Fortnite: what do you need gold bars for and where can you find them?


Fortnite: what do you need gold bars for and where can you find them?

In Fortnite: Battle Royale you can collect gold bars, but what do you need them for and where can you find them? We shows you what gold bars are all about.

What are gold bars?  The bars were introduced as currency in Season 5 - Chapter 2 . Unlike the V-Bucks, however, you can only use them in game rounds and not activate or buy cosmetics with them.

The only way to get hold of gold bars is to find and collect them in the game. So you cannot buy them with real money. But why should you collect these at all?

What do you need gold bars for?

What can you do with bars? With gold bars you can treat yourself to different services in one round. These are offered by the NPCs on the map and can give you some advantages. You can purchase the following things with bars:

  • Exotic weapons that are strong and have special abilities
  • Services such as bodyguards to protect or activate cracks
  • You can give the bus driver a tip
  • Information such as indicating the nearest storm zone

All of these weapons and services are only offered by characters and can only be purchased with gold bars. So if you want a special weapon or you want to gain advantages for a round, then you need bars.

Where can you find gold bars?

How to get the currency: There are different ways to get gold bars. However, you have to follow them, because you won't find the bars so quickly just like that. You have these options:

  • Look for bounty boards and accept orders - these will be rewarded with bars
  • Use your pickaxe to destroy objects such as bed, sofa or cash register to find even more bars
  • Eliminated players also drop bars with the loot
  • Complete challenges from NPCs who will reward you with gold bars

If you pay attention to this during your rounds, you should come across a small fortune - after all, the exotic weapons are not really cheap.

You can find bounty boards on the map - there you can take orders

Gold bars are now part of the resources of Season 7. However, they are not the only thing that can be collected. Aliens have made themselves comfortable on Fortnite Island and scattered alien artifacts everywhere. You need this resource to design your own alien.

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