Genshin Impact free rewards in the Endless Battle event


Genshin Impact free rewards in the Endless Battle event

We list all the rewards that you will have available through the endless battle event in Genshin Impact so that you do not miss any of them.

Thanks to the different events that are being held in Genshin Impact , we will be able to obtain a multitude of bonuses, and one of the events that you will want to enjoy is the call of the endless battle, which will be available in a future update.

While there are still many doubts about what the endless battle will include in Genshin Impact , the truth is that we already know the rewards that we can take, in case you are interested in holding the event once it is available.

In any case, we give you all the details that have appeared about the event of the endless battle in Genshin Impact, how you could unlock it and also the rewards that you will be able to take with you.

Genshin Impact free rewards in the Endless Battle event

In this event we must participate in different battles against various monsters that are scattered around the islands and in addition to making things difficult, we will have the option of getting a lot of resources.

Once the event is activated, you must go to the challenge area that is indicated exactly on the official event page, specifically go to the red mark. From here you can choose your own level of difficulty.

These are the rewards we can earn:

  • Cousins
  • Blackberries
  • Mystical Minerals Upgrade
  • Material talent to level up
  • Hero Wits

So with this you already know everything that the endless battle event can offer us in Genshin Impact, because these rewards are worth it.

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