Get corrupted key codes in Destiny 2 quickly - and what you need them for


Get corrupted key codes in Destiny 2 quickly - and what you need them for

In Destiny 2 , at the end of the eradication mission, there is a box that you can only open with corrupted key codes. We explain what's inside and how you can get the new item quickly and easily.

This is what this is about: In Season 14, the Season of the Splicer , you can now find corrupted key codes . This is the only way you can open certain boxes and get additional loot, which is really worthwhile.

In this guide, We explains exactly what these new items are, where you can get them from and why you can use them to make the new, powerful weapons even better.

Destiny 2: Corrupted Keycode - Explanation and Sources

What are Corrupted Key Codes in Destiny 2?

Since the season of the splicer you can find the new consumable “Corrupted Key Code”. You can always find your stock of key codes in your inventory. But keep in mind that you can only stack 5 corrupted key codes.

What do I need corrupted key codes for?

With corrupted key codes you open corrupted Conflux chests in Destiny 2. You can find these chests since June 15th at the end of an eradication mission. Without the key code you cannot open the boxes and you will miss the loot. If you open a corrupted Conflux chest 3 times in a week, you will even receive top-quality equipment.

Where can I get corrupted keycodes in Destiny 2?

Corrupted key codes are given randomly after defeating enemies all over the solar system - you don't necessarily have to play the seasonal activities. You will then each receive a key code - on the floor, a code looks like a blue triangle. If you forget to collect it, check with the postmaster.

Is there a requirement for the corrupted key codes?

In order to receive the corrupted key codes, you must have completed at least one corrupted eradication mission. In the labyrinths there are possessed spheres and anomalies and no longer the only Vex enemies. You will then also receive a message from Mithrax and see the perk “Corrupted Access” on the far right of your splicer glove.

Loot from the corrupted Vex chests in redemption

This is your reward: If you open the box with a corrupted key code at the end of a repayment mission, you can receive 2 different things:

  • A seasonal weapon with a 2nd perk in the last slot
  • A seasonal piece of armor with high status values
  • If you open this corrupted Vex chest for the third time in a week, you will also receive top-quality equipment - you can also receive a second perk here.

Above all, the weapons are really worth it. Since almost all new splicer ratchets are really strong, the choice of 2 perks is welcome. Either you have a double chance of the god roll or you cover 2 situations with a boom.

However, you have to play the entire eradication mission every time, as the corrupted Vex chest only appears after the boss. This takes about 10 minutes (if you have a little practice). But professionals can do this mission in under 4 minutes: Destiny 2: After 15 hours and 400 deaths - player cracks the huge Vex labyrinth in record time

This is how you get more out of your corrupted key codes

So that you have access to the seasonal weapons with an extra perk and have a high chance of getting strong armor, you also have to upgrade your splicer glove. You should definitely get the upgrades if you plan to open the corrupted Vex chest.

On the far right you can recently find the row “Vulnerability Exploitation I - III” as an upgrade path.

The upgrades are so expensive: The upgrades first cost you 100 decrypted data, then 300 and then for the final upgrade a proud 500 decrypted data.

Corrupted key codes in Season 14 farms

You can only earn corrupted key codes by playing Destiny 2. No matter if you play strikes, public events, gambits or even melting pot. Every enemy killed has a slim chance of leaving you a key code. If you have already found 5 key codes, more drops go to the postmaster.

This is how it works: Activities with a high number of weak enemies are ideal for farming corrupted key codes. Ideally, you pack an exotic, for which you still want to level a catalyst anyway, or use the drought collector.

These 3 activities are suitable for farming:

  • “Altars of Sorrows” on the moon: The huge public event throws you at countless enemies. Often there are other guardians here who will help you to get through the waves quickly.
  • “Broken Throne” dungeon in the Dreaming City. Play with the stairs up to the checkpoint, where an endless number of little serfs spawn.
  • Raid “Last Wish”: Make a wish to Shuro Chi. Here you can start the encounter, quickly eliminate the many opponents and let yourself be killed, only to start again right away.
  • Bungie has already increased the drop rate once, as many players gambled for hours without even receiving a corrupted key code.
Have you already wondered what the strange Vex chests are all about at the end of the eradication mission? Are you just happy that there is such a further possibility for top loot and god rolls or is the effort too high after all? Tell us in the comments.

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