Chivalry 2 Class Guide

 Who to play for and how different classes of fighters differ

The new Chivalry is spectacular and inventive. The classic formula in the sequel has been refined and deepened the class system. The old 4 classes became archetypes: knight, vanguard fighter, infantryman, and archer. Each archetype is now divided into 3 subclasses with different combinations of weapons, armor and speed. New subclasses are unlocked as each archetype is used in battle.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the classes in Chivalry 2 and present what we think are the best options.

Chivalry 2 class archetypes (who to play as)

  • Archer. Can be upgraded to a crossbowman or spear thrower. Wears light armor, thanks to which it moves quickly, but it dies with one powerful strike at close range. Based on all this, the archetype is more suitable for support from the second line, from the walls or from behind cover. In addition, he can set up banners that gradually heal surrounding allies.
  • Vanguard. Owns all types of melee weapons, wears medium armor and moves relatively quickly. A real death machine in capable hands, but more for attack than defense. In addition, it can throw bombs with burning oil.
  • Infantryman. Weakly protected, but fast and agile archetype. Can bounce one after another until stamina runs out. Uses a one-handed weapon with a shield or a spear. Can scatter first aid kits across the battlefield. Good for duels and one-on-one battles.
  • Knight. Mainly prefers different types of two-handed weapons (swords, axes, hammers). Wears heavy armor. Slow, but withstands a lot of damage. In the second subclass - the Guardian - uses a one-handed weapon with a shield. Holds tight passages well. Overall, it is more of a defensive archetype and is best suited for beginners. And his ability to blow the horn will help the allies to survive.

Best classes in Chivalry 2

Best classes in Chivalry 2

Crossbowman (Archer subclass)

A missile subclass using a crossbow. The latter kills with one headshot, but slowly reloads and forces you to stand still, leaving you vulnerable. Fortunately, crossbowmen have a paveza (a large stationary shield) with them that they can stick into the ground in front of them and reload safely.

Destroyer (Vanguard subclass)

He wields the most powerful two-handed weapon in the game, and is also equipped with burning oil bombs. It also combines speed with good armor.

Infantryman (subclass of the archetype of the same name)

Replica of the foot soldier from the original Chivalry. Avoids damage by dodging and strikes by dancing around the enemy. He holds a shield in his left hand that helps block attacks that could not be dodged.

Guardian (Knight Subclass)

The best subclass for a beginner. Unlocks first when playing as a Knight. Allows you to "tank" in heavy armor and with a shield.

That's all. Write in the comments how you like the new game from Torn Banner Studios and share your tips for classes.

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