What does “Lata boya sada” mean in Genshin Impact and where to get it


We tell you exactly what the phrase Lata boya sada means, one of the requirements of a character that you will have to fulfill in the Mimi Tomo event.

Much of the user community does not know exactly how to satisfy the demand for a particular character during the Mimi Tomo event in Genshin Impact, a requirement that is much simpler than it seems as long as some of the tools provided by the game are used. , and that sometimes we tend to overlook.

And is that if you are looking to know exactly what Lata boya sada means in Genshin Impact , you have come to the right place, because this curious and strange request is probably already in your inventory, and we are going to explain what this word of two means meanings.

And it is that as part of the Mimi Tomo event, where we must follow the tracks, a Hilichurl asks us for a strange thing in the form of Lata boya sada, and even if it sounds like another language, which it is, we tell you what that you must deliver.

What does “Lata boya sada” mean in Genshin Impact and where to get it

Throughout the Mimi Tomo event, on day four, one of the Hilichurl asks us to require a particular item in order to continue advancing. Specifically, he talks about something called "can buoy sada" and it was not really known what it meant, until now.

The concrete the Hilichurl that asks us is in the kingdom of the wolves, and when you arrive he will ask you to bring him a can of sada buoy. So to know exactly what it asks of us, we must go to the inventory, and then go through the dictionary .

So scroll down the dictionary to the bottom, until you find the definition of "Buoy." If you read the definition, it says that "when used with certain words, it serves to designate colors." In the notes, you can read that "can buoy" means "blue."

The other word to look for is "Sada", which is exactly above, and its definition is "solid, hard".

In this way, "lata boya sada" means "solid blue", that is, some element of blue color that is solid .

According to our tests, it works with blue crystals. We are talking about the piece of blue glass and that you surely have many in your inventory.

If you don't have this rare mineral, you can find it at the base of the mountains in Mondstadt and Liyue.

Also these magic crystal pieces can be found naturally in nature, although it is also worth reminding you that you will be able to obtain them after reaching the adventure rank 30 that it is quite likely that you already have.

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