ESO: These companion gear is here, and this is how you farm it


ESO: These companion gear is here, and this is how you farm it

With Blackwood, The Elder Scrolls Online got the new companions. You can level them up and equip them. However, they use special companion equipment. We reveal what's behind this equipment and how you can farm it.

What are companions? The companions are currently two different NPCs that you can unlock via quests . You can then call one of them at the same time at any time to use them as support in the open world or in dungeons.

You can take on the roles of tank, healer or DD and you can also customize your equipment and skills. Only in solo dungeons and in PvP you cannot use them.

What is the Companion Gear? Companions cannot wear ordinary equipment. Instead, there is the special companion equipment. This is equipment such as armor, weapons and accessories that you can get dropped by mobs.

However, this equipment differs in the values ​​from the sets that you as a player can wear. In addition, it cannot be made, cannot be enchanted, and it cannot break. However, it can be traded between players. It is not tied until it is put on a companion.

Bastian (left) and Mirri (right) are the current companions in Blackwood.

Get Companion Gear - Here's How

Where do I get Companion Gear from? You can get a simple white version of the equipment without special properties from every armorer, carpenter, armorer, leather worker and tailor in the game. This allows you to adapt your companion to a certain play style, such as tank or healer.

Fine (green), outstanding (blue) and epic (purple) companion equipment with properties can only be obtained as drops from monsters in the game.

What do you have to do for the companion gear? You must have a companion actively by your side in order to get an item of equipment dropped. Otherwise you just have to attack enemies and hope for your loot luck.

Can you specifically farm companion equipment? Unfortunately, no. However, it is officially confirmed that you will get equipment more often when you defeat bosses or strong opponents. So you should farm these to get the companion equipment.

In addition, many players claim that the companion equipment in the content of Blackwood, and especially in the Deadlands behind the Oblivion portals, drops more frequently than in other game content. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

However, the most effective way to get the perfect companion equipment is to trade with other players who can sell their drops. This also ensures that you get the right properties.

The various characteristics of the Companion Equipment

These traits exist: Companion equipment has a special trait that enhances a certain attribute of the companion:

  • Aggressive - Increases the damage done by companions (up to 1.7% per equipped part)
  • Winged - Reduces the cooldown of the companion's ability (up to 2.6% per equipped part)
  • Soothing - Increases the healing of a companion (up to 1.7% per equipped part)
  • Concussive- Increases the penetration of a companion (up to 1,300 per equipped part)
  • Extended - Increases the duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs (up to 2.6% per equipped part)
  • Focused - Increases a companion's critical strike rating (up to 130 per equipped part)
  • Fertile - Increases the ultimate regeneration of a companion (up to 13% per equipped part)
  • Lively - Increases a companion's maximum health (up to 2.6% per equipped part)
  • Effective - Reduces the damage a companion takes (up to 1.7% per equipped part)

What do you think of the companions and their features? Have you already fully equipped Bastian or Mirri? Please write it in the comments.

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