Baldur's Gate 3's Next Update Is Coming Soon


Baldur's Gate 3's Next Update Is Coming Soon

Baldur's Gate 3 fans are patiently waiting for the next update. The latter launched in February, adding Druids as a playable class. Larian Studios has been quietly working on new content ever since, and while we still don't have a specific release date, the launch is obviously not far off.

Larian Studios founder Sven Winke spoke about what fans can expect in the next update. Vincke admits that the next patch will actually take longer than expected, but assures players that it will be "more extensive than anything we've done so far." He went on to say that the team has "things that will be very welcome." For the rest, Vincke remained enigmatic, saying that: "There are features that you will see in the next update that you did not expect."

Vincke also said that even 2022 is not a guarantee that the game will be out of Early Access.

"This is a very big game and deserves development time."

- he explained, also saying that the most important thing is to take the time to ensure that the game takes into account the player's choice.

Finally, anyone hoping to see Baldur's Gate 3 on next-gen hardware is probably out of luck just yet. Regarding the release of the game on the Xbox Series X / S or PS5, Vincke only said that "you have to throw the D20 for this."

Baldur's Gate 3 entered Early Access on October 6, 2020 and has received positive reviews since then. It can be played on PC and Google Stadia. 

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