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All About Season 9 in Apex Legends - New Valkyrie Character, Arenas, Skins, Bocek Bow and More Legacy Update Changes


All About Season 9 in Apex Legends - New Valkyrie Character, Arenas, Skins, Bocek Bow and More Legacy Update Changes

Apex Legends is a multiplayer shooter from Respawn Entertainment, the authors of the dilogyTitanfall . The game quickly gained popularity among battle royale fans. And although today the excitement around it has subsided a little, the developers continue to develop it - they add new modes and improve the existing ones. We will tell you about all the changes in the game that are associated with the new, 9th season in this guide.

Release date for Season 9 of Apex Legends. How long does Apex Legends Season 9 last?

Season 9 of Apex Legends kicked off on May 4th and will run until August 3rd, 2021.

Apex Legends Season 9 Battle Pass (Battle Pass). Apex Legends Season 9 Ranking Rewards

The Battle Pass is an opportunity to receive unique rewards, many of which are only available during this season. It includes 110 levels, each of which you will receive unique items, including skins for weapons and legends (characters), badges, loading screens, Apex coins (in-game currency) and much more. The price of the Battle Pass is 950 Apex Coins (711 rubles), and the Battle Pass Kit is 2800 Coins (2097 rubles). If you purchase the second option, you will immediately go to level 25 and receive all 25 rewards for them. Battle Pass XP will grow faster for those completing various challenges, including daily and weekly. Note that some prizes will be available even to those players who did not purchase the Battle Pass.

New Apex Legends Season 9 Mode: Arenas

The main innovation of the 9th season is the appearance of the "Arena" mode. They represent small 3v3 battle royals. 6 players converge on one map, which are divided into two teams. The battles between them are fought over several rounds, until one of them has more than 3 victories. If a player dies, he will be revived in the next battle. As before, before the start of the battle, you can buy weapons, and valuable resources are scattered throughout the arena. The Arenas are smaller than the ones we saw in Battle Royale, but the ring you want to stay within is still in place and shrinks as the match progresses.

New Apex Legends Season 9 Mode: Arenas

Apex Legends Season 9 Maps

The map "Olympus" has undergone the greatest changes. She has a new landing site and additional territories with weapons, armor and medical supplies. In addition, she has changed outwardly. Also, new maps for the "Arena" mode have been added to the game. Two of them "Phase Transition" and "Sudden Party" are completely new, the rest are stripped-down versions of the already familiar locations of the game. Phase Transition offers teleporters that take you quickly to the battlefield, as well as open spaces that are great for sniper duels. At "Surprise Party" there are many small enclosed spaces for close-range battles, as well as long corridors where it will also be convenient to play as a sniper.

New Apex Legends Season 9 Character (Legend): Valkyrie

In Season 9, a new character appeared in the game - Valkyrie. Her tactical skill turned out to be "Rocket Swarm", an artillery bombardment of a given territory. It will be especially useful against those hiding in cover. The enemy will most likely try to leave the firing zone, as a result of which it will become an easy target for you and your allies. Each rocket deals minor damage, however, it imposes a slowdown effect. This is useful both when attacking and when retreating, when you need to stop the enemy at any cost. However, using the Rocket Swarm indoors is problematic. You can try to sit down and activate this tactical skill. But it won't work if the building has a low ceiling.

The Valkyrie's passive skill is "GVP Engines", a jetpack with which she can move around the battlefield. Fuel runs out quickly, but recovers over time. It is worth using a jetpack to quickly change position - to take a point higher or try to go behind the enemy's back. During the flight, you cannot use weapons, but you can use a tactical skill.

New Apex Legends Season 9 Character (Legend): Valkyrie

In addition, the jetpack will allow you to dodge the special skills of Bangalore, Gibraltar and the tactical skill of another Valkyrie. The principle is the same as the Horison gravity lift - take off to get out of the fire. In addition, if you turn on the backpack, you can avoid the short-term slowdown that occurs, for example, after being hit by an Arc Star. Also, the jetpack should be used during a fall from a great height - it is enough to turn it on a second before touching the ground to avoid a fine.

The Valkyrie's special skill called "Heavenly Leap" allows you to lift not only yourself, but also your allies into the air. This ability can help you move to the desired point during an attack, evade enemy fire, or quickly retreat. In addition, during the use of the special skill, all enemies within a radius of 200 meters will be highlighted.

Please note that Sky Jump can only be used over the open sky. In addition, if an enemy bullet hits the Valkyrie, the special ability will be interrupted, and its recovery will roll back to 70%. You can protect yourself from enemy fire with the help of the "Protective Dome" of Gibraltar.

All About Season 9 in Apex Legends

Alex Legends Season 9 New Weapon: Bocek Bow

The bow deals high damage: 123 units on a head hit and 70 on a body hit when the bowstring is fully drawn. In addition, it is much quieter than all other weapons in the game. If the enemy does not see you, then he will not immediately understand where the fire is coming from. The bow uses arrows, which are less common than regular rounds. However, they periodically get stuck in the walls, after which they can be taken back. In addition, all the arrows spent on the enemy will return to you after his death. Just search the box that will fall out of the defeated enemy.

