ARK Genesis Part 2: Taming Shadowmane - it's quick and easy


ARK Genesis Part 2: Taming Shadowmane - it's quick and easy

The Shadowmane is a true Predator in ARK: Survival Evolved . With the release of Genesis: Part 2, the creature found its way into the game. The Shadowmane is a chimera and is visually reminiscent of a cross between a cat and a lion. In the guide we tell you how to tame the deadly big cat quickly and easily.

This is Shadowmane: The fighting power of the Shadowmane is comparable to that of the Tyrannosaurus, which makes it perfect as a boss killer. In addition, the creature can camouflage itself, which allows surprise attacks to be carried out effectively.

Even if the Shadowmane is reminiscent of a cat, it is not afraid of the water - on the contrary: on its back you can overcome any body of water quickly and easily. And as if that wasn't enough, you won't suffer any fall damage when jumping from great heights on the back of the Shadowmane. With so many strengths, it's no surprise that taming it is not an easy endeavor. Especially because the predator is passively tamed and you don't have to stun it. 

Shadowmane was introduced with the  second part of the ARK expansion Genesis .

Find and tame Shadowmane

This is how you find Shadowmane: The area of ​​the Shadowmane is quite large and extends over the entire south-west of the “Genesis Part 2” map. In the north-west you will also find the hunters very often. They often occur in groups of three.

Be aware that the creature will hunt you down using its stealth ability. Cross the area vigilantly and watch out for paw prints and soft sounds made by the Shadowmane. In stealth mode, you only recognize the creature by its faint outlines, which visually distort the areas it covers.

You can find the Shadowmane in the western part of the map. Mainly in the lower quarter.

How to tame the Shadowmane: The Shadowmane mainly acts in a pack, consisting of two to three animals. Have you discovered a group, then try to isolate an animal from the group. You have the best chance of doing this during the day while the pack is sleeping. Equipped with a ghillie suit, you sneak up on the creature from behind or from the side. In the last slot of the hotbar you place a fish trap that you can fill with any type of fish. Make sure that the multiplier of the fish is at least 0.5+. 

Depending on the level of the Shadowmane, you will need several filled fish traps - so create enough space in your inventory. As soon as you have sneaked in close enough, an overlay appears and you can start the taming process. 

Behavior after eating: As soon as the Shadowmane has devoured your fish, it immediately moves away and looks for a new place to lie. Follows him via the in-game taming system. Sneak up to the sleeping Shadowmane again and feed him. 

The Shadowmane wakes up as you approach, take both legs in hand and move away as quickly as possible. After waking up, it will take a few seconds for the creature to have aggro on you. With a little luck she will ignore you. If not, another escape is not an option: Due to its enormous speed and the ability to teleport, the Shadowmane will catch up with you in no time at all. Even with the benefits of Tek equipment, the best way to survive a failed attempt at taming is through face-to-face confrontation.  

Which influences and facilitates taming 

To tame the Shadowmane, you need a fish trap with appropriate bycatch. At the moment it is not known whether the level or the size of the fish increases the efficiency of taming. Ideally, large fish with a high level will wriggle in your net. 

Also in the second part of Genesis there are insects that make life difficult for you. Lubricate yourself with insect repellent so that you can concentrate fully on taming. However, other dinosaurs can also be your fate. Prove your surroundings in advance and make sure that no other predators in the immediate area are waiting for a chance to eat you as a snack.

Checklist for taming a Shadowmane for the first time

Even seasoned ARK veterans should exercise caution when taming the Shadowmane. We have created a checklist for you that will increase your chances of a successful taming process:

  • Take enough fish traps with you
  • Wear a ghillie suit
  • Uses insect repellent
  • Avoid a group - rather tame a single Shadowmane
  • Tames the creature during the day when it sleeps
  • Make sure no other predators are around
  • Run away quickly when the Shadowmane wakes up

With these seven tips you are on the safe side and have a better chance of catching the Shadowmane.

The skills of the Shadowmane

The Shadowmane has natural armor that depends on the level. This means you don't need to craft a saddle and swing directly onto the back of the chimera. Your new companion has very strong skills, which we will introduce to you in detail:

  • Stealth mode: After activation, close allies are also briefly camouflaged.
  • Warp attack: If you hold down the secondary attack, the Shadowmane performs a warp attack that can be used on multiple targets. 
  • Sprint attack: If you tap on the secondary attack, the Shadowmane performs a sprint attack on a single enemy.

What do you think of the Shadowmane? Has the creature piqued your interest? Will you use it in combat or exploration?

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