Black Desert: how to get a horse


Black Desert: how to get a horse

Horses are essential as mounts in Black Desert Online . On the one hand, there is no fast travel system in BDO and, on the other hand, they serve as a pulling force for heavy vehicles. It is even possible to take part in mounted combat. In this article, we explain how you can attain these noble creatures.

In general, there are several ways to get a mount in the MMORPG. You can catch horses yourself and tame them, buy breeding animals from other players and even rent them or breed horses yourself.

How do I get a horse? In order to get a mount, all you have to do is visit the stable keeper in the next larger town and buy a riding license or a carriage horse for 15,000 silver. The latter can of course not be ridden, but only harnessed to the cart. 

Alternatively, you can use the same NPC to call up the horse market and purchase the horse you want. You also have the option of sorting the horses on offer according to rank, talent and gender. With a little luck, the horses offered by players cost less than the NPC animals.

Can i rent a horse? You can rent horses from friends, but only at a maximum of rank 8 and limited to one week for the duration. However, the function is rarely or rarely used because it is not worthwhile due to the limited time and fees.

Where do I get my first mount from? You get the first mount, a donkey, for free through the Black Spirit quest series. The experience of the donkey increases when you ride it. There are three types of donkeys with different colors, but mules are not sexed in BDO and cannot be mated.

All about horse taming in Black Desert Online

What do I need to tame a horse? To tame a horse in BDO, you must first of all meet two requirements. 

The first is that you have reached at least level 5 in training. You can reach this menu with the “P” key. To improve your training, you have to level your horse first. The easiest way to do this is with automatic path finding. We recommend beginners to take the first steps with the donkey, which you receive as a quest reward early on.

The second requirement is a few tools that you will need to tame. This includes a lasso, which can be purchased from the stable keeper. Here we recommend you to buy at least 20 or even 30 lasso units, because the amount is reduced with every taming attempt.

Sugar cubes are also important so that you can keep the horse calm while taming it. You can easily make these yourself. Use the NPC search to buy 1 mineral water and 10 cane sugar from the cookery dealer and heat the items with the “L” key.

How do I tame a horse? Have you found your suitable place and discovered a few wild animals, you proceed as follows. Important: You must not get too close and beginners should be particularly patient with the first attempts, as the mini-game is a bit tricky. Especially since with a lower level of education you have to use more sugar if it wants to break out:

  • Pick up your lasso with a right click
  • Use the W key to slowly move towards the horse 
  • Activates left click when the red crosshair appears
  • If you have poorly aimed, or if the animal leaps forward, you have to start over.
  • Move slowly and carefully towards the horse again
  • Wait for the horse to step up with its front hooves
  • The mini-game starts, confirmed with the left mouse button
  • You can calm the horse down by pressing the space bar at the right moment
  • Wait until the horse gets up again with the front hooves
  • Spam the spacebar to land in the right area of ​​the crossbar
  • Approach the wild horse again slowly and carefully
  • If it puts in a sugar cube when it lifts its front hooves, it won't cut off
  • On average you have to repeat this procedure 3 times, then the animal is yours

If you have successfully tamed the horse, you have to go to the stable keeper and register it on yourself. You have to enter a name for the animal and find out the sex of the animal - this is important for breeding, which we will explain to you in another guide in the future.

Leveling horses

How do I level my horse afk? You can level up your mount when you are not at the computer. To do this, you use the automatic path finding and make sure that the circuit is large enough to put your horse into a gallop. If the animal does not come up to speed due to a route that is too short, there is no experience.

It is important that you pack enough carrots before your automatic ride, because your horse needs stamina and when it is exhausted, this has a negative effect on the gain in experience. Here you just put a checkmark next to “Use carrot automatically” and your horse will automatically do the laps and eat by itself.

Fun facts about horses in Black Desert Online

What else should I know? Finally, some additional information for you that will make breeding and leveling the mounts easier:

  • At first you only have limited space in the barn, a maximum of three animals fit in. Here you should invest contribution points in order to get a horse farm quickly. The higher the step of the yard, the more animals fit into the barn
  • Never buy breeding horses on the market that no longer have any breeding points.
  • You can sell your horses at the horse market. The price depends on level, skills and gender. Logically you can offer mares at a higher price.
  • You can buy a mount breeding kit in the pearl shop for 333 (stallion) and 640 pearls (mare) to reset the number of points
  • You get five percent more experience when you wear the silver-embroidered instructor clothing. You can either buy these on the marketplace or simply make them yourself. The retailer for luxury goods clothing has clothes for you that even give you ten percent experience.
  • If you gallop a lot with your horse, it consumes a lot of energy - you replenish it with carrots, which are available from the stable master. Alternatively, you can create a field with carrots.
  • By the way, you can level horses if you trade. Just put it in front of the car and the experience will come almost by itself.
  • For the horse fight you need a stirrup, a saddle, a harness, a horse's head and of course horseshoes to increase the attributes of your animal.

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