Thanks to new modules, this composite bow can shoot in two modes, which can be switched between during the battle. The first modification called Shatter Caps will fire multiple arrows at once, causing you to deal massive damage over time. As a result, the bow will be similar in principle to a shotgun.

Alex Legends Season 9 New Weapon: Bocek Bow

The second module, Deadeye's Tempo, significantly increases the rate of fire, provided you don't slow down the rate of fire. You need to shoot at least twice for the module to start working. Note that these modifications can be installed on other weapons as well. Explosive rounds, which deal powerful simultaneous damage, are suitable for the 30-30 rifle, and the rate of fire can be increased with the Sentinel sniper rifle.

New Skins Available for Apex Legends Season 9

Rampart and Rafe will receive one new skin each. Access to them will open at the 25th and 50th levels of the Battle Pass, respectively.

New Skins Available for Apex Legends Season 9

New Skins Available for Apex Legends Season 9

Other Apex Legends Season 9 Updates and Changes (patch notes)

  • At the very beginning of the battle, you will be given white armor, a helmet, a knock shield and two syringes.
  • White helmets and knock shields have been removed from loot on the map, and the chance of finding white armor is now much lower. At the same time, white-quality weapons, as well as cartridges and medicines, appear more often on the battlefield.
  • Removed the "Stealth" status, due to which Lifeline, Rafe and Wattson received additional damage of 5%.
Other Apex Legends Season 9 Updates and Changes (patch notes)

  • Emotions appeared in the game. By default, each hero has only one pose, the rest can be found in Apex containers or made in the crafting menu. You can use them during a match and after winning a battle.
  • Lifeline removed the shield that covered the ally during the resurrection. However, now she is able to revive two fighters at once with the help of drones, and at this time she can shoot back from enemies. Drone healing now proceeds at 8 health per second instead of 5. The drone itself activates 33% faster. The Lifeline special skill recharges in 5 minutes instead of 6 minutes and is guaranteed to send better equipment than you have at the moment.
  • Octane has reduced the cooldown of the Stimulator tactical skill to 1 second (instead of 4). However, the health cost while using the run is increased to 20 points per second instead of 14. In addition, increased dispersion during firing when Octane is in the air after using the Trampoline special ability.
  • The forehead will no longer slow down when using a tactical skill and after teleporting to the bracelet. The reload time of the Black Market Boutique special skill was increased to 120 seconds. Previously, it took 1.5 minutes to recover.
  • Horaison now rises 30% slower when taking off using the Gravity Lift. At the top point you will only hold out for 2 seconds The speed during the strafe (mixing left or right) during the use of "Gravity Lift" is also reduced. The cooldown of this ability has increased to 20 seconds instead of 15.
Other Apex Legends Season 9 Updates and Changes (patch notes)

  • Fuse now has two charges for the tactical skill "Cassette Knuckles". Its cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds instead of 25.
  • The smokescreen of Bangalore has grown thicker. It is now possible to see anything through it either with the help of a red dot sight, or thanks to Bloodhound's special ability "Brutal Hunter".
  • Bloodhound's Special Ability no longer grants Kill Assist Points.
  • Krypta's recon drone can now scan and open equipment packages. However, if the enemy is already using the station to respawn, Krypta's drone will not be able to use it to summon allies before the enemy.
  • The magazine rifle 30-30, "Scout G-7", "Triple effect" and the bow "Bocek" were allocated to the category "Marksman rifles". This weapon now has a higher movement speed in the scope - more than that of sniper rifles, but less than that of assault rifles.
  • Reduced headshot damage multiplier on all assault rifles from 2 to 1.75.
  • The Peacemaker rifle has been removed from the available drops, but the Triple Effect has been added.
  • Threshing ammunition and Skull Breakers have been removed from the game.
  • The Peacemaker has slightly reduced damage, increased shot dispersion and reload time. In addition, the weapon now has a precision choke by default.
Other Apex Legends Season 9 Updates and Changes (patch notes)

  • The Triple Effect rifle has slightly increased rate of fire and dispersion when firing in the air and aiming. When you find it in the crate, the weapon will have 9 rounds in the clip and 63 more in the additional magazines.
  • The Chaos assault rifle has increased recoil control during the first shots from this weapon, while the Spitfire has this parameter decreased.
  • The 30-30 magazine rifle has slightly increased leg impact damage.
  • Longbow and Wing Pistol increased headshot damage to 2.15 instead of 2.0.
  • The Mozambique shotgun has increased magazine capacity to 6 rounds and reduced spread.
  • The P2020 semi-automatic pistol has increased damage but decreased rate of fire.
  • After the first hit of the "Arc Star" shuriken, the slowdown of movement and aiming has been removed.

Apex Legends Season 9 Comics

The first installment of the new Apex Legends Overtime comic is now available for digital purchase on the official Dark Horse website for $ 3.99. If you wish, you can buy it in paperback from Amazon for $ 19.99. When the rest of the comics will come out is still unknown.