it is better to shoot from a distance. Move constantly and hide behind buildings. Walls can be pierced by simply moving through them with mechton.

The battle will consist of three phases. In the first, you need to reduce your health by one third, and then come closer and launch the murbel with a special button at the prompts on the screen. After that, the elephant's tongue will fall out - come and pull it.

In the second phase, the Elephant Sniper will start throwing an electric whip. Try to guess the moment and dodge. You can also hide behind buildings if they are not all destroyed yet.

In the last phase, the Elephant Sniper will swallow you and you will find yourself in its belly. Swim to the red shoots in front and climb up.

Upstairs, beware of the green mucus - it will wash you back into gastric juices. Get to the heart and destroy it with melee or shots.

After that, the elephant sniper will be defeated.

To be continued...

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