Best Steyr AUG Class (May 2021) in COD Warzone


Best Steyr AUG Class (May 2021) in COD Warzone

We teach you how to configure the best class for the AUG assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone, thanks to the best set of accessories, perks and equipment.

Call of Duty Warzone continues to bring great victories (and also losses) in its season 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Believe it or not, creating a good class is an essential requirement if you want to sweep the battlefield... although logically you also have to take into account other factors.

If we talk about assault rifles and submachine guns, it is important to remember that they can save us from a good time while we change locations with our sniper rifle , for example. The Steyr AUG rifle is a highly recommended option, due to its high damage rate and its considerable mid- and long-range range.

Even more so when Activision reduced its backtracking with the latest patch changes , making the AUG more manageable than ever. By applying the best accessories, perks and equipment , it is possible to create a great class to use this weapon in COD Warzone , although it depends on your play style.

Do you want to have the best AUG class in Activision's free to play? Then pay attention and follow our tips to get the best Steyr AUG class (May 2021) in COD Warzone , available for PC and consoles.

Best Steyr AUG Class (May 2021) in COD Warzone

The first thing you need to do is unlock the Steyr AUG , a powerful Cold War assault rifle for COD Warzone . For this you will not have to complete any challenge, you simply must reach level 28 , so if you have not reached this rank you will only have to continue playing to unlock this weapon.

We are going to explain to you which are the best accessories to apply to your Warzone Steyr AUG . All of them will help you to handle this weapon more easily, whether we use it as a main weapon or if we prefer to use it as a secondary one , as a complement to a sniper rifle.

Best Steyr AUG Class (May 2021) in COD Warzone

  • Mouthpiece : Agency Muffler
  • Barrel : 17 ″ Titanium
  • Optics : Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel : Field Agent's Grip
  • Ammunition : 45 caliber round drum

As usual with Cold War weapons, the Steyr AUG works much better if we put the agency silencer and the Axial Amr 3x scope , to have more precision and not be discovered in Verdansk . However, you should also apply the 45 caliber round drum , to have enough ammo.

It is also highly recommended to apply the 17 '' Titanium barrel accessory , which will make the AUG's rate of fire much faster. Along with increased accuracy, this will give you a great competitive advantage over your rivals. To aid in the stability of the AUG, it is advisable to position the field agent stock , which places its recoil at a much lower value.

Best Steyr AUG Class (May 2021) in COD Warzone

Now we are going to know what are the best perks and equipment to complement your Steyr AUG class in COD Warzone. The previous accessories will help you get the best version of this weapon, but it is always important to complement it with the following elements:

  • Benefit 1 : EOD
  • Benefit 2 : Overkill
  • Benefit 3 : Amped
  • Secondary : MAC-10
  • Lethal : Semtex
  • Tactical : Heartbeat Sensor

The classic combination of EOD, Overkill and Amped gives you a great competitive advantage with your AUG. This helps you be able to carry more weapons with you, as well as increasing the speed to switch between them . Speed ​​and quick reaction are key aspects in COD Warzone.

In terms of equipment, you can vary it with other items. However, we recommend using the Semtex, since it is an easy-to-use explosive with practical effects on enemies and vehicles. And the heartbeat sensor is a vital tool for locating key points on the map, always a great option.

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