Genshin Impact: where to find and defeat Maguu Kenki


Genshin Impact: where to find and defeat Maguu Kenki

We give you all the keys so that you can easily defeat Maguu Kenki, the main enemy of the golden apple archipelago.

Maguu Kenki is the new boss that we have available to face in the new archipelago of the golden apple in Genshin Impact, and here we are going to focus on telling you where exactly he is and how to defeat him.

Thanks to the Genshin Impact update 1.6 , and the inclusion of the new map, we have a lot of new events, but also a new boss waiting for us to challenge, and that can be really complicated if we do not understand exactly what attacks it has and what they are like. each of the phases of the confrontation.

So to help you with that, we not only tell you where the boss Maguu Kenki is in Genshin Impact , but also the attacks he uses and the best way to defeat him.

Genshin Impact: where to find and defeat Maguu Kenki

First and foremost, Maguu Kenki can be found on the central island of the golden apple archipelago and you must defeat him to progress in the main story mission. Even if you fail in combat, don't worry, because you can challenge him repeatedly later.

Once the fight is over you will get a lot of bonuses and rewards such as adventure rank points, companion, artifacts, among many other additions.

Genshin Impact: where to find and defeat Maguu Kenki

All of Maguu Kenki's attacks

  • The enemy may end up wearing his great mask in battle, and he will use it as a shield or to push you forward and thus inflict damage on you.
  • There will be a point in the game where Maguu Kenki will rush towards the player while drawing his sword that deals additional physical or elemental damage.
  • Watch out for the whirlwind slash that is capable of dealing anemo damage.
  • There will also be times that it will send waves of water towards the player that deals damage from this element.
  • Especially important is his double sword blast that summons an additional sword and can deal great damage from both anemo and cryo.

Phases of the confrontation

Phases of the confrontation

The thing gets interesting once the enemy loses 25% vitality, and is that he begins to use his ghosts that have their own attacks and special movements.

  • For example, with the consecutive cut summons a ghost that puts itself in the enemy's place, and the worst of all is that from time to time the two attack you in unison.
  • In the Phantom Whirlwind Slash they will attack the player directly in a very fast way, dealing anemo damage.
  • Every now and then, the enemy will send out three waves of water, summoning a ghost right after dealing damage.
It should be noted that you are not going to harm the ghosts, so you must only attack the main enemy.

You must attack the main enemy in close range attacks or melee attacks, so avoid attacking him from a distance with all kinds of bows.

You will have to face this enemy later since there are related challenges, such as defeating this enemy several times without taking damage from ghosts and many other things.

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