How to create and heal zombie villagers in Minecraft


How to create and heal zombie villagers in Minecraft

With this strategy, you will be able to heal zombie villagers in just three steps, and also even create them.

The zombies in Minecraft are one of the most curious characteristics you can find in your adventure, being a constant threat regardless of the version you have in the game.

These zombies are capable of infecting almost any villager, although it changes depending on the level of difficulty you are in, and you could get huge advantages if, for example, you end up healing a zombie villager.

We are going to tell you exactly how you can heal zombie villagers , also how they reproduce and also how we could create them.

How to create and heal zombie villagers in Minecraft

Sure you already know, but these zombie villagers are spawned when a normal villager is killed by a zombie. Depending on the difficulty, these zombies reproduce to a greater or lesser extent.

For example, if we are on the easy difficulty level, the spawn rate when a villager is killed by a zombie is 0%, going to 50% on normal difficulty and 100% on difficult difficulty.

How to heal zombie villagers

If we cure a zombie villager it will give us great discounts for any exchange in the future, you will also get some very particular achievement and trophy.


  • A throwing potion of weakness
  • A golden apple
  • Locking a Villager Zombie Indoors

The potion throwing the villagers can buy, find booty, and you can be worth almost any element that causes weakness potion including lifelong weakness or even an arrow of weakness.

The golden apple generally appears in the altar chests of the underwater ruins, when opening the chests of the normal dungeons, in the chests of the forest mansion, in the chests of the mine carts of the well and even in the altars of the fortresses.

How to heal zombie villagers

Step by step to heal a zombie villager:

  • You must lure the zombie villager into a closed, roofed structure so that it does not get sunlight.
  • Once locked up, throw the Potion of Weakness at him to apply this effect.
  • When under this effect of weakness, select the golden apple and use it for the zombie.
  • If you got it right, red dots will appear around the zombie and it will start to shake. If you wait more or less five minutes it will heal.

How to create zombie villagers

As easy as luring any zombie to a village, and enter one of the houses at night.

You could enclose both the villager and the zombie in a small structure, with a roof, until the villager is killed by the enemy himself.

So now you know how to create zombies in Minecraft and also how to heal zombie villagers to get a series of rewards in trade.

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