ESO: How do you get to Kalthafen?


ESO: How do you get to Kalthafen?

Coldhaven is an area in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) located in the Realm of Oblivion. There you can grind new characters well. But the card is not easily accessible. We reveal how you get to Kalthafen.

How do I get to Kalthafen? The Coldharbour area is part of the main ESO story. So you automatically end up there if you follow the story. But that takes some time and, above all, some levels, where we actually want to level in Kalthafen.

So there is an alternative way to get to Kalthafen:

You can easily ask a player if he is going to Coldhaven for you. Then you can simply travel after him using the group or contact tool. Incidentally, this works with every area, with the exception of Cyrodiil.

So you can theoretically play in Kalthafen with a character who has just come out of the tutorial.

I was in Kalthafen, but can't find the shrine? This is probably because you haven't zoomed out far enough on the map. Coldhafen is a plain in the realm of oblivion and thus an area outside of Nirn. Like Artaeum and the Clockwork City, this area is outside of Tamriel.

If you have zoomed out far enough, you can see the island on the left side of the map:

Kalthafen is on a different level.

The “BeamMeUp” add-on is also helpful in this context, as it makes traveling in areas easier and prevents precisely this problem of finding shrine paths ( via ESOUI ).

Why should you travel to Coldhafen? In Kalthafen there are two interesting grind spots to quickly level new characters:

  • The first place is called “The Abominable Laboratory” and is located in the south of Coldhafen
  • The second location is the “Court of Disregard” which is to the east

Although Kalthafen was originally an endgame area, ESO's special scaling technology allows you to have fun there even at level 2. 

You can also secure 16 Sky Shards in Cold Harbor, which you can use to get skill points. The Empty City also has the luxury retailer, through which you can get special housing items every week.

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