What are the high level ranks in Counter-Strike Global: Offensive


What are the high level ranks in Counter-Strike Global: Offensive

Players Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , have levels range serving for matching system videogame which classifies the ability of the user with general guidelines to be calculated in each round, up or down depending on performance during every game. In our complete guide to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we tell you what the high-level ranks are and how to get them .

All higher ranks of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Reaching the highest ranks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is challenging. Few players manage to reach the top level and it is that there are 18 steps that are increasing in difficulty and that, given the competitiveness of the title, are difficult to obtain and keep. Most of the users who have dedicated a few hours of play to it are generally within Gold Nova II (Intermediate Level) and only a select group has reached the last steps.

This classification begins after a player completes 10 games , they vary according to the mode and the greater the number of victories and the better the performance, little by little the rank will begin to rise according to the results of each encounter. The first high-level rank is the Elite Guardian Master , it is the threshold to a new, more challenging stage and at this point, players must have great skill in handling weapons and grenades.

It is followed by the Distinguished Guardian Master and Legendary Eagle , which are more advanced levels that are reached after several hours of play and with the effective execution of different tactics. Finally, the top three are Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme First Master Class, and Global Elite .

Finally, keep in mind that although these ranges are difficult to reach, if you practice constantly it is possible to reach the goal.

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