CoD Warzone: Everything about the “Red Doors” fast travel system - with 30 door locations


CoD Warzone: Everything about the “Red Doors” fast travel system - with 30 door locations

With the start of Season 4, Call of Duty: Warzone has a fast travel system again - "Red Doors". You can move quickly across the map via these red doors, but there is a great random factor. We explains to you how the system works, what it brings you and shows 30 locations where red doors can be.

Call of Duty: Warzone tries for a second time on a fast travel in Battle Royale and this time uses a completely different strategy than with the first fast travel system. There used to be the subway - a fixed start, a fixed destination. With the start of Season 4 there is the “Red Doors” - unclear starting point, random travel destination.

So that you can use the new system of red doors to your advantage, we give you the information you need here. We'll show you the most important details about the fast travel system, which loot you can dust off and 30 locations where red doors have already been found.

CoD Warzone: Red doors bring a chance journey and big loot

What are the "Red Doors"?

A kind of fast travel system in CoD: Warzone. These red doors can be found at different points in Verdansk and randomly bring you to one of 12 different target points on the map. There are fixed points at which the doors can spawn, but the door locations alternate in each match.

What do the "Red Doors" bring?

You can use it to move quickly across the map and when you have scouted a door, you can use it to your tactical advantage - for example for an escape. However, there is also a fat loot room at the target point, which provides you with powerful items such as improved drones, durable gas masks or the specialist bonus .

What else should I know?

According to reports, there are only 3 doors per match in the normal "Battle Royale" and looted money matches of Warzone. Of the 30 locations that we show you in this article, only 3 red doors are probably active.

The red doors are also not exclusive to the opener and his team. If you flee through one of the doors to the other side of the map and an opposing team follows you, then you should keep an eye on the transition point and be ready to fire - the enemies can then also use the door.

From "Old Mine" to "Promande East" in a few seconds - here you can see the red doors in action:

CoD Warzone: Where are the red doors? - 30 locations

Where can I find the red doors? In total there are probably 30 red doors in Verdansk '84, which are spread over 7 rough locations:

  • 6 at Summit in the north-west
  • 5 at Salt Mine in the north-east
  • 2 at Old Mine to the west
  • 6 at Factory in the center
  • 5 at stadium in the center
  • 2 in the Nakatomi Tower in Downtown
  • 4 at the farm west of Hills

We will show you the individual locations with short descriptions of the routes. If you want to see the spawn points of the red doors yourself in the video, we include the guide from the English YouTuber "Geeky Pastimes":

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