How to Complete The Legend of the Wind Sword Event in Genshin Impact: Combat Tactic


How to Complete The Legend of the Wind Sword Event in Genshin Impact: Combat Tactic

Recently in Genshin Impact has launched a new event, The Legend of the Wind Sword, in which players must complete seven challenges and face the same number of bosses. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete all seven available challenges, as well as get the maximum score in battles.


The event ends after 10 days, so hurry up to complete all challenges and collect all the rewards!

Rewards for completing the Legend of the Windsword event

For completing each of the seven challenges, you are guaranteed to receive 60 Source Stones. But these are not all the awards that game developers offer for participating in this event.

During boss battles, you will receive score points that are accumulated on your account in the "Events" - "The Legend of the Wind Sword" section. The accumulated points can be exchanged in a special section of the event.

To accumulate a certain number of points, you just need to fight on the standard or custom difficulty levels. There is no limit on the number of battles in this event, so you can complete the challenges one after the other as many times as necessary.

Available rewards:

  • Score 1500: Mora (20,000), Instructions on "Freedom";
  • Score 3000: Mora (20,000), Instructions on the "Struggle";
  • Score 4500: Mora (20,000), Instructions on "Poetry";
  • Score 6000: Mora (20,000), Prosperity Instructions;
  • Score 7500: Mora (20,000), Instructions on "Diligence";
  • Account 9000: Mora (20,000), Instructions on "Gold";
  • Score 10,500: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 12,000: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 13,500: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 15,000: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 16,500: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 18,000: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 19,500: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4);
  • Account 21,000: Mora (20,000), Hero's Experience (4), Battle Song Card (1);
  • Account 23,000: Mora (20,000), Enhancement Magic Ore (8);
  • Account 25,000: Mora (20,000), Enhancement Magic Ore (8);
  • Score 27,500: Mora (20,000), Enhancement Magic Ore (8);
  • Account 30,000: Mora (20,000), Enhancement Magic Ore (8).

How to choose the difficulty level. What affects the difficulty level in the Legend of the Wind Sword event

Each challenge has base difficulty points. You will receive these points regardless of the difficulty level of the challenge. If you want to get more points, you can choose one or several factors that will influence the battle.

For example, set a time limit for earning points (you must complete the challenge within the allotted time) to increase the points by 50, 150 or 250 units, respectively. By the same principle, you can increase the health points of enemies, the cooldown of your characters' skills, and other variables. The more features you enable during the difficulty selection, the higher your total score will be after defeating the boss.

How to Defeat Ancient Stone Dragon I & II in Genshin Impact

This enemy is encountered in the first trial of the Legend of the Wind Sword event. On basic difficulty, you will have no difficulty fighting him. Unlike other bosses, the Dragon can attack with several elements in turn. Now he attacks you with "pyro" abilities, and the next second he switches to "cryo" or "electro". That is why we cannot single out any special advice on the composition of the squad, since in the battle with it, all the heroes will be in approximately equal conditions.

If you increased the difficulty level and set the time for which you need to defeat the Dragon, then you should not take ranged heroes into your squad. Yes, you can not take damage for a long time and attack with ranged attacks, but this will negatively affect the total battle time and you simply may not have time to defeat the boss in the allotted time.

Before starting the battle, pay attention to the characters with the event bonus. They are displayed on the main event screen in the lower right corner, above the button for selecting the difficulty level. Such characters will deal 20% more damage to the boss, which will allow you to defeat him faster.

During the battle, the Dragon uses mostly melee attacks. Use heroes with bonuses, as well as your other trained fighters, to quickly defeat him. The more you hit the Dragon, the weaker its defense will be, and the incoming damage of your heroes will become higher. Therefore, if at the beginning of the battle you see small numbers of damage during the attack on the boss, do not be alarmed. Deal as many hits as possible to increase the damage, and do not forget to collect special crystals.

In a boss fight, after several committed hits, special crystals may drop out from the enemy, which will protect you from enemy attacks for a while. Do not ignore this mechanic, as it can help you deal with the enemy faster and save more health for your heroes.

Pay attention to the color of the patterns on the body of the Dragon. It will change depending on the elements used by the monster. For example, if the patterns have turned blue, then it is best to attack with "pyro" abilities. If the patterns turn red - use the "hydro" and "cryo" skills of your heroes.

How to Defeat Bitter Hatred I in Genshin Impact

Bitter Hatred is a very beautiful monster, an oceanid. Unlike the previous boss, Hatred uses only one element - "hydro". But that doesn't make him a weak opponent. In addition to basic attacks, the oceanid can summon water creatures, squirrels and boars, which will in every possible way prevent you from dealing with it.

During combat, the monster is almost always in the air and uses several types of simple attacks. This does not mean that you need to choose ranged heroes in your squad. You can also defeat the oceanid with other characters. Characters such as Djinn, Klee and Rosary are best suited for fighting a monster.

From time to time, Hate will use a strong attack. At this moment, a whirlpool with an arrow pointing to it will appear on the battlefield. To avoid an attack, you should get to this maelstrom, stand on it and wait a few seconds. The column of water will lift your hero into the air and you will be able to avoid damage. Until the end of the oceanid attack, you should not leave the place, otherwise you will simply fall down.

How to Defeat Ingenious Fickleness I in Genshin Impact

You are probably already familiar with Ingenious impermanence. This is the same kenki mage you had to defeat several times during the Summer! Island? Adventure!" in Genshin Impact.

In fact, during the battle, you will have to defeat two magicians at once, and not one, as in the passage of the previous event. And they use only two standard attacks, while the previous kenki attacked not only with a sword, but also with a unique shield.

To fight these enemies, be sure to use heroes with "pyro", "anemo" and "cryo" abilities. With the first two elements, you can create combos, setting enemies on fire and dispelling fire, while increasing the incoming damage. Cryo abilities can be combined with hydro skills and freeze enemies. Although one of the magu kenki itself is composed of frost and can be frozen by hitting any of the existing "cryo" abilities. In any case, each player determines the effective battle tactics for himself.

Since there will be two enemies on the battlefield at once, try to lure one of them away from the second and deal with him. Of course, the second one will interfere with you in every possible way, but switching between two kenki magicians and attacking them in turn is not the best idea.

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