Where to find, how to activate and what the Reconstructor does in Returnal


Where to find, how to activate and what the Reconstructor does in Returnal

This guide will help you figure out how to use the Reconstructor and where to find it in Returnal is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Here's everything you need to know about Reenactors.

When you first start playing Returnal, you will encounter a lot of alien technology (if you have any difficulties during the passage, then use our tips for beginners). Eventually you will learn about all such devices and why they are needed on Atropos. If you come across a large round door with an image that resembles the silhouette of an alien, then you may wonder if you should interact with it. In the end, this device looks scary.

But you will definitely want to use the Reconstructor because it is a very useful machine in the Returnal world. However, it is better not to use it aimlessly, as it costs 6 Ether , and it will only work once. When you activate the re-enactor, a short cutscene will play, and it may seem that nothing really happened. However, this is not the case - you have to die to see the change.

What is a reenactor

Basically, a reenactor is a one-time starting point or respawn station. When you die after activating one of them, then you will appear near it, and not near your ship at the beginning of the game.

Reconstructors are very helpful, especially when you get into a new biome. Instead of going through the starting rooms each time, you'll start with a reenactor, which is often located somewhere in the middle of the biome.

Where to find and how to use the reenactor

To find the re-enactor, you need to watch out for a small symbol on the minimap that looks like an alien standing inside a circle. This symbol will tell you the way to the reenactor.

You must always have a supply of ether in order to use the reenactor. However, you will only respawn there if you died in the same biome. If you travel to a different biome and die there, then the reenactor will not work, and instead you will respawn in the drop pod.

Only activate the reenactor if it's in the same region as your next boss fight, otherwise it won't be worth it. Don't waste your ether as it rarely drops. 6 Ether is quite expensive, so use it wisely. The most important re-enactor in the game is at the beginning of the 5th biome, which you should always activate when you get there.

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